scotch whisky review 145 – Johnnie Walker Red Label (1960’s V 2010)

an interesting comparison of two generations of one of Scotch whiskies most enigmatic brands, and the top selling Scotch Blended Whisky in the World.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • neuroleptika:

    I am no whisky expert at all I just like drinking it, and Red Label was one of the few that I actually really didn´t like at all….I will never ever waste my money on a Red Label again.

  • cybie04:

    @R0YB0T here it costs 14.95 € for 0.75L, meaning a 1.75L bottle would cost $45 here.

  • cybie04:

    Thank you! Very nice review!

  • Fetz17:

    Hi Ralfy. As an avid whisky drinker I’m very much enjoying your videos. I can’t always afford to buy single malts, particularly those that are more difficult to find or generically expensive such as Laphroaig etc, although I’d like too!. I’ve recently developed a taste for Johnnie Walker Black, Teachers is excellent also. Will you be reviewing Black Grouse any time soon, I’m rather impressed by that blend? Famous Grouse is average, rather like the taste of Johnnie Walker Red in my opinion!

  • Axis050:

    @R0YB0T You can sometimes find a nice bottle of Talisker 10 year (a single malt) for $30, average of $40 USD. This is a fantastic introduction single-malt that I would recommend to anyone. Red is absolutely atrocious in comparison. Do yourself a favor and try it.

  • ralfystuff:

    No I don’t, I think you should find an old Red Label from 10 to 20 years ago which will be better quality !

  • MattHundor:

    Hei! Interesting your video is, I’ve been recently discovering whiskes and has started with the brand of Johnnie Walker.

    Do you suggest to put into my collection a today’s Red Label for a 10, 20 or perhaps 30 years? 🙂

  • JmaJeremy514:

    @R0YB0T Where I live, just 750 ml of JWR is $30. For about the same price I can get single malts like McClellands Islay or blended whiskies like Ballantine’s. I’d even vastly prefer a Canadian whisky like Wiser’s Small Batch or something American like Gentleman Jack over JWR.

  • R0YB0T:

    @JmaJeremy514 JWR is $30 for a handle (1.75L). I don’t consider that overpriced at all.
    What scotch are you buying that tastes better for that price range and amount?

  • JmaJeremy514:

    @R0YB0T For the same price or even cheaper than JW Red I can get much better whiskies…Red is just overpriced because of the weight carried by the brand name. I’ll admit it’s good for mixing with coke, but generally when I drink whisky I like to sip and enjoy it…

  • R0YB0T:

    @JmaJeremy514 At the price range of Red what can you get that tastes better?
    Also try mixing it with some coke or ginger ale. It mixes really well and is very affordable.

  • Havoc88x:

    new was my first scotch turned me off completely on scotch for years. its terrible just my opinion

  • SheedaBihacC1:

    tonight is new year… me against 0.7L red one




    i just like booze

  • 0xMaster:

    You can’t compare different vintages like this.

    How much of the score is due to extra storage rather than original quality?
    Wouldn’t the 60’s label in it’s original shape rate as low as the current one today?

  • xdrdosx:

    Johnny Red always gives me headaches for some weird reason.

  • EscpdFrmPsykward:

    @fluffyman15 Thanks. Cheers. :)

  • fluffyman15:

    no, whisky does not get any better once it is bottled..better pick up the coke 😀

  • EscpdFrmPsykward:

    Being kinda new to this whole whiskey thing, would it be fair to say that if I tuck my Johnnie Walker Red (that I just bought today) in a cabinet somewhere for 40 years or so, it might improve the flavor a bit? 🙂 I find it to be a bit disappointing, so it’s either that or go to the store and pick up some Coke. lol

  • JmaJeremy514:

    @Hamporkcheese im saving it for making whisky & cokes for my non-whisky-drinking friends.

  • Hamporkcheese:

    funny… i did the same thing with the bottle i bought Red Label… lots of ice…. did not even save it…. worst thing i have ever tried…

  • Hamporkcheese:

    @JmaJeremy514 agreed…. worst ive ever tried…

  • draugtroll:


    3rd that.

  • TheElroypornlab:

    It’s a fine day to day drinker. But nothing special

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