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Booze Revooze Episode #9 Glen Moray & Chivas Regal

We had a brief look into the Scotch world. We grabbed a blended whisky as well as an inexpensive Single Malt.

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  • jro5e:

    @BoozeRevooze The exclusiveness´╗┐ of the single malt whisky is THE argument -> distillery managers pick out the best casks for theirs products. But you’re right to try both, there are also good blends too, I just don’t really like the bitterness of some grain whiskies.
    Yesterday I’ve had some drams of Bruichladdich Sherry Classic and today perhaps The Glenlivet 15 years French Oak or the Caol Ila Distiller’s Edition, dunno yet ­čśë

    Merry Christmas to you guys, go on tasting!

  • BoozeRevooze:

    @jro5e I find that most Scotch drinkers tend to prefer single malt vs blends. I like to try both´╗┐ because only 5% of all Scotch Whisky produced become single malt. For me the more the merrier! What are u gonna be sippin on his holiday?

  • jro5e:

    I prefer a single malt because drinking whisky is an experience and not just getting drunk asap.

    The variety of scotch single malts is realy huge and if you want to taste the distillery notes,´╗┐ usually trying relatively young cask strength whisky, cut down to approx 45% alc, aging process with the ‘flag ship’ matured for at least 10 or 12 years compared to an older one, like 18 or 21, perhaps even with different cask finishes, you will have to invest a lot of time, but it’s definetly worth it!

  • jro5e:

    @IronMikeKKFlex it definetly is, the Pedro Ximenez Sherry finish is even better, but it should be the second or the´╗┐ only single malt you taste this evening.

  • BoozeRevooze:

    @TheWhiskyStore yeah I know. I always say it wrong, though I really do know how to pronounce it. I´╗┐ promise ­čÖé

  • MrVirusSnake:

    water between different bottles to clear your palate and used fresh glasses!!!!´╗┐

  • IronMikeKKFlex:

    taste the lagavulin 16´╗┐ years…the best whisky ever!

  • TheWhiskyStore:

    Hi, nice Videos, good tastings, good comments. But how you pronounce Chivas Regal is really awful.´╗┐ You have to improve on this.

  • rancidbarracuda:

    and informational´╗┐

  • rancidbarracuda:

    This´╗┐ is rad

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