Our first taste of Unicum liqueur

We were finally able to purchase a bottle of “Unicum” locally. We discovered that the original version is impossible to find in the United States. What can be purchased here is actually “Unicum Next”, re-branded as “Zwack” for the American market. It is worth mentioning that a certain famous YouTuber, let’s call him “DagyarMemon,” prefers Unicum Next to the original formula.
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  • hackamore:

    If on the bottle it says “Zwack”, it ain’t got that whack! (Courtesy of “Mr. Blandings Dream House).

  • denocfh:

    What’s the name of the song?

  • koddinn:

    I am Icelandic and tasted Unicum in Budapest a couple of years back… I LOVE IT!!!! If I would live in Hungary I would be an alcoholic by now!!!!

  • ylaviv:

    OK. I stand corrected. 🙂

  • mkolibaba:

    @ylaviv… Actually, the glasses are smaller then they appear in the video, since they were nearer to the camera than the bottle of “Zwack”, AKA Unicum Next. They have a capacity of 3 ounces when completely filled to the top, and were made by the Fostoria Glass Company in 1930.

    I completely agree with your opinion on bitters. Of course, I use tiny 1 ounce capacity glasses for the REAL Unicum 🙂

  • ylaviv:

    Unicum is the best bitters around if you ask me. Unicum Next is for those who cannot cope with bitters and would prefer a “lighter” version of the original.
    If everything in Hungary was made to the superior standards of Unicum then Hungary would have been a real prosperous country.
    As for the video… interesting choice of big glasses. Normally we use much smaller glasses and pour modest, single gulp amount.

  • ylaviv:

    Sure it has a medicine-like taste… it’s a bitters digestif.

  • halallovag:


    Yes Becherovka is from Czech Republic. 🙂

  • mkolibaba:

    @halallovag… Koszonom szepen for the comment! When I return from visits to Magyarorszag, I always bring back a dozen bottles of original Unicum, since only “UnicumNext” is available in the U.S…. I will have to try Becherovka. It is from the Czech Republic?

  • halallovag:

    We drink a lot unicum here in Hungary. I love it. (And I love Becherovka too^^)

  • shadowInurez:

    haha, its spelled uni-cum

    lol, jager is good…and I iz drunk =P

  • soundExperience:

    super! :D

  • mkolibaba:

    @Trainplayer1, I believe they are somewhat similar. Here is what Wikipedia says about Jagermeister… “It is a digestif spirit similar to other central European stomach bitters, such as Gammel Dansk from Denmark, Unicum from Hungary, and Becherovka from the Czech Republic. In contrast to those beverages, Jägermeister has a sweeter taste.”

  • Trainplayer1:

    Is jagermeister tastes like unicum?

  • milnusthegnome:

    Guys, this drink is the foulest drink I have ever tasted in my lifetime. I promise you, it tastes of the most disgusting cough medicine EVER. It is unbelieveable, it made me nearly vomit. DO NOT ever buy it or try it, I promise you it is the most disgusting putred drink I’ve ever encountered.

  • uppskirt:

    Unicum is the same since I know it. Personally I hate it because it’s as bitter as ear wax, but it’s unchanged since first produced.

  • ZuzerHun:

    i wonder what you know about pálinka in the uk. my guess is next to nothing. yes, i am an expert.

  • gpatyi:

    Are YOU an expert? You are the one trying to be so bloody clever. Pull your head in mate.

  • ZuzerHun:

    “unfortunately”? what the fudge do you mean? are you an expert? credentials? where do u get all this nonsense? “moron”, huh? again: calling unicum a natural spirit is like calling coke a good wine. lie as much as you please… ALL zwack products are poisonous chemicals.

  • ZuzerHun:

    ur an agent of zwack for sure

  • mkolibaba:

    Koszonom, mamagaio! I agree completely with your comment.

  • mamagaio:

    Unfortunately ZuzerHun has no idea what he is talking about, he just does not like Unicum. The Unicum is very much a real drink and is produced using herbs, but just like with everything you should consume it with moderation. Do not post nonsense you moron.

  • ZuzerHun:

    P.S do not support commercial, fake drink, they will make you sick and they cause cancer/blindness/diabetes, whatnot.
    50% vol. pálinka is the only magyar drink. zwack is a fraud.

  • ZuzerHun:

    nice vid BUT
    1) the thing we drink today is a fake one. it has NOTHING to do with a natural herb drink.
    2) just try and drink a lot of it. you will be SOOOO sick. does that sound like a herb spirit (supposed to make you feel good)?
    3) for god’s sake please try real pálinka and make videos of that REAL SPIRIT, thank you.

  • kato04kato04:

    Thanks for letting me know, im not a fan of the anisy taste. im still trying to find a place to but it at in the states.

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