Alcoholic Wedding Favors

Giving alcoholic wedding favors may seem a little retro these days considering how the wedding favor industry has exploded with thousands of different products to choose from. But alcoholic favors where once the luxury alternative to mini chocolates or almonds and where often only afforded by those with a big budget!

They are perhaps no so widely marketed these days as they once were, but it is still possible to produce stylish alcoholic favors for an adult only wedding! Here are some ideas:

If your wedding is small and intimate or you have a big budget, then consider half bottles of wine or even champagne. This has to be the ultimate alcoholic favor and you could even add some personalized labels to the bottles.

Liquor chocolates are perhaps not to everyone’s taste so make sure you have a taste test first to find the best flavors. Champagne truffles or brandy laced creams are luxurious choices, but make sure you buy good quality from a reputable chocolatier.

Miniature bottles of popular spirits are perhaps a more retro choice but fun nonetheless. Package them in nice lantern boxes which are sized to fit these little bottles perfectly.

Try your hand at some home brew, either wine, beer or cider. You can purchase bottles wholesale and you can make your own personalized labels on your home computer. Just make sure you start your brewing early enough for your brew to be ready in time for wedding.

There are also many recipes available for making your own vodka and for making flavored vodka’s which can be a stylish favor for a sophisticated wedding. As with home brew though make sure you begin it early enough.

Favor stores offer up sachets of cocktail mixes which can be personalized and printed with a custom design to coordinate with your wedding.

For a festive wedding why not give bottles of mulled wine or sachets of mulled wine spices so your guests can make their own?

Spiced cider is a nice favor idea for a fall wedding.

If you didn’t want to give alcohol itself as wedding favors, then there is a number of alcohol related choices available including:

Chrome corkscrews

Chrome bottle openers

Chrome bottle stoppers

Shot glasses

Wine coasters

Bottle covers

Alcoholic drink recipes such as punch or Irish coffee

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