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Mojito Recipes

Mojito Recipes

We’re looking at gamely made Mojito mix recipes for a ordinary Austere Mojito and the sweeter Mango Mojito using the 10 Cane Mojito Rum Kit and the Roses’s Mojito Mix. Light and refreshing highball drinks which will be liked by many.
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14 Responses to “Mojito Recipes”

  • everydaydrinkers:

    @thebigz198506 10cane isn’t a spiced rum so it doesn’t equate frankly to Confidential Stock, as it’s like comparing apples to oranges :) Buy both, one for your light rum and one for your spiced rum.

  • thebigz198506:

    How does the 10cane equate to Captin Morgan Confidential stock, is it sweeter? or what feeling differences are there, how much was it and do you reckon its worth no matter what it costs?

  • everydaydrinkers:

    @adaddyjuice poor guy

  • adaddyjuice:

    I used to work with a guy that looked, dressed, and talked just like you. We all called him stasher dick.

  • musicguitar:

    I like how your “incorporation” and schooling has stuck-up over the years (this video was done in ’08). Props to you and your wife for instruction as amateurs how to make some drinks.

  • krisjenkins77:

    Carlos Mojito
    3 oz Mojito Mix
    1 oz Bacardi
    1 oz Coconut Parrot Bay

  • habacuk1985:

    Its not a mojito its improper…

  • everydaydrinkers:

    @mlundin85 lol, yes, he’s a wicked moron :) Oh well :)

  • mlundin85:

    Yeah…this guy is a moron, he has used mixes on other drinks as well. He also made a mai tai with GRENADINE and served it in a WINE GLASS. I’m thought he has never been to a bar.

  • everydaydrinkers:

    You’ll find we’ve also made one with habitual muddled mint and lime juice as well. It’s free “Classic Mojito”

  • mheusler:

    I’m stunned that a name doing a webshow would use mojito mix as a substitution for of austere syrup and lime juice…..shocked…..Have you ever had a by the book set mojito……Lot of work…..construction a house is a lot of work, building a real mojito is not

  • klithiumc:

    i really like the way you do the cyclone, I did it just so they way you did and its awe-inspiring. keep it up

  • everydaydrinkers:

    Call it an “American” Mojito if you want. Doesn’t topic to me, it’s a mojito, it’s excellent and it’s quick to make.

  • sandrathekittycat:

    ok i beet you that does not gonna taste excellent let me tell you im cuban and beliebe me thats not even close to a mojito

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