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Cocktails – The fun starts here

There is no better way to get a party swinging that to serve cocktails. Whether you are running a bar, pub, hotel or restaurant; or just want to celebrate with friends there is no better way than with a cocktail night.

The advantages of cocktails is that they are so varied and different it is possible to find a cocktail for everybody’s tastes. So no matter what the clientele to your bar or pub, or the type of guests that you invite you should be able to find something for nearly everybody’s tastes; and you don’t need too many bar accessories either.

What is a cocktail

A cocktail is just an alcoholic drink that contains more than one ingredient. Usually cocktails contain a mixture of alcohol and fruit based drinks but nearly anything can go in a cocktail. Often cocktails are served in long glasses or with special cocktail glasses. Commonly, garnish such as cherries, olives or umbrellas are used to add a touch of glamour to the cocktail.

Types of cocktail

There are many famous names of cocktails. Each with its own history and unique taste. Here are some of the most commonly produced cocktails:

* Screwdriver
* Manhattan
* Black Russian
* Gin Sour
* Sex on the Beach
* Pina Colada
* Harvey Wallbanger

Preparing Cocktails

Cocktails are either shaken or stirred. All cocktails need to be mixed properly as alcohol and fruit juices have different densities which could mean the ingredients could separate without a good shake of mix-up.

What cocktail equipment do I need

Preparing cocktails is quite simple and doesn’t require too much speciality bar equipment. The most basic cocktail equipment needed, includes:

Cocktail stirrers and shakers – for mixing the drinks. It is an idea to look for stainless steel shakers and stirrers and these are more hygienic and easy to clean.

Cocktail glasses – while any tall glass will do, cocktail glasses can created that added extra touch.

Ice and bucket – nearly all cocktails require ice so good supply of ice and an ice bucket to prevent it from melting is essential.

Garnish -umbrellas, cocktail sticks, olives, cherries. In fact all sorts of things can be used as a garnish for cocktails.

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