Manhattan Cocktail Drink Recipe

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  • sliders103:

    …Wow I must say morons like this guy are the reason bar tending schools usually have a bad name. Not only did he make the drink wrong but he got the history lesson wrong to. Manhattans didn’t lose popularity because peoples tastes changed. In fact Martini’s have been around since the late 19th century. It wasn’t until after world war 2 and the popularization of Vodka did Manhattans and the true Martini lose popularity.

  • sirbflean:

    Agnostura bitters anyone?
    Nah who uses real bitters nowadays :/
    Sorry to say, if I watched you mix my manhattan, my stay at your bar would be short..
    and you’d be looking a long time for the tip 🙂

  • jtiano:

    Thanks for your comments. Although you may not hire a bartending school graduate, thousands of others have with great success. The next time you need a bartender try one, I think you may change your mind.

  • JjjustInBaird:

    This is why I won’t hire anyone trained by a bartending school.
    Manhattan with
    Seagram’s 7?
    On the Rocks?
    No concept of the culinary contrast achieved between rye whiskey (the original manhattan base spirit), which is is not sweet, sweet vermouth, which is sweet, and the aromatics of decent bitters?

  • Waldo25m:

    No bitters? on the rocks? No thanks!

  • jtiano:

    Nice recipe. The Maraschino liqueur is hard to find for most people here in the US. Thanks for you comments.

  • brixomatic:

    As far as I have learned a Manhattan is basically the same as a Martinez with Gin replaced by Rye Whisky and as far as I know the vermouth plays the main part (I find your recipe too strong). Just try this one, I love it: 1 spoon of maraschino liqueur, 2 dashes of Bitter, 2 cl Rye Whisky, 4 cl of sweet Vermouth. Stir with ice until cold, strain over into a chilled cocktail glass, add the maraschino cherry, serve and enjoy. Just try!

  • uh1cobra:

    Well the way I see it you can call it the modern manhattan & that would be ok but for the sake of the Original it does take bitters. Back in the 50’s/60’s & Iam not from that era they were more sophisticated about their formal dress attire and their cocktails and they actually knew what they were ordering and getting. Today most bar people dont know what the heck they are ordering and most bartenders dont know how to mix unfortunately. Times and tastes change though. Thanks for your reply

  • jtiano:

    Thanks for your kind words. Your recipe is a good one. Although bitters was a staple of the Manhattan in the old days, many modern bartenders don’t use it in the recipe. The only time we teach the students to use bitters is when the customer request them in their Manhattan.

  • uh1cobra:

    2 parts Rye Whiskey, 1 part Sweet Vermouth, 1 or 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters, & a Maraschino Cherry. Pour Whiskey in the Boston Shaker Glass portion with ice in it, then the Sweet Vermouth, Then the Dashes of Bitters, Then stir for about 30 Seconds to chill well, then get out a Cocktail Glass (or as others put it a Martini Glass) add the Cherry then using a Hawthorn type of Strainer, strain the cocktail over the cherry and enjoy one if not the first true cocktail. These videos suck.

  • jtiano:

    Thanks for the up dated information. You’re right the original recipe called for bitters. Your recipe is a good one and I’ll make an additional video for the Manhattan.

  • wotg:

    First off, there is NO doubt that the Manhattan is a cocktail, thus it should be served in a coctailglass.
    Secondly, the omission of bitters alters the caracter of the drink so much i would not call it a Manhattan.
    My recepie:
    Mist a chilled cocktailglass with Angostura bitters.
    6cl Makers Mark, Rowans Creek or other similar quality buorbon.
    2cl of a good sweet vermouth. I recomend Antica Carpano.
    Stir until cold. Strain over in a coctailglass.

  • jtiano:

    Thanks for your comments. How do you think it should be made?

  • wotg:

    Another classic ruined…

  • VitOficial:

    6 misstakes ,man ! You cannot learning

  • metalmader:

    This guy always uses Seagrams 7. WTF.

  • TheSmartestTaco:

    Oh boy the manhattan is one hell of a drink. It’ll put you in the grave and pull you right back up.

  • mossome88:

    This is why I never order manhattans at the bar.

  • mrpicky510:

    boy does this presentation do the drinks
    an injustice. It should be served up and prepared in the glass portion of a Boston shaker full of ice. Whiskey (bourbon) first, then bitters, which he didn’t even use, then stirred around 30 times and strained into a cocktail glass, ultimately finished with a cherry, hopefully fresh infused with maraschino liquer

  • mrleonecasper:

    Isn´t Manhattan served in a martini glass

  • mrleonecasper:

    Isn´t Manhattan served in a martini glass

  • mrShowaddywaddy:

    i like to use canadian club and Noilly Prat rouge. Add a couple of drops of angostura with the Noilly then a couple of drops of orange bitters ( pref fee brothers) whilst stirring the club……try it and let me know

  • elmagnificodep:

    @javita91iluvjk If you are such a genius on Manhattans then why the hell are you watching a video on how to make one? People like you need to get a life.

  • trentbo:

    no bitters and lots of BONICALS?!?! … unlucky

  • TristansVid:

    This hasn’t helped me make a Manhattan at all!

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