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Austrian Wines

Although Austria may not be in the same class as countries such as Germany, France and Spain for producing vast amounts of wine.  It is still a country that produces some high quality ones.  In fact this is a country that produces dry white wines of a world class standard that have been praised by a large number of the world’s wine aficionados. 

Due to the climate of this country they have grown their own unique varieties of grapes and are now being used in a wide variety of different types of wine today.  The problem is the only place you really may be offered the chance to sample these beautiful wines is in Austria itself.  Unfortunately the demand is very high and the average consumption of wine per person each year is around 33 litres.  So of course very little of what is actually produced gets exported. 

So what sorts of wines are produced in Austria today?

In Austria today the country is becoming well known for producing some of the best quality Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc wines.  Plus also they are becoming known for now producing some of the world’s best Pinot Blancs. 

However if you are looking for wines that are a little sweeter then again Austria has begun to produce some of the finest of these.  The best are coming from places such as Trockenbeerenausleses, Beerenausleses and Neusiderlersee.  All these are full, luscious and very exotic tasting and seem to go on forever. 

Yet this isn’t a country that only produces superb white wines they are now becoming known for producing some very good red wines as well.  The grapes used to create these are suitable to with any kind of food and come with a taste that is completely unique and unlike anything you will have tasted before. 

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