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Lemon Lime & Bitters Cocktail Recipe – BartenderOne Toronto Bartending School

BartenderOne’s Classic Cocktail Series teaches you how to create the worlds most delicious and sought after cocktails, through this series of easy to use web tutorials. This month the Lemon Lime & Bitters.

23 Responses to “Lemon Lime & Bitters Cocktail Recipe – BartenderOne Toronto Bartending School”

  • comeondown12345:

    @abarreloflols its all the same who cares.

  • aTruster:

    I usually make mine without the glass. Bit messy, but it prevents people arguing over what goes in before the bitters because you don’t see the bubbles.

  • chessnuts101:

    @Doc9999990 NO stupid its LEMONAIDE THEN bitters then lime. the lime helps to push the bitters down stupid

  • cathyvh06:

    @benjaminmark123 I am Australian, sweetheart, and also work at a bar. Constantly I watch people pour a lousy glass of LLB, because of the way the bitters react to the lemonade, especially when it is highly carbonated. While working at an up-class joint, where presentation is important, this is the best way to do it. Another good way of doing the drink is how @Sixes350 suggested. Less chance of the gross bubbles and it looks cooler whilst making if you do it like that as well 🙂

  • AdaptAndConquer:

    Thanks for saying NZ

  • mynameisfiona:

    @Doc9999990 dude, shut the fuck up, no one gives a shit it you can make a lemon lime and bitters, either way it’ll still taste the same, it’s more aesthetically pleasing if the bitters is on the top anyway. Derrrrrp

  • pkprotwinz:

    I went on a vacation to barbados and I got 1 that my friends recommended by the people that make the bitters ( forgot the name ) and it was called llb and I am dieing to have one

  • abarreloflols:

    this is wrong, you are meant to add a little amount of bitters then swirl the glass around to coat it with the bitters, then you add ice, then the lemon and lime

  • TroWu:

    I had the pleasure of tasting it when I was in Australia the last time and I have only one thing to say about it… I could seriously become addicted to that drink!!!

  • HeyBartenderOne:

    @benjaminmark123 Very eloquent, thanks for your feedback. BTW, we are Canadian, and we learned this drinks from Australians while living in Australia. People everywhere have different methods. I love that people are so passionate and committed to their own recipes!

  • benjaminmark123:

    @cathyvh06 the way in the video is shit, @Doc9999990 is right , u stupid americans have no idea about shit

  • benjaminmark123:

    @cathyvh06 the way in the video is shit, @Doc9999990 is right , u stupid americans have no idea about shit

  • survivorfan1234:

    @Doc9999990 You are correct. However if u dont mind me asking, how much lime do u put in compared to the lemonade

  • cathyvh06:

    The way “most people” do it is shit. The best way to do it, especially in a busy bar, is to do it like the guy in the vid did. Although it was very weak and had too much ice, imo. Fill glass with ice just below a half, fill up with lemonade until an inch or two from the top, do a singular swirl of lime cordial, 3 shakes (not drops) of the bitters, fill the rest of the way up with lemonade, garnish with a lemon wedge and stir. Perfect drink every time and no worries about the bubbles going weird!

  • 7ommyB:

    @Doc9999990 ur wrong, and probs gay

  • HeyBartenderOne:

    @MrBrycedavis bitters are like the salt and pepper for beverages. They also help to settle the stomach which is why they’re used in this one. Its often an elixer used the morning after a big night of drinking…

  • t0lar:

    shouldn’t it be, bitter, ice, soda, then colored cordial? coat the bitter evenly on the bottom of the glass so it mix properly without having to stir

  • Sixes350:

    @Mastertj987 Nope. Should be a glass with half ice then swirl the bitters down the sides of the glass. Add lime cordial (or similar) then pour lemonade in on top. Put a slice of lemon and lime in and your good to go

  • Mastertj987:

    that doesn’t look like the ones you get in pubs in australia

  • HeyBartenderOne:

    Thanks for the input, very helpful and articulate! We’ll get right on it.

  • Doc9999990:

    Bartender here, Firstly thats a pretty fucking weak LLB and secondly you did it in the wrong order. Ice first, Bitters, Lime, Lemonaide. Please correct soon as possible.

  • MrBrycedavis:

    what are bitters? why do you use them when making drinks

  • Prilly35:

    yeah but i tryed lemon squash and i feel that taste a lot better then lemonade tho lemonade dont taste too bad either, i think if i had to drink what you made i wouldnt like it cause it looks weak, not enough bitters to even taste it right lol

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