Stoli TV campaign: Biz Stone: 30

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  • humayunmhk:

    i was looking for the girl who is with stone in the ad poster

  • ElementalBliss:

    @chriscoonradt You don’t get the Twitter joke there, do you? Forced dialouge – like tweets, always sent out at any time. ;]

  • queenofhearts17:

    This commercial turned Stoli into a hipster drink D:

  • agspn:

    Who is the model directly in the background 16 seconds into the commercial? She is in a silver/black minidress and she has the finest legs to ever be in a TV commercial.

  • aarongluzman:

    It’s not about you…
    The Power of Human Capital…
    Knowledge, experience, intelligent…
    Attitude is king…
    Gives people a story to tell their friends…

  • LifeAsBee:

    Nice vid! I wish I invented Twitter! And I love Stolichnaya – it’s the vodka that doesn’t give you a hangover! Thx to Vitaly and Yura for turning me on to it.

  • chriscoonradt:

    Just a little more space between cuts would have made the forced dialogue sound much much more natural. Great job, @biz, though!!!!

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