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Cocktail Flow – As good as cocktails get on a mobile

Cocktail Flow - As good as cocktails get on a mobile

Cocktail Flow is a Windows Phone 7 application created by Distinction and GregDoesIT. The application features beautifully presented recipes and identifies cocktails that can be made from ingredients in your bar. It also gives suggestions on what ingredients to buy next to make additional delicious cocktails. More info on : cocktailflow
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 Responses to “Cocktail Flow – As good as cocktails get on a mobile”

  • RelevantTech:

    Android owner here. Own a Zune HD. Love it. Impressed with a lot of the visual aspects of Windows Phone 7 OS. This app looks absolutely amazing and has amazing visuals. Probably one of the sexiest UI’s I’ve seen in any app thus far on any mobile OS. Makes me, for a moment, envious of Windows Phone 7 (once it evolves to a state that it can be my daily driver as I work in many roles with IT for a large company).

  • stirkac:

    man, if every app would look like that. especially android needs some GregDoesIT treatment lol

  • Tams80:

    I’m really looking forward to Meego and really like Maemo, but this looks so damn cool and useful I want Windows Phone 7 just to be able to run this now!

  • ADustman:

    This looks amazing, I will definitely be buying this app!

  • mobilehome2:

    @loadstone007 £2.49 Zune Marketplace as of 22/10/10

  • offtoseetheworld23:

    amazing!!! must have…

  • stnkubinka:

    Nice 🙂

  • teamdistinction:

    @Philmatrix01 Thanks for the comments! The song is “Straight to the top” from Tim McMorris.

  • Philmatrix01:

    Very cool app! And what’s the name of the song?

  • SneakyMrPanda:

    I’m not even of legal drinking age and I want this app. It uses the interface beautifully. Other apps should use this one as an example.

  • vidsbyseon:

    Stunning! Beautiful! Easy to Navigate! Puts other platforms to shame! Will download asap! Plus Ima now stocking my own bar too! 🙂

  • loadstone007:

    Looks awesome. Hope all apps will be like this.
    What about pricing?

  • mrgergelyorosz:

    Love the feel of the video & the app! It feels slimmer than any other iPhone / Android cocktail app I’ve used.

  • edinburghfreak:

    Looks very cool! Keep the apps coming! Great app btw

  • ouvreboite87:

    god, this is the sweetest ui i’ve ever seen.
    Just enough eye candy, respect of the metro style, ligth and legible.

  • Tafsern:

    Wow, that’s beautiful!

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