How to make a cosmopolitan – Cosmopolitan drink recipe

How to make a cosmopolitan – Cosmopolitan drink recipe A perfect cosmopolitan is a must at any cocktail party. Mixologist Allen Katz shares his technique for mixing the perfect cosmo. Keywords: cosmopolitan drink cosmopolitan recipe how to make a cosmopolitan
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  • Urutora72:

    1) Tu copa no esta sometida al frio, eso es una regla basica de la cockteleria.
    2) Los limones se exprimen y se vierten a la Cocktelera.
    3) Ademas para finalizar, NO se utiliza limon, sino cascara de Narajan la misma que sera sometido al fuego para sacerle su aroma, cosa que luego se lo vierte en la copa.

  • gijsoerlemans1992:

    ”sexy pink color” naughty girl…

  • loco7014:

    Man u never shake like that when u make martini

  • dilan4me:

    @punkprincess08 i make the same face when im shakin bitches doggystyle

  • livingdeadshawn:

    orange peel garnish is the right one, bring out the orange taste.

  • lepetitdiscordance:

    @SilWinder I agree, I always prepair cosmo with 1 oz and if the clients stay and keep ordering you can put 1,5 or 2 😀

  • SilWinder:

    @DutyCallsHoney 2 onz? way to much….. 1 is enough

  • kawaiipapillon:

    sexy pink??? PINK PANTHER 😀

  • mgblue:

    lol he turned me on…anyone else? lol

  • NeverEndingKarla:

    I replayed that shaking part like 8 times.

  • whaler3232:

    Wow thats a lot of booze!

    Good drink to get those lady panties off!

  • DutyCallsHoney:

    A few things…

    1. Way too much vodka. Max 2 oz.
    2. Fix the awkward face you make while you shake
    3. The color is off. It should be more red not pink.
    4. Cosmo should have a lemon as a garnish.
    5. Cosmos should never be served all the way to the top. You should always leave a little room at the top for the customer to walk around with the drink and not spill it everywhere.

  • IAmGunzNoob:


  • cmednc:

    @terratrema Thanks for that! i’m trying to do up the new cocktail list for my bar and was watching this and thinking….those measurments are illegal to serve at a licensed venue…

  • Fraaaaaaaa:

    overpour…too much alcohol.

  • NeatStar:

    Yes, yours is essentially the recipe I’d follow too. 1 ounce of cranberry is also the very max I’d use. Any more and you spoil the drink. Don’t forget the flamed orange peel!

    It’s funny though, because the Cosmo is quite a strong drink, with a double measure of 80 proof and not much mixer. It has a reputation for being “girly”, but so many girls in my old bar hated a properly made Cosmo!

  • terratrema:

    Yeh, when he said “1 part = 1 ounce” I knew something was wrong. That means he started this drink with 75mls of vodka. That seems an awful lot. The Cosmopolitan, in my view, should be a tasty and refreshing drink for a pleasant afternoon, not something that gets you minced superfast. Or maybe I’m just a lightweight… Anyway, I say:
    Citrus vodka (you can make this at home): 1 & 1/2 oz
    Cranberry juice: 1 oz
    Cointreau/Triple sec: 1/2 oz
    Lime Juice: 1/2 oz
    Taste it!

  • chillkebab:

    Shakes it like a pedofile!

  • NeatStar:

    “Parts” are ratios.

    For example,

    2:1 could be two shots to one shot, or four to two, etc.

    He’s wrong to suggest that ounces are parts.

  • Ashishivani:

    i m confused with quarter parts n ounce stuff…what did he say 1 part is 1 ounce ..
    but what is one part

  • Ashishivani:

    awesome !!

  • TheReptilianBrain:

    @Skyfighter89 You need to drink more! : ) They ARE yummy!…for a chick drink.

  • spursfan112:

    I am only 13, and i have been looking on how to make cocktails since I was 12, lol. Sounds weird but I might own a bar

  • Skyfighter89:

    80% of this drink is alcohol. this cant be yummy.

  • kern0099:

    Is every cocktail in a martini glass now? I sort of like tumblers better, they make me feel like less of a wanker..but come to think of it, my cosmo inside is pink. So I guess I’m a wanker at his bar, whatevs.

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