Creating Cocktails Recipes with Vodka

Article by Mitch Ross

Clear and having a similar smell as distilled water, vodka has small, unique taste of its own, making it the flawless additive for developing diverse cocktail recipes. When applying vodka into cocktails, it lifts the taste of other ingredients. Vodka is often impregnated with other tasty concoctions like berries, spices even chocolate.

The beginning of Vodka came from Eastern Europe. Being first documented in the 9th century, it was not until the 20th century that Vodka gained its popularity. Vodka can be poured, mixed, stirred or even shaken into cocktails, making them is just as easy as it is to drink them. It is no surprise that vodka is used in over 25% of all alcoholic drinks. With a vivid imagination, vodka can be used to make unique, offbeat cocktails that people will remember.

Just because, Vodka has little taste, does not mean that people can not tell the difference in quality. Mixing a cocktail with poor quality vodka can ruin the taste, leaving a dissatisfied guest. You do not have to spend the most for a bottle of vodka, but you should not spend the least either. Purchase something in the middle will not affect the taste of the cocktails.

An essential component of developing cocktails with vodka is learning about other ingredients. Developing cocktail recipes is not the same without other components. If, for some reason, your vodka lacks the right spark, you can improve its gusto by adding seasoning. Use fresh elements like chili peppers, strawberries, apples, lemons, limes, herbs or even chocolate. Just add the item into the vodka bottle and place it in a dark corner for at least a month. The longer it sits the stronger the taste of the ingredient will be.

Something else you should know about making cocktails with vodka is to make sure that the glassware temperature is close to what the cocktail is. In other words, a cold cocktail is served in a cold glass and vise versa. To get a cold glass, place the glass in a container with ice or a freezer for a short time. To make a glass warmer, run warm water over it before pouring the cocktail.

No matter if this is the first time you have made cocktails, or you have been doing this for years, using vodka to create new cocktails will help immensely. The only thing you need is to dream of something, then make it. Everyone will come back for more.

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