How to Make home made Limoncello – Recipe by Minus P

Minus P – How to Make Limoncello – Recipe – limoncello lemoncello italian drink recipe italiano alcohol home made
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  • MyLifeForPylo:

    Your camera makes me feel like I have epilepsy o.o Good vid though, gonna try it out soon.

  • minusp:

    @tsarevna212 i would suggest 1.75 – 2.00 liters of water (depending on how strong you want it) and about 6-7 cups of sugar (depending on your sweet-tooth level) should do the trick 🙂 – do let me know how it comes out, always wanted to try that one

  • tsarevna212:

    Hey, I grew up in Manhattan & lived in Washington Heights for a while ( nr 180 St.). Wish I knew of Limoncello then! Tks for vid. I’m now making ” Orangecello” ( Aranciello). But used 1.75 liter bottle of grain alcohol. The orange zest ( from my own organically grown oranges I’m proud to say!) has been soaking close to a month & I’m ready 2 make syrup. How much sugar AND water do I need for 1.75 liters of grain alcohol? Thanks!

  • cebparkour:

    LOL to your white stuff comment for laddies! helpful vid man

  • Shenzo22:

    Went Sicily recently and was given the exact same recipe by someone who always makes it. Shame I’m too lazy to peel 12 lemons . Good video

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