Jameson Irish Whiskey TV Commercial HURRICANE

Triple Distilled, smooth taste Jameson…a fantastic ad from Jameson Irish Whiskey

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  • TheLovelyLulz:

    Gotta love the fellow irishman.

    Irish fucking pride, man.

  • BillyTrollsYou:


  • BowHunterSDK:

    @filerocktheworld Icebergs of course!

  • MarktgInnovation2Day:

    Cool video thanks – have favourited on our channel here – we favourite the best brand videos on youtube. Cheers

  • BGDzakon011:

    EVER NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE between WHISKEY and BEER commercials???
    Beer commercials portray wussy, insecure, spineless, childish, immature, pansy ass, pussy wipes, whimpy excuse for a man idiots. Whiskey commercials, mostly different story.

    Wonder why… :)))

  • johnnytastetest:

    @filerocktheworld – Good point – they probably wouldn’t have been drinking whiskey on the rocks much. However, in those days ice was available. A lot of properties had ice houses, which were well insulated, and by adding huge slabs of ice in the winter / early spring, it essentially created a big cooler. In the 19th century, ice boxes became more popular, and ice would be delivered to the home in blocks to store there. It was cut out of lakes by ice men and delivered by horse and wagon.

  • McZombieism:

    this is great
    irish rock

  • gto3440:

    best of everything is irish

  • DrinkToIreland:

    half my family is irish and scottish and the other is british and german
    i side with me irish scottish side on my fathers side and we drink this all the time

  • MrKosobutski:

    обалденный ролик

  • slim404:

    I dont drink much but when I do, I drink Dos Equis. Stay thirsty my friends. =)

  • Kaiser325:

    @yashespatel hell yeah! Nothing beat a good Jameson’s on the rocks!

  • yashespatel:

    I’m 21, most kids my age are all about jager bombs, miller lite, and various drinks with vodka, but myself, I enjoy a jameson on ice.

  • iTzMrMusicMAN:

    @filerocktheworld From the abs of polarbears!!


  • sakul252:

    @filerocktheworld With th’ blood n’ tears of Protestant Redcoats

  • CaptainRumi:

    @filerocktheworld The hurricane..remember?

  • musicgirl4ever1:

    @lou1606 The one who asks “So which way did you come” is Killian Donnelly. He’s playing Enjolras in Les Mis at the moment.

  • AisGxx:

    Woo!! Love this ad! Go Killian!! 😛 “So which way did you come?” “John Brennans?I thought he lived 2 towns over?” -Not just a pretty face, he also happens to be an amazing singer! Bit of background info for everyone! 😛

  • PrinceOfLogic:

    lol… This ad had me in laugh!

  • dronespace:

    nice ad

  • violie17:

    @rozzity Mersii! Jalko.. na snimkite ne mi haresva tolkova, kolkoto v tazi reklama 😀 haha. (Btw.. stranni popadeniq imame. Tip tazi reklama i mcfly fenka gledam, che si sushto.. 😛 kakto i da e, spiram sus spama)

  • rozzity:

    @violie17 His name’s Sam Corry. I found it on the Jameson Whiskey website. 🙂

  • violie17:

    @lou1606 His name is Adam Fergus – you can watch him in “Being Erica” 🙂

    I want to know the name of the other one – the one who says “I think he was moving”, He’s quite fit! 😀


    just pretend the two who walk in are tripping. ace

  • lou1606:

    does anyone know what the name of the actors are? specially him with the white scarf… he is SO HOT!
    i mean they guy who says: “yeah, she really flies”

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