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How to make a rum based cocktail with MIDORI liqueur. “Peach fizz “

midori-world Mnuel Terron’s Original cocktail with MIDORI (ingredients)Matusalem Clasico、MIDORI、Top with Ruby Red Grapefruit juice Medium alcoholic content Fruity flavor, with Collins glass There is one thing that I was very interested in portraying with this particular drink, and that was to show the diversity of MIDORI. Although a melon liqueur, I was very keen in seeing what could be created by incorporating ingredients that would transform the base flavour. So I turned to mixing with aged rum that would bring the richer characteristics of caramel and toffee to the mix, then another ingredient that would contribute a certain freshness and vibrancy. So after some trials I fell upon Ruby Red Grapefruit juice, which although a citrus, does have some faint sweeter tones that balance with the sour and bitterness that are an intrinsic factor of this particular juice. When put together and served in a tall glass I found that, indeed a new flavour had been created with these ingredients, something that had no correlation to its parts but the some of all parts. And that flavour was fresh peach, so this is why I decided to call this drink the Peach Fuzz.

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