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Looking for the right type of cocktail shaker

Making cocktails at home for your special occasions or for your exclusive guests requires some essential cocktail equipment. They can range from cocktail shakers, ice crushers, bar spoons to citrus juicers.


Everyone knows that the cocktail glass does make your cocktail and your guests will love drinking their favourite cocktails out the finest quality glasses whether they’re martini glasses, hurricane glasses or even shot glasses.  It is essential to make sure you have the right cocktail glasses to serve those cocktails.


When you prepare for a bar at your home, there some essential items that should never be missed out or your cocktail party will be incomplete. A cocktail shaker is considered the most essential piece of cocktail equipment.  There are different types of cocktail shaker.  The Boston shaker requires a mixing glass and a Hawthorn strainer, whilst the Cobbler shaker already has a built in strainer so you can get shaking those cocktails straight away.


The Boson shaker is the choice of the professionals.  If you go to a bar you will usually see the barman shaking this type of shaker.  A mixing glass is the essential partner to a Boston shaker.  Firstly, you add all ingredients into the mixing glass and then fill the mixing glass with ice.  The Boston shaker then fits over the mixing glass and after a solid tap on the shaker, it forms a tight seal, allowing you to shake that cocktail and make sure you wake it up!  After you’ve shaken the cocktail, a tap on the rim of the shaker releases the mixing glass allowing you to strain the cocktail into a chilled cocktail glass.  Easy!


The Cobbler shaker is the most common shaker and the one that is easiest to use.  It can be seen in some bars more commonly found in homes. It contains a tumbler, an inbuilt strainer that is usually small in size and a lid, which tightly seals the shaker. It is easy to use because you can just pour the things into it and shake it. The small strainer may cause the cocktail to come out slowly and hence is not generally used in very busy bars.


The quality of the material with which the cocktail shaker is made from is also a point to consider when shopping for cocktail equipment for your home bar. The most preferred ones are those of metal bodies, stainless steel shakers are the most common and some even have a vinyl covering allowing more grip, especially when flaring.  A cocktail shaker may also be made in silver, these are less common and very expensive.


Many new concepts are evolving and newer types of cocktails shakers can be found.  However, the classic cocktail shaker whether a Boston shaker or Cobbler will always remain the peoples favourite as they are quick to learn and make the best cocktails.


Select the right kind of cocktail equipment for your home bar and make sure you serve your guests some delicious cocktails.

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