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Rachel Maddow: How to make an old fashioned cocktail

Rachel Maddow: How to make an old fashioned cocktail If you love the vintage cocktails as much as MSNBCs Rachel Maddow does, heres one for you. The Old Fashioned—the real old fashioned. Rachel shows how its done, the Old Fashioned way, for a very modern cocktail. Keywords: old fashioned recipes old fashioned drink old fashioned cocktail

25 Responses to “Rachel Maddow: How to make an old fashioned cocktail”

  • MustWhat:

    WTF?!?! Not too much ice to not overwater the drink?? It’s the opposite! U have to garnish with lemon twist, orange slice and maraschino cherry! And use the metal pour ;P

  • JositoLoL:

    @LITTLER0CKAR Me too :D. Don Drapper rules.

  • Timeofflux:

    Take a drink of it for fucks sake

  • shaunathan05:

    @verocity any back up for your no’s?

  • verocity:

    @shaunathan05 no no no

  • verocity:

    @bucs820 I disagree, lemon works well with a sweet bourbon like makers mark it balances it by adding more citric acid aka sour

  • TheLivirus:

    @bucs820 She made it very clear she was mixing an “old fashioned Old Fasioned”. The earliest Old Fashioneds did not include a cherry, and lemonpeel was a common garnish. Just because you prefer it different, doesn’t mean Rachel makes it incorrectly.

  • jordan747474:

    she looks an adolescent boy

  • bodybygigi:

    How nice Rachel drinks. Being an old old bartender trying to go throught school, it was always nice to see someone come in for a cocktail. In fact, I used to like my custumers better who were drinking. A little getting high is I think relaxing for the soul. Thanks for not making such a big deal of having a drink Rachel. More people should have one….unless your an alchoholic…..

  • charlieeemoon0209:

    Everyone’s a fuckin’ critic…. Shut the fuck up. It’s a god damn Howto vid. You didn’t create the fucking drink.

  • bucs820:

    I love an old fashioned, but I DO NOT like rachael madcow…. luckily she did not make it correctly so I can still enjoy them. First, club soda in an old fashioned?? uhh no, should be spring water, like the stuff that real bourbon is made from, but just a little. Second, lemon?? also a no, should be garnished with an orange and a maraschino cherry. you can add orange zest if you want but lemons are for gin and vodka, not bourbon. at least the video was nice

  • JungleLarry:

    This is a better Old Fashioned than you would find in most bars, but it’s far from proper. First, leave the soda water out of it. Second, ice is a much more crucial ingredient than this particular video leads you to believe. I’d drink it, and I’d pay for it, but I would still be critical of this one, unfortunately. And no, this is not the “original” cocktail.

  • OliHiller:

    Shame you’re so messy with the jigger :/

  • shaunathan05:

    This should have Peychaud’s bitters, not Angostura bitters. Also wouldn’t the sazerac cocktail be older than the old fashioned, as it was designed to simulate older drinks ?

  • hellohello66666:

    if you add less ice3 you dilute the drink more!!! silly woman

  • Lovaelihn:

    Pretty good recipe, however, I use an orange zest. I don’t rim the glass with it, I muddle it before I add the sugar. Speaking of which, I use simple syrup instead of sugar cubes just to save time. I agree with the guy that said more ice is okay, too. Ideally, you would want one or two huge ice cubes.

  • brian1679:


  • milton123:

    seems like a strong drink

  • johanekelund82:

    @brickgaragedesign What is she doing with the Angostura, sugar and water??? Hint. It’s a syrup.

  • HGUnderway:

    @deathxe5 I wouldn’t say it sucks but you’re comparing a TV personality to one of the world’s great bartenders. I think she did a good job, even if she did use club soda. There’s a hundred recipes on youtube that are worse than this.

  • roomfullofidiots:

    wow. she was actually tolerable in that clip.

  • deathxe5:

    please go watch new orleans best cocktails version this sucks asshole

  • deathxe5:


  • lcspies:

    @Paullee000 She makes it the original way expect for the club soda. The original old fashioned called for a splash of water, maybe a teaspoon if that much. I use water not club soda. but I think that small amount of soda would get lost in the rye and bitters. A cherry/orange were never in the original recipe. But I do think if you sub the lemon peel with the orange peel it would be great as well because orange goes great with the bourbon and bitters. Sub the water with a splash of bourbon.

  • ShineOnYouCD:

    Parks and Recreation brought me here.
    Ron Swanson!

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