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Bonucci: competition within the team like Juve did not get bad sublimation

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Varese for the weekend is against Juventus, Lyon, today held a regular press conference, attended by the players is to join the Bianconeri this season, the Italian, at the meeting, this Italian international said he would very much like Juventus Chiellini partner and the composition of the defender line, but does not exist between the poor and Legrottaglie competition, Del Piero and Diego also that this relationship does not exist between.

Today is a training base for the Varese has a very special guest visits, the arrival of the President Agnelli, Bonucci said: “We held a brief welcoming ceremony, but I hope soon to start a new President to understand The season’s momentum, we must warm-up match on Saturday against Lyon began to act up. “

Bonucci said Juve poor competition does not exist, both Diego and Del Piero is still between him and Legrottaglie, “I think it does not exist between any confrontation, even if there is competition is good for the team . Piero and Diego? coach the team’s needs and based on the performance during the training period to decide between me and Legrottaglie is true. “

Within a year the performance of the entire Serie Tennessee Titans Jerseys A popular Bonucci, and get into the national team, this magical experience to the young Italian defender by surprise, “This is for all of us are surprised, I never thought would Within a year the national team. Inter Milan sold me the reasons for the interests of Genoa, but are now gone, now I just want to get a good performance in Juve. “

Prandelli for his national team in the future, Bonucci seemed confident, “I think I will be selected, but it also depends on my performance could have persuaded coach, this is very clear.”

Speaking Juve squad, and even the national team’s future partner Chiellini, Bonucci said, “I Chiellini partner will be very honored that our partners in the national team too, of course, I also hope that together we Azzurri grow together. “When asked Bonucci and Chiellini exchange between the situation, he said,” We only talk about coaches accountable, such as how to move, the league long enough to do between us some of the recommendations of each other. “

Come to a new environment, Bonucci that they are not alone, “there are some my age I have known players, such as Marchisio, De Qieli, Giovinco, Lanzhafamei and other countries team members. “Meanwhile, Juventus and Barry really there is not a small distinction,” here, and Barry is totally different. When I was training with Barry and the time training camp is basically empty, but we welcomed in 2500 Juventus passionate fans. and the team are not the same organization, neither Ewing impulse does not fear any thing, I would like to get good results, this is a big challenge, I had a wonderful Barry season, but this time I want sublimation. “

Faced with the new league, Bonucci want to perk up the Bianconeri, “and the international competition in Milan? We also have to face from AC Milan, Roma and other teams in the competition. The team now in Saturday’s game good performance, then consider Juventus back to its rightful place. “