scotch whisky review 112 – Johnnie Walker Green Label

… arguably the best of the entire Johnnie Walker range
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  • liquid49286:

    If you just start at the cheapest, when you aquire a taste, you only ever like the cheap stuff The expensive stuff tastes terrible, but the cheap stuff is smooth and mellow.

  • gregorisgod:

    Also, you may find it interesting to note that Green Label is purely a blend of those four malts mentioned on the packet apparently! Great videos Ralfy, would love a chance to have a dram with you!

  • gregorisgod:

    This is my all-time favourite Vatted Malt! It’s a wonderful whisky.

  • ralfystuff:

    no Gold review planned.

  • ArieVisker:

    Hey Ralfy lof your video’s. You seem to have completed the Johny Walker range. Can you do the Gold Label as well.
    And I have multiple botles in my colection that have a “reserve” mention on the label instead of an age. Is Reserve just an other way of saying that’s it is a jong whisky ?. Or is it the same as wine reserve.

  • DerPafferfish:

    I would be all over a purple Johnnie! “Johnnnie Purple” sounds just way too good to not make it.

  • drxdoom:

    @ralfystuff I genuinely hope it’s a “New Coke” marketing strategy, as I thoroughly enjoy it, and I don’t want to see it go away.

  • drumminghunter:

    ….your personal opinion of JW Blue is true indeed!… the same monies can buy a much more distinct and sophisticated whiskey! For less than the JW Blue, one can enjoy the refreshing and cultured taste of Oban,or an Aberlour 18 year. We all appreciate an honest opinion : )

  • seven47katana:

    Make video on Gold and blue

  • 18vallancel:

    @ralfystuff I emailed the folks at Master of Malt and they say Diageo has stopped distributing it and that there are only 19 left in their warehouse! I’ve bought my bottle :P

  • derpio123:

    I also got this Whisky at a supermarket at ridiculously low 29,99 € 🙂 a day later, they put it up to 35 € 😉 lucky me!

  • LikaPyramid:

    keep it green guys

  • cmans79tr7:

    During a Cruise years ago, my wife and I “Stocked-up” at the end of the pier in St. Thomas and we bought plenty of Red of course, then I splurged on 750 ml Green, and 750ml Gold, neither of which I had ever seen before. Green, I agree was the best of the bunch, Gold was mellow, and Red still showed it could stand up to ice, water, soda et al. I don’t know why Black, if it can’t stand up to water or ice, is considered a “step-up”, and I drink Blue only if someone else is buying.

  • Makkealamarkus:

    LESS THAN 30-!!!! holy shit thats like the prize of jameson in finland

  • ralfystuff:

    not yet !

  • 111455:

    Ralfy, have you ever done a review on Firebal cinnamon whiskey?

  • shuboy05:

    That might explain why Diageo released the new Platinum Label in Asian markets. So Gold Label will be replaced with Platinum with Gold shifting to replace Green Label.

  • antoniorossiz:

    You have an engaging personality. I look forward to watching more of your reviews. Sweet. Glad I stumbled upon your channel.


    @VikT00R1 ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه وانت وش جابك هنيا
    تحجرنا ياابو عزه :S

  • DHardesty94:

    does 30 pounds mean 30 dollars…b/c i work in a liquor store and we sell it for 60..

  • VikT00R1:

    @ALPROFSOR انت وش جابك هنيااااا ههههههههه


    في البداية يقووول زب هههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

  • lordofjungle1:

    Hello Ralfy, can you do a review on Buchanans whisky please

  • splice42:

    @ralfystuff Not just a rumor, I’m afraid. I can send you a link about it (I somehow can’t type it here, thanks youtube, I guess).

    I’ve read that it’ll be available for some time yet (to 2013 for example) but the last bottle has apparently been bottled and no more will be coming out. The “Gold Label Reserve” is apparently going to replace it from 2012 forward.

  • Pogglefish:

    Personally I tend to think that Green Label tastes like it has too many ingredients and thus tastes unbalanced neat, although for putting in ginger ale it is superb. Gold Label addresses that problem but at £65 there are an awful lot of lovely single malts to compete with.

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