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25 Completely Becoming Wine Names for Cats

  • Pinot “Pee-no”

    Sphynx: Hairless, skinny, curious, and meant to be revered.
    Pinot (Noir): Dignified, fussy, scrumptious, and meant to be revered.

  • Champagne “sham-pain”

    Bengal: Like a child leopard. Uncommon. Costly. Uncommon.
    Champagne: Like your child; the very best, even when you can’t afford it.

  • Malo “Mal-oh”

    Orange Tabby Cat: He’s fats and lazy, however loveable, like a lasagne-eating cartoon cat.
    Malo(lactic Fermentation): The method that makes the buttery, spherical, oaky Chardonnay that’s all the time there for you.

  • Lees “leez”

    Lengthy-Haired Cat: It might be a small cat, however you possibly can’t inform due to all that hair.
    Lees: Lees is a well-liked winemaking methodology that makes white wines richer and creamier.

  • Peluda “pey-loo-dah”

    Persian Cat: Dignified and decorative, with a comfortable musical voice and All. That. Hair.
    Peluda (Garnacha): AKA “Furry Grenache,” from the French pelut, which means “furry.” Actually.

  • Brix “Brix”

    Munchkin Cat: Small, candy, people-pleasers, with bigger than life personalities and stubby legs.
    Brix: Sugar metering system, good for a candy, energetic little dude.

  • Merlot “mur-low”

    Scottish Fold Cat: Fuzzy, poofy and spherical, with owl-like faces.
    Merlot: Within the new world, a lush heat hug of a wine, to your heat hug of a cat.

  • Magnum “mag-num”

    Ragamuffin Cat: At all times pleasant, and they generally tend to overeat.
    Magnum Bottle: What’s higher than one bottle of wine? Why, an excellent greater bottle, after all.

  • Amphora “am-forah”

    Siamese Cat: A regal sort of cat that does what it likes and desires to be worshipped for it.
    Amphora: An historic and distinctive sort of vessel that pure winemakers worship.

  • Vinho “Veen-yoh”

    Manx Cat: No tailed charmers that hop like rabbits.
    Vinho (Verde): Spritzy and vivid, with aromas that bounce out of the glass.

  • Solera “So-lair-uh”

    British Shorthair Cat: The round-faced inspiration of the Cheshire cat.
    Solera: The growing older methodology for Sherry wines that makes them acquire roundness (and places a smile in your face).

  • Refosco “Reh-foh-skoh”

    Lykoi Cat: The werewolf cat…partially hairless, completely bizarre.
    Refosco: The wines are robust flavored, tannic, and often present a slight bitterness. Perf.

  • Gris “Gree”

    Calico: Your multi-colored good friend.
    (Pinot) Gris: A grape that’s probably not pink and probably not white. It makes wines that vary from white to deep orangey-pink.

  • Somm “Sohm”

    Tuxedo Cat: Essentially the most dapper little kitty you ever did see.
    Somm(elier): “Sohm-mul-yay” In any case, he’s already acquired the outfit.

  • Nero “Nair-oh”

    Black Cats: One that you simply’re clearly cool with crossing your path.
    Nero (d’Avola): Nero means “black” in Italian, so this Sicilian wine is nice selection!

  • Pedro “Pay-droh”

    Needy Cats: You’ll be able to’t go away the home with out him weaving between your legs asking what you’re abandoning him for now.
    Pedro (Ximenez): A cloyingly candy wine to your cloyingly candy cat.

  • Eiswein “ice-svine”

    Sensible Cats: Like Einstein, however not. Your lil’ buddy higher be a smarty.
    Ice Wine: One of many sweetest wines on the planet. Made fully of grapes naturally frozen to the vine.