Alabama Slammer Cocktail Drink Recipe

How to make a alabama slammer instructional video

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  • Onlymanolos:

    In the downtown Charleston SC nightclubs, Alabama slammers were (when I used to party…lol) served by the pitcher´╗┐ only. We only have mini bottles which hold about 1.7 ounces of liquor. We used one bottle each of Southern Comfort, Amaretto, Sloe Gin, Vodka and Peach Schnapps. We then added orange juice, a handful of cherries and an ounce of cherry juice. So with 8.5 ounces of liquor, you see why we didn’t sell it by the glass. ­čÖé

  • jtiano:

    on the strong´╗┐ side

  • jtiano:

    on the strong´╗┐ size

  • AyuHamasakiFan1:

    is this drink strong like Manhattan strong or is like on´╗┐ the Margarita, cosmo taste side?

  • jtiano:

    Thanks for the comments. It´╗┐ sounds like a great recipe.

  • captwendell:


  • xXLaEssence0FiSISXx:

    @ibumbacius EXACTLY..
    Slo Gin
    Southern Comfort
    Strawberry Liqueur
    Orange Juice

    (source-´╗┐ I’m a bartender and make this often)

  • ibumbacius:

    it is´╗┐ VASSSO

  • agestam:

    yeah, come on´╗┐ grandpa! shake it! but it looked like you missed to pour any oj..

  • dashasohn:

    your´╗┐ a real mutt, did you know that?

  • criskity:

    What, no amaretto?´╗┐

  • cmednc:

    man i’ve worked in an irish pub,´╗┐ a club and a cocktail lounge and i’ve never ever seen sloe gin…..all we ever have is bombay sapphire, tanqueray and gordons.

  • Nickeponken12:

    Ok to begin with any cocktail imade in a boston shaker should always be´╗┐ poured in to the glass part and out of the metall part: becuase when you make the drink its always correct to show the customer what you are actually doing and mixing.

  • AndyTorez:

    yea me 2´╗┐ i learned it like dat lol…but ive noticed alot of drinks are slightly dif at times

  • desmondmalliaros:

    Yea this drink is´╗┐ different everywhere but i prefer it ASSO. Alabama is a southern state hence the southern comfort and the sl from the sloe gin and amer from the ameretto make slammer. In the city I live in the make it with 7up.

  • zoftpusher:

    weak ….very very weak´╗┐

  • changgooey:

    i´╗┐ learned it as
    sloe gin
    southern confert
    strawberry liqeur
    all 1/2 oz
    and fill with OJ

  • DeshGTP:

    I learned it as ASSO

    Southern comfort
    Sloe Gin
    after mixing top´╗┐ little bit with sloe gin for effect

  • dicksatan:

    It’s gotta have Southern Comfort no?´╗┐

  • Julus11:

    all hot guys reading this hit me up on MSN Messenger ID jane23belle. im bored xD´╗┐ w

  • horacil:

    1/2 oz southern confort
    1/2 oz sloe gin liqueur´╗┐
    1/2 oz amaretto
    1/2 oz vodka
    fill with o.j.

    that’s an alabama slammer…

  • theguythatcould:

    1/2 oz Amaretto
    1/2 oz Southern Comfort
    1/2 oz Sloe Gin
    fill with orange juice
    Shake with ice
    serve in´╗┐ a collins glass with ice

  • Dude421:

    1 oz. Southern Comfort
    1/2 oz. Amaretto
    1/2 Sloe´╗┐ Gin
    A splash of Orange Juice;
    well of course you learned that way, it can be made Tall, if asked.
    But Jack Daniels, everything is right except for Jack.

  • smithraymond:

    I learned it like this:
    1/2 oz Sloe´╗┐ Gin
    1/2 oz Southern Comfort
    1/2 oz Jack Daniels
    Pour into collins glass filled with ice.
    Fill with o.j.

  • kc2055:

    A ‘real’ Alabama Slammer has´╗┐ Southern Comfort.

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