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Camera Vino 1×13 – Alberto García, Mauro

Camera Vino 1x13 - Alberto García, Mauro

Uno de los miembros de la saga de los García. Es hijo de Mariano García, toda una institución en la enología española, y junto a su hermano Eduardo gestiona el presente del grupo de bodegas y proyectos de la familia (Mauro, San Román, Leda – todovino todos ellos muy centrados en Castilla y León, una región que dominan y conocen a la perfección. Para Alberto García, el vino está siempre asociado a la mesa ya la gastronomía. Está convencido además de que el vino es capaz de despertar pasión, emociones y sentimientos. Su recomendación para quienes quieran acercarse a este mundo es que lo hagan sin miedo, sin complejos y sin prejuicios, desde una perspectiva lúdica, con ganas de probar, aprender y compartir.
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Making Unforgetable Celebrations With Sumptuous Champagne Gifts

Article by Tushar Virani

Premier websites offering unique items and elegant gift baskets give you the opportunity to discover thousands of combinations elegant, dazzling gifts of food and drink that was created in a creative way for ideal results. Concepts gift champagne to please the most cultivated palate are among the most notable not only the quality of the entire surface of the products, but also in design details.

The sparkling wine Champagne Gifts sparkling appeal was first presented in the signings of several important European treaties. Formulated in the French region of Champagne Gifts in 1600, which became prominent effortlessly between French and English royalty and the upper echelon of the aristocracy. Raise a glass of Champagne Gifts to toast a thriving business in particular, the removal of a CEO, or starting a new business, are excellent times to enjoy the unique sparkling wine. In the professional world, Champagne Gifts offer a symbol of personal success. Moreover, this divine wine is very popular and consumed in such asgraduations fun events, weddings, birthday milestone, parties and romantic celebrations such as anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and marriage proposals.

Champagne Gifts

This drink has praised many poems he created, consumed in millions of weddings, attended countless parties, participated in many special moments between people and even sent thousands of ships. Libation others are not so closely related to the rewards and the celebration of its meaning and appeal are now universal.Champagne Gift Baskets

Superior range of champagne gifts range in price exorbitant, and recognized the sophisticated luxury in the performance of their appearance. A specialized niche is to investigate fully Champagne Gift Baskets that make a real impact on receiving opulent.Champagne Gift Online

Through the Internet, today it is easy to hold a person who deserves by sending a gift of champagne copy. Before selecting a Champagne Gift Online site, please contact to see if they offer qualified customer service representatives can assist in making this special selection. Such representatives should be well versed not only on wine, but Champagne in particular. The selection of champagne online store should cover some of the most remarkable wines including Veuve Clicquot La, Louis Roederer, Moet & Chandon and Domaine Ste. Michelle and Don Perignon. Often charming and opulent designs of the gifts of champagne are assorted delicacies (Duck Foie Gras Rougier), divine sweets such as chocolate bonbons au caviar and even enjoyable. A new variation with respect to the designs of wine is the addition of appropriate wine accessories, such as fluted champagne glasses is specialized, professional corkscrews, wine keys, and drip rings.

An additional possibility to assess the gifts of champagne is the personalization of this. Individual gifts are a trend that continues in the gift of giving. The inclusion of a bronze plaque, smart tags, custom printed ribbons, or custom engraving can add a mark of excellence for the gift, something that corporate customers often enjoy when it comes to publicize a brand or company name. Custom engraving, or recorded live out of a product conceived Champagne personalized gifts like no other.

Since you are looking for something sophisticated and exquisite GiftTree is the online store for you to start your search for a champagne tribute. With 24 hours of sailing and 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can send an opulent champagne gift at the last minute and still have to come in one day. You will have a unique impact, with the final style and grace with exceptional spirit of bubbling champagne surprise, either to customers, partners, friends, family, or a special loved one.

Tullamore Dew Pays Tribute to Irish True

Glasses Up to the fine souls that joined us in celebrating Irish True in 2011, and to those that will celebrate with us in 2012. Together we’ll go far!

Three Reasons Personalised Whisky Makes a Fabulous Gift

Article by Totally_Gifts

When it comes to choosing the perfect gift, it requires you to put some thought into it so you can be certain you’ve chosen exactly the right thing. Whatever the occasion – birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and everything in between – the right present can really help to make the event. If you know someone who enjoys a drop or two of whisky from time to time, why not make their day by buying them some delicious personalised whisky? We take you through three reasons why you should.

Great for any occasion

This could be a particularly great gift for your dad on Father’s Day or your husband on his birthday, but it works for practically any occasion. The bottles come with a personalised label, which is a really nice touch as it lets the person receiving the gift know that you thought carefully about what to get them and took the time to get it personalised rather than just picking up a non-descript bottle in the supermarket. The labels are printed with the name of the recipient and they can also include the special event you are buying the gift for. Examples include Father’s Day, Best Man at a Wedding and Valentine’s Day. This means there are loads of options available and you are sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

Different types of whisky

There are also different types of whisky available, so if the person you are buying for has a favourite, you will be able to find one that they are sure to love. You have a choice between malt and blended whisky. For those not in the know, malt whisky tends to have a distinctive flavour as it uses single malt, whereas blended whisky blends different malts together to create a smooth taste that is delicious but not quite as acquired. This makes blended whisky a good option for anyone who is not a connoisseur of the drink.

When buying personalised whisky, if you choose a malt whisky then it is most likely to come from Glen Grant, whose heritage dates back to 1840. This makes it a gift packed with history as well as character and flavour and it is sure to be a winner with whoever you give it to. Blended whisky is made from Scottish malt and grain to create a delicious peaty flavour that is sure to turn anyone into a fan of the drink.

Add a personalised newspaper

For something extra special, you could give a gift of personalised whisky along with a newspaper from the date of birth of the person receiving your gift. For instance, the personalised blended whisky and newspaper from a date of your choosing would be a really special birthday gift, combining history with the specific tastes of the person you’re buying for, making personalised whisky an overall fantastic gift option.

The Macallan – 12 YO with Ian Morrison

Whisky Maker Ian Morrison describes the profile of The Macallan 12 YO from the sample room at The Macallan Speyside Distillery near Craigellachie, Scotland.
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Mad Men, Single Malt Scotch, And Perpetually Stocked Bars

Article by Mark Etinger

When I watch Mad Men I get jealous. Not of the world they lived in. With the amount of tumultuous changes and some of the gut wrenching set backs of the 60’s, it would have been hard to just relax and have a good time. Besides that, there was no cellphones and nothing on television half as good as Mad Men. It was not the seemingly widely available and often promiscuous women either. I am totally intimidated by the opposite sex. What they did seem to have was fully stocked bar at all times. It clearly does not seem to matter where the characters on Mad Men are they all appear to be constantly surrounded by the best single malt scotches, vodkas, gins, and whatever other high quality brands of booze were around.

It was as if they were all in a perpetual state of casually drunk, not often hammered into the wall by a bottle of single malt scotch whiskey. Instead these old cads coast from room to room, business meeting to business meeting, social event to home, always with a glass of single malt scotch or a Crown Royal whiskey. They always seem to manage. Obviously living in that kind of reality would get unhealthy but it is fun to dream.

Also, just because you are not tossing back a bottle of Grey Goose vodka by 3 pm does not mean you can’t have a fully stocked bar in your home or office. Having a drink or even a few is a classy act and a great opportunity to share with a guest or potential business partners and clients. Having a bar loaded to the gills with Glenfiddich, Chivas Regal, Jack Daniels Whiskey, Disaronno Amaretto, Macallan Scotch, Glenlivet Scotch, and all the other brands everyone loves can make you the champion at throwing parties or just of entertaining a few choice friends.

A fully stocked bar is a thing to get excited about. It is one of the many indicators that you have arrived as an adult. Being a grown up is not all good but these kinds of exciting pleasant for all parties involved milestones definitely are. I love a good drink and I love a good bottle of liquor. Each one seems to tell a story, if not about its self than about you and where you have had it, how it affected the night who you were with. Why not stock your liquor cabinet with some memories?

Deibolt Vineyards Broken

Jacques Diebolt of Diebolt-Vallois talks about the challenges of producing artisan Champange
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Stoli Vodka commercial with Nate Mills

One commercial in a series for Stoli Vodka’s ‘Would you have a drink with you?” campaign starring Nate Mills from Run With the Kittens.
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The Whisky Regions of Scotland

Article by James Macintosh

Some countries excel at growing different types of crops – tomatoes in Guernsey for example, or apples in England. The most delicious apple I ever ate was one I picked from a tree growing at Kew Gardens in southwest London, England. Even the thought of that makes my mouth water now, some 7 years later.

Anyway, the point being that Scotland not only excels for its potatoes – yes, potatoes tend to like the cold, wet conditions that Scotland is known for. But Scotland also also excels at whisky making and has many different whisky regions, just as France has many different vine growing regions used for wine production.

Each different whisky possesses a noticeable difference to the next one. Aroma, colour, taste. Each distillery in Scotland has its own way of production and its own natural water supply, gained from the hills or mountains nearby.

Lets have a brief intro to just a couple of the whisky-producing areas of Scotland.

Lowlands:This area takes into account from the borders between England and Scotland up the coastal areas on both east and west – Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and more. Because there tends to be less peat in these areas and also due to the lighter lowland barley that is used in the distilling process, lowland whisky tends to be light, both in colour and in flavour. They are somewhat sweet to the palate and thus can be a super introduction to some one who is new to the delights of whisky. Among the favourite lowlanders we have: Glenkinchie, Inverleven, St Magdalene (don’t know the last one, personally).

Highlands:The largest region in Scotland stretching from the boundary of the lowlands to the north coast, up past Inverness. There are different regions within the highland area to consider:

Northern Highlands: tends to be stronger in flavouring and complex in aroma. Smokey and lightly peaty producing a medium bodied whisky. Among the favourites are Glenmorangie, Dalmore, Ben Nevis (yes, named after the famous mountain).

Southern Highlands: very gentle flavouring as the soils in the southern highlands are light which thus produces a light tasting barley. Sweet, fragrant and also somewhat flowery. Drams to be sampled are – Dalwhinnie, Glengoyne.

Cointreau Cocktail (R)evolution

Cointreau Cocktail (R)evolution

Spirits brand Cointreau has introduced “Cointreau Caviar” – edible pearls of the liquor – to leading bartenders in New York City, Spirits brand Cointreau has introduced “Cointreau Caviar” – edible pearls of the liquor – to leading bartenders in New York City, London and Paris. The “pearls” feature edible flakes of 24-karat gold, creating an iridescent and delicious addition to cocktails such as the Cosmopolitan, Margarita or Champagne. Using a unique set of tools, the molecular mixology techniques used to create Cointreau Caviar blend traditional chemistry with innovative cocktail creativity, placing Cointreau at the forefront of the spirits culture.