Chocolate Martini Cocktail Video Drink Recipe

BARTENDER GEAR = thedrinkchef BUY MY BOOK = The Bartender’s Entertainment Guide = amazon The Drink Chef = thedrinkchef Connect with me on Facebook = http Follow me on Twitter = twitter The Chocolate Martini became all the rage in the late 1990s. every bartender makes their own concoction, in many, many different ways… I usually ask my guest… “Do you want a dark? white? or clear chocolate martini? The clear one looks… well… ‘clear’… but has a very strong chocolate flavor. It is a dramatic effect, when served, ice cold! Cool chocolate swirl garnish too. Cheers!
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3 Responses to “Chocolate Martini Cocktail Video Drink Recipe”

  • JaRenaeFashionTV:

    @markmrm yes yu cud brown coco and white coco still tastes the same but if yu use brown coco yu wnt nessecarily(sp?) see the chocolate swirl I like it this way but yu cud also do 1/2 oz’s of vanilla vodka, white coco, baileys, & kahlua and a splash of milk its also good that way 🙂

  • markmrm:

    Could you also use dark creme dec cocoa

  • madskillz808:

    nice and simple blake! will give it a go at work tonight.

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