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Low Carb Diet Alcohol – A Good Idea?

We’ve all read about the risk of alcoholic beverages, particularly if taken to excess. Yet for some of us who really want spirits to get us in the groove of daily living, or to enjoy parties or relaxing moments more but are wary about putting on additional weight, there are low carb diet alcohol options that could be suitable.

Whether you are fond of whiskies, vodka, gin which are manufactured by distilling a sort of lager made from grain ; or brandy which is made from fermented grape juice, or perhaps tequila which comes from the fermented pulp of the agave plant, there’s a low carb diet alcohol recipe you can try, even at home.

For example, you can try mixing an ounce-and-a-half of vodka with a few oz of diet ginger ale with the juice of one fresh lime with some ice cubes and you have one no-guilt low-carb cocktail. There are numerous other recipes for low carb diet alcohol drinks, like one for a refreshing sugarfree margarita, that you can find even in online sites.

In the Protein Power Diet plan, which depends on counting carbs in everything to be ingested, certain alcoholic drinks are permitted, but some sweet reds, sweet rum and brandy are a no-no.

If you consult the masters of low carb diet plans that are popular nowadays, some will point out that wine is satisfactory, as are straight liquor like scotch, vodka, and gin but these must be sugarless. Hard liquor is claimed to give nothing more than empty calories, while some dry red or white wine come only with 3 to 4 carb grams.