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Cocktails This Christmas?

Many online spirits websites are seeing the benefits of marketing cocktails online to consumers as the at home trend of cocktail making is growing at an accelerated pace. Five years ago many online retailers ignored the cocktail opportunity as they saw no commercial online gain. This has however changed drastically.

Cocktail making in the on trade has grown tremendously led by the Mojito, the Caipirinha and the Godfather. It is classic cocktails that are driving the growth as people have travelled to Cuba, Brazil and the USA. Big branded manufacturers and the London bar scene have pushed cocktails through education in bar. Mixologists now offer courses on how to make cocktails for popular work team building exercises.

Five years ago consumers did not know Mojito’s had rum in and were born in Cuba and the Caipirinha was a product of Brazil and made from cachaca, but know they do and they are keen to make them at home. This has created online spirits opportunities as companies like the Purveyor and the Drinkshop have comprehensive cocktail guides so consumers can make cocktails at home.

This Christmas though we believe online spirits sales will be driven through online gin, online vodka and online rum with online bourbons being a close fourth. The reason is each online spirit has a classic signature drink such as a gin and tonic over ice with a squeezed lime wedge or rum and cola over ice with a squeezed lime wedge. Each spirit is also linked to amazing cocktail creation. If you take online rum for instance the online spirits consumer can make a mojito, a daiquiri, a Mai Tai or a classic Havana Libre and therefore with one bottle of rum create different cocktails for all their guests. Brands such as Hendricks and Sipsmith gin have created extensive cocktail lists for consumers to experiment with their brands thus discovering new tastes at home. The bartenders secrets have been exposed online and supermarkets tend to stock many of the natural ingredients that turn the online cocktails into ontrade cocktails thus encouraging trial at home.

There is also two more trends that are encouraging cocktail at home creation. The first is the growth of the cocktail guides as presents at Christmas. This trend has grown steadily as distribution of cocktail guides has grown from specialist retailers into mainstream. The second trend is the growth of cocktail shakers and cocktail equipment which is obviously important as without the correct tools these great cocktails online cannot be created.

This Christmas should therefore be the best Christmas ever for online cocktail making with all the above trends coming together. If we however look to the future we see some interesting online spirit developments. We believe online spirits merchants will offer more functionality online to help people make better cocktails at home. This will be through video, search, buy all ingredients buttons and other downloadable applications.
If the UK can reach only 20% of the at home cocktail making of the USA then cocktail making is set to grow by over 160%.

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