Funkin Margarita and Pina Colada cocktail mixers scooped Gold awards

Article by Funkin Cocktails

Clear the Mantelpiece! Funkin have finished top of the cocktail charts at this year’s International Pre-Mixed Drinks Challenge 2011. Funkin Margarita and Pina Colada cocktail mixers scooped GOLD awards and the delicious Strawberry Daiquiri picked up a worthy SILVER.

We are buzzing with the news it makes trekking the world for the finest fruit and the best fruit farmers all worthwhile. First thing we did was toast with a celebratory cocktail… how else would we celebrate!

Here is a little bit more about our fabulous Gold and Silver medal winning cocktail mixers. All Funkin cocktail mixers contain 100% natural fruit grown, ripened, loved and nourished directly under the sun. We never add any nasty artificial additives or preservatives. So the only question is which one will you try first? We strongly recommend sampling all three, just to have a balanced opinion of course!

Gold Star Margarita CocktailFunkin’s margarita cocktail mixer is a beautifully balanced blend of Sicilian lemons, Mexican limes and natural cane sugar. A delectable blend of sweet and sour notes gives an energetic, zesty feel. Mix with a measure of your finest tequila and ready to serve in only 10 Seconds, giving you more time to party.

Top of the Class Pina Colada CocktailThe totally tropical tasting Funkin Pina Colada Cocktail Mixer is bursting with fruit sunshine. A creamy blend of the zestiest Mexican limes, sweet fresh coconut, super juicy pineapples and 100% natural cane sugar. Just add a splash of white rum to deliver a taste of the Caribbean to your cocktail party.

Triumphant Silver Strawberry Daiquiri CocktailThe favourite cocktail of Hemmingway and JFK, the Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Mixer is simple and sophisticated each pouch contains nothing but strawberries, limes and 100% natural cane sugar. Just add your favourite white rum and serve over lashings of ice to transport yourself to pre-revolutionary Cuba… Fiesta!

So that is three more reasons to drink up and enjoy our easy to make cocktails. It’s the easiest cocktail recipe in the world that you can make with no mess or fuss in your own home. Cheers.

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