MOET & CHANDON CHAMPAGNE Vintage 1978 opened 15th May 2009

MOET & CHANDON Vintage 1978 opened 15th May 2009. Aprox 20hrs Was beautifull, bought over 25 yrs ago! WTF , why Keep!? ——— PERSONAL ——– I drink to all my departed loved ones, and especially to my DAD! love you all. j ———— nothing in this video is for information purposes, it is for demonstration purposes only

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  • itydrych52:

    Za stare na picie. Nie kupowac starszych jak 10-12 lat.
    Tylko te maja to, czym ta marka slynie.
    Pilem 1985r i czuc bylo mocno korkiem. Butelke,certyfikat i pudelko schowalem na pamiatke.

  • mcbooze:

    @mrhenderson Not its not, due to the family not being French who own it you ignoramus 

  • musklegymrat:

    @goku1986hotmail It’s pronounced with the “sh” sound.

  • hellas1390:

    Since this was a vintage bottle of champagne (it is dated) it could be kept for about 10 years, but keeping it for 25 is not advised which means it can’t be sold for very much at all. So the fact that you opened it and enjoyed it is very much a win for you

  • SimonCU:

    There’s still gas in the champagne..If it was a can of coke it would have been flat dead.

  • terencewyt:

    How was the taste?

  • 10st:

    why keeping all these years to sell it ? sometime it goes way more than just money you ll learn that

  • phoyhung:

    THIS IS ALL FFFFAKE!!!!!  champagne doesn’t keep for that long.Has a very bitter taste after approx. 1 Yr.Wine on the other hand is different (last for ages).
    I know , I’ve put bottles away for christmas, b’day’s etc.

  • mrhenderson:

    @10877765 not is stored right

  • mrhenderson:

    @jakeboi its moey ey shandon. Not T sound at all.

  • goku1986hotmail:

    it’s CHandon not SHandon american accent need to get ur words right.

  • EUFede:

    why did you drink it’? that could fetch a lot

  • simenhjort:

    Well, not really, being from 1978 doesen’t make it a vintage at all. If anything, you’re lucky if the taste is still good after that long.

    But if it was stored correctly, then of course it should taste brilliantly, like any other Moët & Chandon.

  • 10877765:

    champagne in bottle too much years its like a SHIT

  • ellaskins:

    You dont keep it for 25 yrs only to sell for a few quid, it was one of the family!

  • ellaskins:

    was great!, thought wtf! go for it and glad i did!
    ps, still have a bottle of ponagne 1977!

  • ellaskins:

    was great, tasted fantastic, it was a gamble because of the age, it could have been shit! but it was fantastic

  • BrandoB:

    that coulda gone for A LOT of money on ebay!!!!!!! A LOT!!

  • jakeboi:

    Hye Jay not that im a snob or anything but I work for a wine company and Moet is actually pronounced with the T in French so just pronounce it how you see it.
    People will correct you but you can tell them “no no MoeT is the correct pronunciation” 🙂
    Hope you enjoyed it!

  • RaneMixers:

    Wow how do you feel today after drinking that bottle?

  • safek555:

    thats not wine don’t drink it
    why ppl thin u can keep champagne a long time like wine thats not true !!!

  • grawful:

    god i bet it was heavenly. i’m envious! >:}

  • Djdeanthomas:

    Thats the year I was born! Cheers!

  • DjPsychoSick:

    you should have shown you open it, then drink it, give it a full review just like your kit =) lol and it must be time zone diffrences but it says 1978 bottle of wine opened 15th of may, but it says video uploaded my 14th…ellaskins is so musch better than us, hes iin the future!!

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