How to make an Aquatini Cocktail – Drink recipes from Bartending Bootcamp

Ingredients: 3/4 oz Malibu Rum 3/4 oz Tuaca 3/4 oz Stoli Raz Vodka 1/2 oz Blue Curacao Splash of Sweet and sour Visit us at bartendingbootcamp for more recipes and cocktail making tips.

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  • NarrowMindedNick:

    your videos are simple, cut to the chase and informative, i love them, keep it up!

  • Crimsonriven:

    @BartendingBootcamp It doesnt matter where I did the course because I brought the ingredients myself for my homebar.

    Galliano was originally the name of the Vanilla Liqueur, but over time it also expanded into being the brandname for the company and they started making black and white Sambuca and Armaretto which is a dark gold color. The Vanilla flavor is a lighter gold color.

  • BartendingBootcamp:

    @Crimsonriven That’s incorrect. Don’t know where you did your course. Tuaca is vanilla flavored italian liqueur. Galliano is anise or Licorice flavored.

  • Crimsonriven:

    @BartendingBootcamp Ah… its not, thats Sambuca that’s anise flavored, Galliano is vanilla. I know this because I used it in my practical assessment earlier this year when I did Cocktail course.

  • BartendingBootcamp:

    @msskool Unfortunately no. Tuaca is vanilla and spice while Galliano is anise or licorice flavored. Try it anyway! You might come up with a new, fantastic flavor!!!

  • msskool:

    can you use galliani instead of the Tuaca?

  • allabtMando:

    @13soychingon13 Thanks! Gonna try this out soon.

  • 13soychingon13:

    @allabtMando I got u bro… 1 1/2oz White/Light rum, 1oz Blue Curacao, 1oz Sprite/7up, 6 drops of tabasco sauce. Stir all spirits and sprite/7up, add the 6 drops of Tabasco, enjoy…

  • allabtMando:

    The geek in me wants to ask.. Got a recipe for Romulan Ale? 😛

  • Chiefkid20:

    @ssuuppeerrbbooyy ty man. still, i don’t rlly expect to find it at all in my island… say, do u happen to know a store i can buy drinks online, which accepts paysafe and is sending shipments in greece? Cause i can’t find any…

  • ssuuppeerrbbooyy:

    @Chiefkid20 Its called a pourer. He put the cherry on what looks like a plastic toothpick (probably not an actual toothpick, but one of those sharp little sticks they use to make tiny sandwiches). You should have no problem finding either in online stores or in bar supply shops.

  • Chiefkid20:

    ok, 2 rookie questions. First, those things that u put at the openings of the bottles, what are they called? Second, what did u pierce the cherry with? And is it important? Ty, u rock.

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