“Art of the Drink” Cosmopolitan

As we enter National Admit You’re Happy Month, Anthony and Melissa prepare a Cosmopolitan to help you better enjoy the coming weeks of bliss!
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  • BestFruitNow:


  • icarus313:

    Melissa is well sexy, mate! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • XxXDarcagelXxX:

    LMAO at the end. “ready to shake it now? i want you to POP IT. looks pretty”

  • XxXDarcagelXxX:

    he used citrus vodka.

  • RigoH05:

    There are lots of different flavors for vodkas….. I’m not a bartender, but I would guess that the vast majority of drinks use a flavored vodka rather than unflavored.

  • raspberrytwist:

    XD I knew there must have been plently of reasons I loved vodka =P

  • zekee15:

    how much is the average cosmo

  • Luv4Pitts:

    I could care less about the twisting part. The lighter trick made up for it.

  • Luv4Pitts:

    oh thanks for posting! That whole squeezing of lime through the flame looks really cool. I’m going to try that just so I can look like I know what I’m doing…lol

  • katyu16:

    Tasty recipe! Who cares if it’s not the “original”. Bartending is about service and making the customers want to return 2 your bar again and again. I agree with Drinkart about the drink having ice shards, makes for a better drink (most customers in the U.S. prefer it.) A good trick is to pour from the mixing glass using a julep strainer- no need to double strain. Don’t drop the lime squeeze into the tin (creates pulp and looks unsanitary.)and don’t forget to pre-chill the martini glass!

  • DeNnaceTheMeNaCE:

    Hey .. I dont mean to bother you again ..

    But do you know whats the fundamental difference between Bourbon & Jack Daniel’s…

    I have another interview today and Im studying a little bit over here …

    Thnx for your help!!

  • drinkart:

    Wow – that was on a job interview? I might steer clear of a place that thinks they’re serving neat martinis. They probably meant up versus rocks (up is chilled and strained). The four variables for martinis are vodka or gin (and which brand), up or rocks, olives or lemon twist, and how dry they’d like it. Every time you take a martini order, you should be sure to ask the guest those four things (at least). And there’s no such thing as a regular martini. Good luck!

  • DeNnaceTheMeNaCE:

    Thanks alot for the reply .. I had a job interview yesterday and on the questionaire they asked “whats the difference between neat martini and regular martini” I was like WTF!!

    SO I searched the web couldnt figure it out but now I know ….


  • drinkart:

    In bartending you never have to do anything – it’s all a matter of preference – but you certainly don’t have to double-strain a cosmo. I prefer them single-strained because I like to serve the drink with small ice chips covering the surface of the liquid. It ads sparkle, texture, and most importantly it helps keep the drink cold longer. If you don’t like ice chips then by all means double strain, but it’s really meant to remove pulp, leaves, etc. from drinks the bartender wants to serve clear.

  • drinkart:

    When you order a drink neat, you’re simply saying, “please pour the spirit directly from the bottle into the glass.” It means both straight (not mixed with anything else) and unchilled. So technically, you can’t order a cosmo neat because it has more than one ingredient. You could order it unchilled, but I doubt you’d want to. Thanks for watching!

  • DeNnaceTheMeNaCE:

    Whats the difference between neat martini and a regular martini

  • coolguysimon:

    I also thought one had to double strain a cosmo!

  • sarsattacks:

    A lot of ignorant “bartenders” here. First of all, there is no single way of making any drink. Second, he did not “screw up another classic drink” because a classic Cosmo is made with LEMON juice, which you will never see any place make anymore.

    And yea, you can’t bruise vodka, so shake shake shake!!!11

  • paris8000:

    Thanks for the hookup.

  • leesauce123:

    that is the coolest shit i have ever seen!

  • 69adrummer:

    Where does he find these girls?!?! WOAH MAN!!!

  • michywhacks:

    lol! “squeeze it nice and hard and then pop it!”

  • lorrainejames:

    I was happy for many days in July and I didn’t acknowledge it properly: Damn!

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