Bethenny Frankel Shares Her Tasty Cocktail Recipe For The Appletini

Bethenny Frankel shows you to be the hostess with the mostess with this healthy cocktail recipe featuring The Appletini. Make sure to check out the sneak peak preview of Manhattan Wives on Bravo starring Bethenny.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

25 Responses to “Bethenny Frankel Shares Her Tasty Cocktail Recipe For The Appletini”

  • PerfectINPink02:

    @meeetthh i just really want to understand why people like you comment rude things on videos.. like you think because your behind a screen you can say whatever you want … well its called respect… if you dont like what she made clip out of her video… no one is forcing you to watch anything
    .. seriously
    have you never heard of the saying if you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all…
    im sure your mother would be so disappointed to hear how you speak online … just saying

  • jaydenkayden:

    why cant you drink fun cocktails in a big elegant wine glass? explained two seconds later when you hit your face with the apple slice

  • thekrakenism:

    Crap… if you care about your weight… don’t drink at all… just so you know there are things called mocktails meaning non-alcoholic drinks. a lot of people who don’t drink have just as much fun so please don’t give us crap. and when you become fat…. don’t blame it on hormones. which reminds me… I’m going next door to laugh at my fat neighbor who blames it on her mother lol

  • kneckebr0t:

    this is just bullshit, wait until JD´s sees this crap

  • AnAppleADei:

    No thanks. I’ll stick to the regular appletini. Like a REAL MAN. 🙂 Lol

  • XvxBERSERKxvX:

    Ugh, might as well just take the vodka straight.

  • nccubs:

    That shit doesn’t even look like an appletini it looks like theres only water in there.

  • gotoatbawang:

    oh no!!!
    betheny please stick to baking!

  • EmperorBubba:

    Noooooot a good way of mixing up an Appletini :/
    infact, it’s not an appletni…

    sorry, but, no. If you’re making a real appletini, or any cocktail, you use a speed-pour or a jigger, nothing screams amatuer more than slopping ingredients around willy-nilly. Theres no point counting your pours when you’re pouring at different speeds from different sources (wide brimmed drinking glass vs small bottle neck ).

    this is all wrong :/

  • mrserikalomas:

    Thanks Bethany we love your tips !!! and If you don’t like it then don’t watch it!

  • gmanhorsemaker:

    i find it odd that she says that the syrup is the “sugary fataning” thing when 1 alcohol gr’ has 7 calories and sugar has only 4.

  • meeetthh:

    @flupelo Haha she SUCKS! Thats about the worst so called cocktail ive seen. First of al, its not a cocktail, she made a long drink. And it was not a apeltini, it was vodka with club soda, with a tiny bit of appel liqouer. Bullshit. Seriously, who the fuck cares if you get like a half gram of sugar in your cocktail when you drinking alcohol. If your that afraid of unhealty stuff you shuldnt be drinking at al. Retarded video.

  • Muffy007:

    mmh… I want to make one now

  • Purzinho7:

    suck my apple, please.

    greener, sweeter

  • CaericElRoi:

    Its called a jigger, they sell em at bed bath and beyond for 3.50…

  • MAUchinchilla:

    I prefer the green color of the apple liquor! But its my opinion!
    Check the jtiano´s recipe!

  • Ladyday49:

    I would so drink that. That’s the one apple martini I’d try. It’s not green and not to sweet.

  • flupelo:

    You guys are way too critical. The whole point is to show you how to make an alternative to drinks that are high in sugar. She tries to use clear liqueur in all of her drinks – clear tequila, clear rum, etc.

    f you’re any good whatsoever at mixed drinks, you get a feel for it. It states on her website that each count represents ROUGHLY one ounce. So you can translate that to 2 oz. vodka, 1/2 oz. apple pucker, 4 oz. club soda.

    And by the way, it’s not like she shook it that hard.

  • eclecticchair:

    pumpkin…it’s retarded, retarded. What tool properly measures the alcohol at an at home bar?!

  • whatsmyproblem69:

    You are completely retarted
    1. You didn’t give any actual measurements! You can only “free pour” with a pour spout! That way it’s the same everytime! You can’t just count as your pouting out of a bottle!
    2. Always clear liquer? Where are you coming up with this? And since when did Vodka become the only clear liquer?
    3. NEVER shake any carboanted liquids!!! If you were actually using club soda, when you shook the drink in your tin, it would have exploded in your face!

  • moncj66:

    that looks gross

  • mizerella:

    I would so watch her if she had a show on food network. She appeals to my tastes and she just talks to you like your her girlfriend. Love her!

  • ryosukekaneshiro:

    Liver disease due to alcohol is typically something that occurs due to chronic heavy drinking; so if you drink responsibly and in moderation, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about. Although acute damage to the liver can occur from binge drinking, I seriously doubt Bethenny is condoning that sort of behavior.

  • FATHOM2356:

    What a fucking hypocrite. Limit calories, limit sugar, a hint of fatenning sugar.

    But, let me put some fucking vodka in my liver. Have you even graduated from University?

  • monterrey1606:

    el apple tini no mva en esa kopa va en martinera i lleva smirnoff likor de manzana verde sumo de manzana verde i margarita mix y lo sheikea bien mal iol soi un barman de primera i ese trago tan mal preparado m llevara ala tumba

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