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Black Russian Drink Recipe

American Bartenders School shows you how to make a Black Russian drink recipe

25 Responses to “Black Russian Drink Recipe”

  • Spacemonkeymojo:

    @DoovallianStallion He doesn’t fill the jigger. It’s easier to pour into the glass because sometimes a full jigger can spill if you don’t pour it quickly enough.

  • jerkgr:

    @DoovallianStallion He doesnt full the jigger..He stops before its full,and thats why he pours some extra…Much faster this way…And it’s not like its rocket science and u have to be so strickt with measures…

  • Arexor:

    @DoovallianStallion I guess he wants the customers to get drunk to their boot. But I share your irritation, no use for the jigger at all when he does that 🙂

  • gtgamma511:


  • Hoopermazing:

    This dude sound exactly like what I imagine Chicagoans should sound like. Da Bears!

  • spursfan112:

    I was told that you can add coke as well

  • MrRockjesus:

    @DoovallianStallion Because, he doesnt fill it entirely. As he got experience he does the rest for the show.

  • Yellowpickle23:

    I still have yet to find a cocktail tutorial video that’s higher than 240p.

    Christ, what is that bottle? *squints* Is that soy sauce or ky jelly?

    Seriously, if there is any type of video that NEEDS to be high quality, it’s these videos. It helps to know what the hell I’m looking at…

  • saultbauls:

    @DoovallianStallion because he does not fill up the jigger. If you fill up the jigger, you are probably going to spill some. So if you dont fill it all the way and then add a splash from the bottle, it evens out. Also, the customer sees you add some from the bottle and it makes them think they are getting more alcohol for their money.

  • dimegos:

    @flairkameleon not necessarily!

  • dimegos:

    @DoovallianStallion hehehehe! it’s a bartender’s trick he actually pours 2/3 of one ounce and then pours a little bit more in the glass… the customer thinks he/she is getting more! teaching purposes my… foot! 🙂

  • shittyfuck:

    he makes a good pour

  • VisualJusticeFIlms:

    @DoovallianStallion Because he is a great bartender.

  • pawnerz:

    @DoovallianStallion i think he’s just using it for teaching purposes, he’s probably experienced enough to pour without one,

  • hiscibus:

    veery popular drink? jus heard of it today


    WRONG! lol black russian is, vodka, tia maria & coke…fukin prat americans

  • Bulldog22031:

    since when is the black russian a VEERRRRRY popular drink?

  • 666friends:

    @flairkameleon and a fucked up coctail:D

  • jtsx93:

    @DoovallianStallion because he doesnt fill the jigger completely then compensates by pouring a bit extra. its very hard to pour the liquor without spilling it if the jigger is completely full

  • dublinandy:

    Too much fookin ice man

  • brenyboy26:

    @DoovallianStallion lol i figured it out, he adds half a ounce as well.

  • brenyboy26:

    @DoovallianStallion he does this in another video as well, i don’t know why.

  • DominicEldiablo:

    @DoovallianStallion He didn’t fill the jigger up all of the way, that’s why he added extra. Once you’ve been bar tending a while you don’t even need a jigger. You can tell how much is an ounce or an ounce and a half.

  • Naut:

    he got a little nervous after “ligger”


    it’s 1 1/4 vodka and 3/4 kahlua and u need to use a special tehniques that help u to do the precise dose without measure it y know it because i did the bartender school 6 months ago and believe u don’t measure the cocktails in a disco when u are making 300 or 500 cocktails in 4 hours u don’t have time it’s not professional…

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