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Maple Old Fashioned whiskey cocktail

Wayne Collins of Mixxit shows how to make a twist on a classic Old Fashioned whiskey cocktail, using Knob Creek Bourbon, whisky bitters and maple syrup.
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  • malthus101:

    The best old fashioned I ever had was made in a bar in Soho, London – I think he used Knob Creek too but he also did this thing where he heated the skin of the orange with a lighter, then squeezed the zest through the flame, igniting it (which looks cool!) and then wiped this caramelized zest around the rim of the glass before dropping it in and stiring it with the crushed ice. It took about 5 mins to make but was strong and lovely! I also like Caipirinha and mint Julep and Mohitos!

  • ncyankee101:


    I had never thought of it before but I guess the ice cubes sticking up out of the drink help chill the air layer on top of the drink and keep the drink colder.

  • shipit19:

    I hate when people come here and say “too much ice”. There is no such thing as too much ice. The more ice the better, because it will ensure the drink stays colder for longer and reduces the dilution.

  • 79LOCOTE:

    too much ic3e dude

  • Saternoc:

    Excellent bartender. Speaks at a perfect pace, presents the ingredients eloquently and while adding pizzazz to the mixing. BRILLIANT!

  • eldruidacosmico:

    I didn’t have an orange so I used a tangerine… it was sublime…

  • eldruidacosmico:

    @C5Rigzz you’re absolutely right,,, I went to this beach hotel once and the bartender was one of those circus cocktail freaks and he gave me the worst cipirinha I’ve ever had after doing this crappy show…

  • Cormac123456789:


  • C5Rigzz:

    Great to see a bartender more concerned with the soul of making a drink than flipping neon bottles around for show.

  • thinkingbartender:

    Knob Creek is my personal preference when it comes to the Old Fashioned, though I did used to go for Makers Mark or Wild Turkey.

    The barspoon balancing on the glass in-between stirrings is curious; Surely the service end of the barspoon shouldn’t be resting on the bartop, which I assume would be unhygienic.

    Also the amount of ice the drink is eventually served with is a little excessive.

  • OriginalAtomicSheep:

    knob creek eh

  • mangamonster:

    Pure class on making this drink. The old fashioned really is the classic of cocktails.

  • cocktailchamp100:

    from a UK website called Mixxit

  • cocktailbore:

    Looks delicious! Where did you get these videos, Cocktailchamp100?

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