Raising Your Spirits – “The Gin Gin Mule”

Raising Your Spirits is an educational bartending show hosted by Ryan Lewis that teaches you how to create crafted cocktails. Remember to drink responsibly. Recipe: -2 oz Gin -1 oz Simple Syrup -3/4 oz Lime Juice -Ginger Beer -Mint Leaves Raising Your Spirits on Social Media: Twitter: twitter Facebook: on.fb.me YouTube: youtube Google+: plus.google Music by Andrew Huang: youtube Bar Built by Old Wolfeborough Renovations For inquiries regarding a custom built bar in the New England area send me a message on YouTube with the subject line “Custom Bar”

25 Responses to “Raising Your Spirits – “The Gin Gin Mule””

  • infinitedestroyer902:

    @blackduck98 For future reference, it’s spelled Mojito.´╗┐ ­čÖé cheers!

  • TheCuber2400:

    Do you have´╗┐ a schedule for this show? What days do you plan on posting episodes?

  • EverySixt:

    Nice, Ryan! Keep up the good work´╗┐ ­čśë

  • mvondrak:

    @MrRedneckfishgitter simple syrup´╗┐ is equal parts of water and suger

  • RPGgrenade:

    yo, i loved this one too, dude. this is clearly a good variation from the moscow mule. I hope one day bartending can be seen by the public as an art rather than a way to get drunk. I’m attempting to spread the word through web graphic novels´╗┐ (webcomics)

  • MrRedneckfishgitter:

    i forgot whats on da simple syrup´╗┐

  • simonlangtonkid:

    @RyanAnfrewLewis Thanks for responding to your fans! Also is it possible if you could do a Sambuca based drink?´╗┐ As i’m a collecter of different flavour sambucas. Thanks


    @RyanAnfrewLewis This show deserves a lot more views, and your a talented bartender. Please keep up the great work and i’m going´╗┐ to be sharing this with all my friends.

  • scififreakmi:

    This´╗┐ is such an awesome idea for a show! Usually I follow recipes I find online for drinks but I like the step-by-step tutorial you have ­čÖé

  • redrhino31:

    im sooo going to love this show

  • RyanAnfrewLewis:

    @blackduck98 I’ll be getting to it soon´╗┐ don’t worry ­čÖé

  • RyanAnfrewLewis:

    @mageskull Thank you!´╗┐

  • RyanAnfrewLewis:

    @chowner True, it’s called a Boston shaker, I consider it´╗┐ the “mixing glass” portion of the two because it’s what I mix the ingredients in, but your right technically there is a separate glass called a “mixing Glass” where you stir the ingredients instead of shake them.

  • RyanAnfrewLewis:

    @simonlangtonkid Thanks for the feedback. I’m still working out all the kinks, so stay tuned, these episodes will get much better. Thanks´╗┐ for watching!

  • RyanAnfrewLewis:

    @twuest1 Tell all your´╗┐ friends! ­čÖé

  • RyanAnfrewLewis:

    @jossi166 Coming´╗┐ soon, hang tight ­čÖé

  • RyanAnfrewLewis:

    @chrissjhill He’ll definitely be´╗┐ around for some episodes

  • RyanAnfrewLewis:

    @Ramones1234100 Hang tight, the next video will be a complete´╗┐ guide to stocking a bar, bar equipment, and bar prep

  • RyanAnfrewLewis:

    @Blarinet0890 Don’t worry, the drinks are not just for show, we drink them afterwards :)´╗┐

  • RyanAnfrewLewis:

    @H057IL3 music compliments of the talented Andrew Huang. Check out his music, link is´╗┐ in the description

  • RyanAnfrewLewis:

    @MrJayColes What I’m using is called a Boston shaker. You can just as easily´╗┐ use a typical cocktail strainer if that is what you have. I like the Boston shaker because I have more control over the straining since it uses a separate strainer as opposed to a cocktail shaker which has a built in strainer.

  • RyanAnfrewLewis:

    @stebbo1988 You can easily make it at home. ´╗┐ Mix 1 part sugar with 1 part water in a saucepan, bring to boil and let cool.

  • RyanAnfrewLewis:

    @kkkennedykk´╗┐ Thanks!

  • RyanAnfrewLewis:

    @Martheworld The Tom Collins is another wonderful drink. As far as what I think the characteristics of the drink should be, as a bartender I feel as though it is up´╗┐ to your guest. Find out if they like their cocktails on the more tart or sweet side. This will determine if you should add more simple syrup or citrus juice.

  • RyanAnfrewLewis:

    @therealdjflip´╗┐ I will definitely get around to that one, it’s a great drink

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