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Cocktail Mixing Tips and Advice

Article by David Hobson

Pro barmen will make you think that mixing cocktails is an educated profession and that untrained people never being permitted behind the bar to do it. Applying the correct methods might be necessary for making cocktails, but education is definatly not needed. With these nine pieces of advice for mixing cocktails you will guarantee you acquire perfect results.

1 – Use only small glassesIf you use large glasses to mix cocktails the drink will be warm by the time you finish it and therefore ruined, particularly if you serve the drink with no ice in it.

2 – Cool down your glass in iceCool down your glass beforehand in the refrigerator or simply place them in an ice bucket to chill whilst you make the cocktail. Chilled glasses will maintain your completed cocktail as chilly as conceivable; assuring it keeps its taste.

3 – Stick to suggested formulasMake sure you use cocktail recipes from an advisable author. A superior cocktail book will supply you with some good cocktail recipes. For a novice with a little bar at home, cocktails with the most common ingredients is the best place to begin.

4 – Only the finest ingredientsAlways apply the finest ingredients you are able to. That implies: the finest spirits, mixers and fruit.

5 – Measure out ingredientsProfessional barmen might be capable of pouring cocktail ingredients right into the mixer. This is especially difficult to get right. By measuring the ingredients you will acquire much finer result.

6 – Hold Bottles by the Neck When PouringWhen pouring your ingredients into the mixing tin, hold the spirit bottle by the neck. You’ll find this gives you much greater control of the bottle, making it easier to quickly pour exactly the right measure.

7 – Use plenty of iceAdding plenty of ice to the mixer straightaway prior to shaking is a bad idea. This means the ice will melt and dilute the cocktail.

8 – Sample prior to servingAlways sample the completed cocktail to make sure its ok to serve. You are able to do this promptly and hygienically by applying a straw to syphon a bit of the drink.

9 – Dress with nicetyApply fresh fruits to dress your cocktails. No dressing is far more beneficial than too much! Keep it simple the results will be impressive. Do not forget that a few dressings likewise add flavour to a cocktail.