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MARGARITAS The Margarita, meaning daisy in Spanish, was supposedly created in 1946 by Margarita Sames at a cocktail party in Acapulco in Mexico. If using blanco tequila, add a little more sugar than if using an aged tequila. Glass: 10 oz rocks or 5 oz Martini Method: shake & strain 25ml Tequila 25ml Cointreau/triple sec/Grand Marnier 25ml lime juice 1 barspoon of sugar/agave syrup Put all the ingredients into a mixing glass and fill with ice. Cap with a Boston shaker and shake for a few seconds. Strain either over ice in a rocks glass or fine strain straight up into a cocktail glass that has been frosted with salt. Garnish with a perky lime wedge or lime wheel which can be used to take the salt off the rim of the glass. Margarita variations A classic twist on the margarita is the Japanese Slipper, which substitutes a melon liqueur for the Cointreau. The Margarita can be twisted similarly to the Daiquiri, using fresh fruit, Funkin purées, syrups or liqueurs. Also using rested and aged tequilas can change the dimension of this classic tequila cocktail.
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  • paulgoodwin81:

    @RPGgrenade Hey there. You only rim half the glass has gives the option to the guest whether they would like thier drink with or without salt.

  • 666friends:

    I’d pay double price for a cocktail+ tutorial showoff like this in the club im chilling at :D:D

  • thekrakenism:

    is that a 6oz. glass?
    how can a 3oz. drink fill a 6 ouncer? even if it was diluted… lol
    there goes the physics AND the math lesson

  • nickds7:

    @corbier03 sorry meant to say jose traditional. I was drinking

  • corbier03:

    @nickds7 bacardi is a rum, you idiot …

  • shakertv:

    @RPGgrenade Salt is for chips. Even though a salt rim is part of the “classic” recipe it has no benifit to the flavour of the Tequila. Sugar is a common and (from a taste point of view) more appropriate alternative. Or you could could do half salt and half sugar, so everyone is happy!

  • dvrisko:

    The ice should not be in the mix for that long,it breaks the taste…

  • timw421:

    i think this is the longest time he spent making drinks on this channel XD

  • nickds7:

    Should be using unaged tequila imo. Bacardi Traditional is cheap and very good (esp considering its bacardi brand)

  • Pastagavioli:

    Awesome…You put sugar twice!!!! orange liqueur, and sugar syrup…Man, wtf!!! can’t spoil classics like that

  • mantharock:

    tommy’s rules

  • mantharock:

    cane sugar?

  • RE4Freak:

    NOOOO not jose cuervo! Anything that isn’t 100% blue agave isn’t real tequila.

  • RPGgrenade:

    I thought the margarita had the whole rim salted… hmm…

  • Machinefoot:

    @hellohello66666 i’d agree that jose is terrible tequila but you wouldn’t waste a good tequila like don julio on a margarita.

  • hellohello66666:

    @niggagonefishin i would comment more on him using jose tequila its awful! its only 50% agave the rest is basically rum

  • gooser562:

    you kick ass!

  • niggagonefishin:

    Also, triple sec, not cointreau (although I think it goes just fine) is standard for a margarita. And while I’m at it, I’d like to mention that bacardi is a below average rum, in regards to your Mojito recipe.

  • niggagonefishin:

    @shakertv To the best of my knowledge, salt, was a way for the mexicans to keep a good balance between water and salt in their body, while drinking. Not unlike the way the russians would accompany their vodka by pickled cucumbers. By the way, you can hardly say that a classic margarita contains sugar syrup. For the record, I feel that an unaged tequila works better in the drink, the rawness of it makes for an excellent drink.

  • CheffinsBar:

    Nice to see some people who know what they are talking about ! Fine Marga by me except the Jose Gold…I’d use an Anejo Tequila, Arette, 1800, Herradura, …

  • gooser562:

    This guy is the best

  • trentbo:

    30ml in Australia

  • howlie1337:

    one shot is 25ml

  • cartmanthefat:

    a shot is 45 ml

  • HellMate112:

    I think it is 25 ml

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