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4 Low Calorie Alcoholic Drink Substitutes

Alcohol is key focal point of many social situations. Whether it be birthdays, weddings or just a night out with your friends, alcohol is very likely to be involved. Unfortunately, alcohol contains 7 calories per gram (g) so if you are not careful it can lead to rapid weight gain. That is why today I am here to help minimise the impact of alcohol on your waistline with 4 low calorie alcoholic drink substitutes.

1) BAILEY’S IRISH CREAM FOR CHAMPAGNE:- Bailey’s Irish Cream is a popular night cap and Christmas drink. However, if you want to stay trim this is one drink to avoid as it contains a notable 240 calories per unit of alcohol. So instead of drinking Bailey’s Irish Cream have a glass of champagne. Champagne comes in at a much lower 77 calories per unit of alcohol which represents an overall saving of 163 calories per unit of alcohol.

2) MULLED WINE FOR DRY WHITE WINE:- Mulled wine is another popular festive drink. However, if you are trying to lose weight it is not the smartest choice with a unit of mulled wine containing 140 calories. If you want a lighter choice then swap the mulled wine for dry white wine. Dry white wine contains just 73 calories per unit of alcohol which means by making the switch you will save a notable 67 calories per unit of alcohol.

3) STELLA ARTOIS FOR COORS LIGHT BEER:- Premium lagers are a very popular alcoholic drink. Not only do they contain more alcohol than standard lager but they also taste better. However, this improved taste comes at a cost of 102 calories per unit of alcohol. Fortunately, with Coors Light Beer you can still enjoy your premium lager and save some calories in the process. This premium lager contains less carbohydrates than most and comes in at 90 calories per unit of alcohol. This represents a small but important saving of 10 calories per unit of alcohol.

4) WKD FOR VODKA:- Alcopops such as WKD are really popular amongst teenagers. However, if you are trying to keep the weight off WKD is not a wise choice. A single unit of alcohol in WKD comes in at a massive 178 calories. However, if you strip out the sugar and swap WKD for straight vodka you can save a massive 108 calories per unit of alcohol. Straight spirits such as vodka are amongst the lightest alcoholic drinks available and contain just 70 calories per unit of alcohol.


Whilst these alcoholic drink substitutes may not seem like much, they can add up to some significant calories savings. For example, if you consume 20 units of alcohol per week you can save 3,260 calories by swapping Bailey’s Irish Cream for champagne. If you cut down on WKD and drink vodka instead then you can save 2,160 calories over the course of 20 units of alcohol. So next time you fancy an alcoholic drink, think back to this list and see if there is a low calorie alcoholic drink substitute available.

4 High Calorie Alcoholic Drinks To Avoid

Alcohol is a part of almost every social situation. Birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and weddings are all events where alcohol is a central focus. Unfortunately, in terms of weight loss alcohol is bad news coming in at 7 calories per gram. Today I am going to help you minimise the impact that alcoholic beverages have on your waistline by discussing 4 high calorie alcoholic drinks that you should avoid.

1) BAILEY’S IRISH CREAM:- Bailey’s Irish Cream is a popular evening drink. The smooth, creamy taste means that it goes down great as a night cap. However, if you enjoy too many glasses of Bailey’s Irish Cream you may find yourself piling on the pounds. A standard 50 millilitre (ml) glass contains 162 calories whilst a large 100ml glass contains 324 calories making this a very high calorie alcoholic drink. So by all means enjoy Bailey’s Irish Cream from time to time but make sure that it is not the only thing you drink.

2) JACK DANIELS AND COKE:- Straight Jack Daniels is one of the lightest alcoholic drinks available with a single 25ml shot containing just 55 calories. However, adding coke also adds 131 calories making a single Jack Daniels and Coke come in at a notable 186 calories. To convert this high calorie alcoholic drink into a low calorie option try adding a lighter mixer such as diet coke or enjoy your Jack Daniels on the rocks.

3) STELLA ARTOIS:- Premium lagers such as Stella Artois have become increasingly popular in recent years. Unfortunately, drinking Stella Artois is not good news for your waistline. A pint contains 262 calories which means just a few pints can add some serious calories to your daily intake. If you enjoy your Stella Artois then try switching to a premium light beer every other pint. Premium light beers contain similar levels of alcohol but less calories making them a good choice when moderating your daily calorie consumption.

4) WKD:- Alcopops such as WKD are another high calorie alcoholic drink. The vodka in this drink is combined with high levels of added sugar which means that a standard 275ml bottle comes in at a significant 220 calories. To cut the calories try flavoured vodka or standard vodka with a diet mixer. Both of these options taste similar to WKD but contain minimal sugar which cuts out a large amount of calories.


For most people alcohol is something that is enjoyed quite regularly. If consumed in moderation, alcohol can be part of a healthy lifestyle. Just be aware that certain drinks contain a much larger amount of calories than others. By minimising your consumption of the high calorie alcoholic drinks in this article and sticking to lighter alcoholic drinks most of the time you can enjoy your alcohol and avoid weight gain.

Try Some Healthy Low Fat Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic drinks are among the principle servings in nearly all form of gatherings. Now-a-days, people enjoy alcohol in every occasions, be it a family function, wedding, official party or just a get-together in the company of friends. Unluckily, alcohol includes 7 calories per gram (g) therefore if you aren’t cautious it can lead to fast weight gain. Which is why today We are here to aid minimize the effect of alcohol on your waistline with 4 low calorie alcoholic drink substitutes.

1. Bailey’s Irish Cream In place of Champagne:- Bailey’s Irish Cream is a well-liked night cap and Christmas drink. Though, this isn’t entirely a suitable alternative if you are aiming for some dieting as it has more than 230 calorie per unit. So besides drinking Bailey’s Irish Cream have a glass of champagne. Champagne also comes in at a way lower 77 calories per unit of alcohol which represents an overall saving of 163 calories per unit of alcohol.

2. Try Dry White Wine As an alternative to White Wine:- Mulled wine is another well-liked festive drink. But, prior to you really drink this wine, it its very crucial that you realize its calorie count which is around 140 calorie per unit. So, we recommend that you exchange the glass of mulled wine with dry white wine to stay healthy. It is considerably more lighter than mulled wine. It consists of simply 67 calorie per unit.

3. Stella Artois In place of Coors Light Beer:- Stella Artois, the quality lagers is widely famous all across world for nice tang. They are cherished for better taste plus much more alcohol content. But, this better tang comes at a cost of 102 calories per unit of alcohol. Luckily, with Coors Light Beer you possibly can still take pleasure in your premium lager and save some calories in procedure. It has almost 90 calories per unit. Furthermore, it also includes lesser carbohydrates.

4. WKD For Vodka:- Alco pops like WKD are really famous between teenagers. However, if you are trying to keep the weight of WKD is not a clever option. A single unit of alcohol in WKD also comes in at a large 178 calories. But, if you strip out the sugar and swap WKD for neat vodka you can save 108 calories per unit of alcohol. Neat spirits like vodka are amongst the lightest alcoholic drinks accessible and contain simply 70 calories per unit of alcohol.

4 Low Calorie Alcoholic Drink Choices

As a general rule alcohol and weight loss do not go together. Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram making it the second highest calorie food group behind dietary fats (at 9 calories per gram). However, if you choose the right drinks you can minimise the calories you consume through alcohol. In this article I will be helping you do just that with 4 low calorie alcoholic drink choices.

1) COORS LIGHT BEER:- When it comes to alcohol, beer is at the higher end of the calorie scale due to the relatively large amount of carbohydrates it contains. However, if you are going to drink beer go with Coors. Coors contains around half the carbohydrates of most other premium lagers with a pint coming in at a respectable 174 calories. This makes Coors a relatively low calorie alcoholic drink and one of the best beers to drink if you want to avoid a beer belly.

2) CHAMPAGNE:- Champagne is a popular celebratory drink that often comes out at family gatherings. It is also one of the lightest alcoholic beverages available with a small glass containing just 100 calories. So if you want to celebrate in style and not worry about your waistline, stick to this low calorie alcoholic drink.

3) DRY WHITE WINE:- In terms of calories and alcohol, wine is a very good choice. A small glass of red, rose or white wine will add less than 100 calories to your daily intake. Dry white wine is the best of the bunch with a single small glass containing just 83 calories. So if you want to avoid alcohol related weight gain, this low calorie alcoholic drink is one of the best choices.

4) VODKA:- Vodka is the key ingredient in many popular alcoholic beverages. It is used to make alcopops, cocktails and mixers. The problem is that the other ingredient in most of these vodka based drinks is sugar which adds a significant amount of calories. If you strip out the sugar and just drink straight vodka you are left with a very low calorie alcoholic drink. A single 25 millilitre (ml) shot of vodka contains just 55 calories making it a brilliant choice if you are watching your figure.


Alcohol is relatively rich in calories and drinking too much will inevitably lead to weight gain. However, all alcoholic beverages are not created equal. Some come in at over 500 calories a drink whilst others contain less than 100 calories a drink. If you are sensible with your drink choices and go for the low calorie alcoholic drinks most of the time you can minimise the impact that alcohol has on your waistline.

Korean Alcoholic Beverages

Article by hi joiney

OriginIn Jewang ungi, a history book written in 1287 during the Goryeo Dynasty, a myth regarding the origin of alcoholic drinks appears. Once upon a time, there was a king who enjoyed using alcohol to tempt a woman to want to have many children. When their son was born, they named him Sul. The word sul (hangul: ), referring to alcoholic beverages, came from a blending of the words “su” (hangul:; hanja: ) and “bul” (hangul: ), meaning “water” and “fire”, respectively. That is, “firewater” originated from the boiling liquid. It should be noted that this is popular etymology at best.The production and demand for traditional Korean wines and liquors declined sharply beginning during the Japanese colonial period. In 1986, in an effort to remedy this situation, the Cultural Heritage Administration of South Korea selected 86 varieties of traditionally brewed alcoholic beverages as cultural properties, with twelve types selected as Important Intangible Cultural Properties of Korea, each hailing from its own locality. VarietiesIn Korea, the major crop has historically been rice, and thus most Korean traditional alcoholic beverages have been made from rice, of both the glutinous and non-glutinous variety, which are fermented with the aid of yeast and nuruk, a wheat-based source of the enzyme amylase. Additionally, Koreans often use fruits, flowers, herbs, and other ingredients to flavor these beverages, to a much greater extent than Chinese wines. There are six main types of Korean alcoholic beverages: yakju, distilled liquors (including soju), takju, fruit wines, flower wines, and medicinal wines. YakjuDaepo, a branded yakjuYakju (hangul:; hanja:; literally “medicinal alcohol”) is a refined rice wine made from steamed rice that has gone through several fermentation stages. It is also called myeongyakju or beopju and is distinguished from takju by its relative clarity.Varieties include baekhaju (), which is made from glutinous rice and Korean nuruk, and Heukmeeju (hangul:; hanja:; literally “black rice wine”), which is made from black rice. CheongjuCheongju (hangul:; hanja:; literally “clear wine” or “clear liquor”) is a clear rice wine similar to Japanese sake. One popular brand of cheongju is Chung Ha (), which is widely available at Korean restaurants. There are various local variations, including beopju, which is brewed in the ancient city of Gyeongju. Distilled liquorsKorean distilled liquors include goryangju (hangul:; hanja:; also spelled koryangju; made from sorghum and similar to Chinese gaoliang jiu) and okroju (hangul:; hanja:; made from rice and Job’s Tears). Another variety, called munbaeju (), has the distinction of being South Korea’s Important Intangible Cultural Property Number 86-1. Munbaeju is a traditional aged distilled liquor made of malted millet, sorghum, wheat, rice, and nuruk (fermentation starter), with a strength of 40 percent alcohol by volume. It originates in the Pyongyang region of North Korea and is noted for its fragrance, which is said to resemble the flower of the munbae tree (similar to a pear). SojuBottle and glass of Jinro sojuSoju (hangul:; hanja: ), a clear, slightly sweet distilled spirit, is by far the most popular Korean liquor. It is made from grain or sweet potatoes and is generally inexpensive. It typically has an alcohol content of 40 proof (20% alc. by volume). There is a version with top notch ingredients distilled using traditional methods that hails from the city of Andong that is 90 to 100 proof. This version has a government protection/regulation seal, as Andong has historically been known as a fine soju center among other things. While all soju in Korea are priced almost identically (inexpensively as previously mentioned), Andong soju commands more than 20 times that price. It is the cognac to commercial soju’s vin du pays. In the late 20th century soju flavored with lemon or green tea became available. The Japanese version is called Shch. TakjuMakkeolliTakju (hangul:; hanja: ), better known as makgeolli (), is a milky, off-white, sweet alcoholic beverage made from rice. It is also called nongju (hangul:; hanja:; lit. “farmers’ alcohol”). A regional variant, originally from Gyeonggi-do, is called dongdongju. Another variety, called ihwaju (hangul:; hanja:; literally “pear blossom wine”) was so named because it was brewed from rice with rice malt that had fermented during the pear blossom season. Ihwaju is often so thick that it must be eaten with a spoon.A similar drink is called gamju; this name is also used for various non-alcoholic sweet drinks including sikhye (). Fruit winesA bottle of bokbunja juKorea has a number of traditional fruit wines, produced by combining fruits or berries with alcohol. Podoju () is made from rice wine that is mixed with grapes. The most popular fruit wines are made from maesil plums (such wine called maesilju, mae hwa su, mae chui soon, or Seol Joong Mae), bokbunja (; Korean black raspberries, Rubus coreanus Miquel, 15% alcohol), Chinese quinces, cherries, pine fruits, and pomegranates. Bokbunja ju (, bokbunja wine) is said by many to be especially good for sexual stamina. Flower winesThere are a number of Korean traditional wines produced from flowers. These include wines made from chrysanthemums (gukhwaju,, marketed by Jinro as Chun Kook),photo 1photo 2 acacia flowers, maesil blossoms (maehwaju, ), peach blossoms (dohwaju, ), honeysuckle (indongju, ), wild roses, and sweet briar petals and berries.Dugyeonju () is a wine made from azalea petals, produced in Chungcheong Province. It is sweet, viscous, and light yellowish brown in color, with a strength of about 21% alcohol. Myeoncheon Dugyeonju is designated by the South Korean government as Important Intangible Cultural Property No. 86-2.Another variety of flower wine, called baekhwaju (hangul:; hanja: ), is made from 100 varieties of flowers. Medicinal winesMedicinal liqueurs, called yagyongju () are produced by combining medicinal seeds, herbs, and roots with alcohol.Insamju (), made with ginseng, is the most popular medicinal wine among older people.Dosoju (hangul:; hanja: ) is a popular herbal wine, traditionally served only on New Year’s Day.Songsunju (hangul:; hanja: ) is soju made with glutinous rice and soft, immature pine cones or sprouts.Ogalpiju () is made from the bark of Eleutherococcus sessiliflorus blended with soju and sugar.Jugyeopcheongju (hangul:; hanja: ) is a traditional liquor made with bamboo leaves.Chuseongju (hangul:; also spelled chusungju) is a traditional wine made from glutinous and non-glutinous rice, herbs including omija (Schisandra chinensis) and Eucommia ulmoides; it is commercially available in a bamboo-shaped bottle.Daeipsul () is another traditional folk wine from Damyang County, South Jeolla Province, made from glutinous rice, brown rice, and bamboo leaves, along with ten medicinal herbs.Bek Se Ju (Baekseju; hangul:; hanja:; literally “100 years wine”) is a commercial variant of medicinal wine, and is the most popular medicinal wine for younger people, who generally do not drink it primarily for its medicinal properties. It has become a popular alternative to soju in most restaurants and drinking establishments. It is a rice wine infused with ginseng and eleven other herbs, including licorice, omija (Schisandra chinensis), gugija (Chinese wolfberry), astragalus, ginger, and cinnamon, and is 13% alcohol.Sansachun () is another commercial Korean wine made from the red fruits of the sansa, or Chinese hawthorn (Crataegus pinnatifida). The Bae Sang Myun Brewery Company markets this wine, claiming therapeutic effects. Other winesYuju or mayuju (hangul:; hanja: ), which is made from fermented horse milk, was introduced to Korea from Mongolia. It is similar to kumis. BeerMain article: Korean beerBeer (called maekju; hangul:; hanja: in Korean) was introduced to Korea by Europeans and there are several breweries in South Korea.

Five Famous Alcoholic Drinks

Many people love to drink alcohol. There are different types of alcoholic beverages available for everyone to drink. You have many to choose from but what are the most famous alcoholic drinks?

One of the most famous alcoholic beverages is beer. There are two main types of beer. They are lagers and ales. Lagers are light beers. This is for people who enjoy the taste of bee but don’t want the taste of it to be strong. This type of beer doesn’t have as many calories as ales. Ales are stronger beers. They have more alcohol than the lagers do.

Wine is another popular beverage. There are many different types of wine to choose from, so you don’t have to decide on just one kind. White wine is usually served cold. Red wine is served best at room temperature. Champagne is another often very expensive type of wine. Champagne is a type of white wine that is sparkling. This would be good to drink if you want something with a kick to it. Sherry is another type of wine that you can choose.

People who drink liquor have hundreds to choose from. Vodka is one of the most popular hard liquors available. It has no taste or odor to it and it fits well with other drinks. Rum is another hard liquor. Like vodka, you can mix rum with other drinks. You can also cook with rum. In some countries even cakes are made with rum. It is often used as a flavor enhancer. Scotch is a popular form of whiskey which has a strong taste to it. Tequila is liquor that is great to drink at parties. Gin is another hard liquor that can be mixed with other drinks or you can drink it alone.

Another famous type of drink is liqueurs. There are many types of liqueurs. Amaretto has an almond flavor to it. Besides drinking it you can use it to flavor your drinks. Frangelico has a hazelnut flavor to it. This is an excellent drink to mix with other drinks. Schnapps is another liqueur that is made from fruit. This gives drinks an extra flavor to them when you mix it with other drinks. There are many other liqueurs to choose when you want to drink one.

Wine coolers are also pretty popular. They come in many different flavors. They are mixed with soda and alcohol. They are for people who don’t want to drink too heavily but still have a drink with some alcohol in it.

These are some of the five famous alcoholic drinks that are available. There are a lot of drinks to choose from when you are in the mood for a good drink.

Non Alcoholic Drink Recipes for a Baby Shower

In special occasions like weddings, birthdays and baby showers where you have invited your closest friends and relatives to come over and celebrate the moment with you, serving drinks is a basic rule. Since food and other treats are expected to be present, drinks should never be left out. And since it is a family occasion, non-alcoholic drinks are usually more appropriate.


Drinks are as important as the dishes you want to be served on special occasions such as a baby shower. Hence, it is vital to have at least a few non alcoholic drink recipes at hand for you to use for the event. Listed below are just some of the many options you may want to use for your baby shower:


Lime Rickey:

1 large lime juice


Club soda

For this recipe, mix lime juice with a teaspoonful of sugar in a glass and stir well. Add at least two ice cubes and club soda then stir again. An optional garnish of lime slices will make the drink look attractive.


Pineapple Daisy:

8 parts pineapple juice

1 part grenadine

2 parts lemon juice

Mix the ingredients altogether. You can either stir it or shake it. After mixing, pour into the glass and add fresh pineapple and strawberries as decorations.


Spicy Coffee Cooler:


1 cup heavy whipped cream

1 cup powdered sugar

1 tablespoon granulated sugar

Ground coffee

15 whole cloves

7 cups cold water

Mix the cloves, cinnamon and coffee with water and then brew. Add powdered sugar to the brewed mixture after straining. Fill half of the glass with crushed ice and then pour the brewed mixture. Add a touch of sweetened cream on the top.


Raspberry Mint Crush:

2 cups lime juice

1 cup red raspberries

2 cups sugar

A bunch of mint

2 cups boiling water

Mix the sugar into the water and let it chill. After a while, add crushed mint and lime juice into the mixture and let it chill again in the refrigerator for another 2 to 3 hours. Strain the mixture and pour it over a glass with cracked ice and garnish it with mint leaves.


Planters Punch:

3 quarts ginger ale

2 cups grenadine

2 cups lemon juice

2 cups orange juice

Sliced strawberries and pineapple

Mint leaves

Mix all the juices along with grenadine and let it chill for about 12 hours or overnight. Add ginger ale over the chilled mixture before serving. Garnish the drink with slices of strawberry and pineapple.


The recipes mentioned above can still be added with other ingredients to add more taste and flavoring. The secret also comes on how you present these drinks to your guests by way of the garnishes that you use. You should also know how to make further experiments on the drinks to be able to come up with a revised version of the drink recipes mentioned above. To do this, the testing phase should be done at least a few days before the exact day of the baby shower to allow certain adjustments if there are any.

Alcoholic Punch Recipes

A lot of people like to have different drinks when they have parties. Many people like to have alcoholic drinks with some extra flavor added to them. There are some great alcoholic punch recipes that can be used at parties or gatherings. These drinks can liven up your parties. The drinks aren’t hard to make and your guests will really enjoy them.

A popular drink to make at parties is a daiquiri. You can make this drink with any fruit of your choice. If you decide that you that you want to make a strawberry daiquiri, you will need fresh or frozen strawberries, frozen limeade, light rum, lemon lime, and ice cubes. You can put the ingredients in a blender and mix everything up until it is done. You have to let it get cold just before your guests arrive so they can have a cool drink when they get to your house. What is great about this drink is that it doesn’t have a lot of calories and it has a lot of Vitamin C.

You can make a rum punch for your party. To make this drink you will need unsweetened pineapple juice, orange juice, frozen lemonade (concentrated), mandarin oranges, maraschino cherries, ginger ale, light rum, and ice cubes. This drink should be made in a bowl. Mix everything together (with the exception of the ginger ale and the rum) in the bowl. Pour the ginger ale and the rum in the bowl. Then put the ice in last to cool off the drink. What is great about this drink is that you can make a version of it for kids. You include all of the ingredients with the exception of the rum.

If you want to have a drink that has a lot of fruit in it you can make a white sangria punch. You will need honeydew melon, pineapple, peaches, lemon, lime, dry white wine, sugar, lime juice, seltzer water, fresh mint leaves, and fresh pineapple spears. Stir everything in a bowl and let it chill. This drink has a lot of fruit in it, but it does have to chill for a long time.

Another drink you can serve at your party is a champagne punch. You will need pineapples, dry white wine, champagne, lemon juice, sugar, strawberries, and kiwi. You stir the ingredients in a punch bowl. You can make a nonalcoholic version of this drink by substituting the alcohol with fruit juice. It will still be a good drink.

If you like spicy drinks you should serve hot spiced punch. You will need apple cider or apple juice, raspberry juice, raspberries, brandy, brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger, white cloves, whole allspice, and candy apples. You can also substitute the brandy for white wine or rum. This drink is not like the others. You have to heat this one up before you drink it.

There are many different alcoholic punch recipes that you can try at your parties. You can search for all the drinks as well as detailed directions online.

Learning to Serve Alcoholic Drink Recipes With Flair

There are many people who love to have great tasting alcoholic drinks when they are at parties. For these people being able to inform the bartender or their host of their drink preferences is one of the best ways to enjoy their drink with gusto. For a successful party it therefore pays to know some facts and alcoholic drink recipes. To help the ordinary person there are many ways that you can find various alcoholic drink recipes.

There are bar tending schools where you can learn the basics of bar tending including that of mixing drinks and serving those alcoholic drinks with flair. Here to make sure that you learn the practical part of making these alcoholic drink recipes you are given or instructed about the ingredients that you will need and the amount. What you need to do is to follow these recipes exactly as you were told and hopefully you will have a great tasting drink.

You can also get great alcoholic drink recipes from the internet. Here you will be able to find many different types of alcoholic drink recipes for you to choose from. You can choose straight alcoholic drinks, mixed alcoholic drinks, the classic alcoholic drinks and many others. The best way to learn how to make these internet alcoholic drink recipes is to select a few that you like and see the various instructions that are given.

Now when you are looking for the various alcoholic drink recipes on the internet it is best to be careful with the amount of alcohol that you are drinking and remember that some alcoholic drinks will not mix well with each other. The result of such mixed drinking is a terrific hangover.

To avoid these types of instances you can look up a drinks guide that can help you through the maze of alcoholic drinks that are all waiting for you to taste them. Now if you would like to know more about the various alcoholic drink recipes that are available you can join one of the many bartending schools or go to seminars on bartending. This way you will be able to apply the knowledge that you have gained in a practical way.

Besides being able to help you learn about the many alcoholic drink recipes that many people like to drink, you will also get to know the various side effects that can occur from too much experimenting. So the best thing for you to do is to be careful that you are not too enthusiastic in your learning phase of alcoholic drink recipes.

Some alcoholic cocktail recipes

Who hasn’t had a Margarita or a sex on the beach? Although some cocktails may have flamboyant names, the truth of the matter is that we all love to taste the mixed flavors elegantly served on a glass or a cup, every once in a while. The cocktail recipes grow by the minute, and nearly every country in the world contributes with a cocktail that has the country’s characteristic alcohol. we  have some examples:

Caipirinha: This brazillian cocktail is made with Brazil’s typical liquor called cachaça, mashed limes, sugar and ice; although lately, many variants of this delicious drink have come up such as passion fruit caipirinha.

Margarita: Originally from Mexico, this cocktail is prepared with tequila, lime juice, triple sec and salt

Miguelito: This is Costa Rica’s original cocktail made with Cacique, the ‘tico’s’ most representative liquor. This Cocktail is prepared with ‘Guaro Cacique’ -which is made out of sugar cane- and coconut cream and served either on a shot or chilled.

Mojito: This is Cuba’s cocktail icon, prepared with mashed spearmint leaves, rum, mineral water, sugar and crushed ice. Along with Margarita, this drink is popular around the world as it provides a refreshing flavor with a great after-taste.

Other famous cocktails are White/Black Russian, Grasshopper, Tequila Sunrise, Martini, B-52, Gin Tonic, Mai Tai, and of course, Pina Colada.

As seen above, there is no limit when it comes to cocktails as those who dare to combine new ingredients try to find the next star cocktail.