How to Make Homemade Wine from Fruit – High Alcohol & Flavor Too-Tutorial + Recipe

Since age 13 I have Made my Drinking Alcohol from Fruit Wine! I will Teach You for FREE Plus I include the Recipe to Download ! This Method id Used where Alcohol is Prohibited or Restricted. Military Bases, Teenager Homes, Prison/Detention Centers, Colleges, Schools etc This Recipe Takes only Minutes to Makes and Few Days Before it’s Ready to Drink ! 🙂 I give You room to Learn and Experiment . . Never Worry about Getting Caught for Being Under-Age. make Your Own ! – =================================================== Here is Instructions for My Old Website. The Domain shutdown but I saved the Text. I had 40.000 Hits and lots of postitive Guestbooks entires by this point. =================================================== 1)1 five gallon bucket with lid.(Food Grade ONLY) Used buckets that have stored food items in it previous. Any grocery or donut shops etc will be Glad to give you one or sell you one for a Dollar. 2)1 Five Pound Bag of sugar. 3)A 3 pack of yeast. (Used to make Bread rise) 4)4 gallons of youre Favorite FRUIT Juice.(Concentrate OK)[NO APPLE JUICES] Often Turns into Vinegar,or Comes out Sour!! Grape works Great (If you like Mad dog

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  • torchidman:

    In wine making, one of the first rules is to work in a clean enviroment…………I love to see a master of wine making puffing on a cig in the middle of the tutorial……

  • Anequetuapa:

    Why don’t you want to use apple juice?

  • skillz996:

    only ONE packet of yeast for a five gallon mix?? am i reading that right because it seems like its not enough?? PLEASE HELP

  • phr4nk3rd00d13:

    @iuytrepq whoa try using fruit juice like a grape juice or something

  • iuytrepq:

    Bro! can you tell me why mine came out really bitter??? could it be cause I used coffe instead of fruit?? how dangerous can that be?

  • 855h0le:

    @THEFUTUREOFMANKIND The fermentation does so in stages. Everything is in its place on the MICRO Level. They are VERY Fragile and the entire chemical process is binded together. The entire process depends on the rest of the process at all times. If something is off by a tiny Iola- it can make a night and day difference. Just so you know- the ‘mash” is ALIVE! The walls of the yeast are very , very fragile. Then some a-hole comes in and shakes the shit out of it.. Its done-Dead, Killed-!

  • 855h0le:

    @THEFUTUREOFMANKIND NO-Shaking your Brew or your Baby is BAD NEWS! I can’t stress this enough without being a broken record.


    i been doing alcool for years and you way is so-so the same way than i.but i sake it every day until final produt.not long just to make sure it all mix(that the mush level up) and it allway do me find.unlike you i use a 5 gl canola oil plastic can that i take from garbage.i find it better cause the oil in in serve as indicator for when it sterile(you see the oil stop comming out) and if tinted or damage i don’t give fuck i find it in the garbage.
    so you never shake it?

  • TheGeorgevt:

    You look like Phil Hellmuth 🙂 Great video also, very enjoyable.

  • Xx1157Xx:

    how much alcohol do you usually yeild after u strain the mash? That is if u follow the recipe below.

  • 855h0le:

    @sshold No I don’t. I do prefer Blackjack

  • sshold:

    do you play poker?? i swear ive seen you play poker on tv.

  • 855h0le:

    @TheCamelwater Breathe! The water does the filtering part…Kinda like a one way valve.

  • TheCamelwater:

    does the hole in the 2 liter cap have to be sealed to keep pressure, or should it be able to breathe?

  • 855h0le:

    @cliffy135 You “can” but it turns Sour Easily!! I dont want to ruin peoples confidence. So I tell them NOT to use apple juice. Its fairly unstable and the flavor can be aweful.

  • cliffy135:

    i have to ask why cant i use apple juice?

  • 855h0le:

    @hylanderr yes but that causes too much Batch Stalling and Over-Pressuring. With the Water Tube you have a Constant Level of Gas,Air and Pressure maintaining the Batch.

  • hylanderr:

    also you can use a water 1 way valve

  • 855h0le:

    @johnnyhurst85 lol- The Recipe is in the description. Also downloadable too. You “can” do it without adding a .40 cent packet of Yeast. However, the Sugar may KILL the Yeast that is naturally on the grapes. Also your batch will be very , very weak. Adding Yeast gives Flavor, Strength and ensures it will become Alcohol NOT Vinegar., You may order Yeast Packets to Restart Stalled batches. Also increase the alcohol-as some yeast CANT tolerate 17% while others can 20%-

  • johnnyhurst85:

    when do u know when the batch is done. also i have been told that u dont have to use yeast. is this true? im about to make my first batch and i was told that i could just use grapes and sugar. i could not find your recipe on here. is there a place i can go to get it?

  • DJsProductions1:

    Thank you so much for that information ….Now i will be more successful making my hooch…

  • 855h0le:

    @DJsProductions1 Oh GOD NEVER!!! Thats the NUMBER #! NO NO! Omg! You have No idea- thats Like Shaking a Baby here! Fermenting is a “slow” & delicate process. Everything is Chemically in its Place. lol Then some crazy Guys *Shakes You All Up* ! -No Its a very Bad thing! The ONLY “Trick” ive Done and thats AFTER knowing m batches. I’ll quickly & carefully open (Trying NOT to Shake it) I’ll add 1/4 Cup of Sugar but ONLY if it stalls. That takes I good guess or you KILL the batch.

  • DJsProductions1:

    Just wondering, Should i once in awhile shake the container while it is fermenting. that seems to get the bubbles going again and speed up the fermentation. Good video..5 star

  • 855h0le:

    @CrakaChris Awesome!!

  • CrakaChris:

    @855h0le yea. theres a tube going into water. just checked itdude. I copened it up and it worked fine. i filtered it through coffee filters and bottled up about 15 bottles. appreciate the video.

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