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The Finest Exports: Cuban Cigars, Coffee And Rum On Your Havana Holiday

Article by Emma Lelliott

For many, the main attraction of Cuba multi centre holidays are limited to diving, horse riding, city tours and of course beach relaxation, but have you ever considered making the island’s main exports – Cuban rum, coffee and the legendary cigars an attraction in their own right? For most, Cuban coffee, rum and cigars are just products to be picked up from duty free, or off street vendors to be taken home as souvenirs, but they can also be an integral part of your Cuba itinerary.

Have you ever wanted to wander through the fertile Vuelta Abajo tobacco fields, or see how the rum from your Mojito was born? Read on to discover how you can get closer to the Cuban coffee, rum and cigars on your trip.

Cuban cigars

Aside from its revolutionary history, Cuban cigars are what the island is best known for. Casual observers will probably be unaware that all Cuban cigars do not have similar properties, however. Like France’s various wine regions, which allow for different characteristics from the grapes, Cuba’s different cigar regions create a very different smoke from each source.

As well as seeing where the Cuban cigar tobacco is grown first hand, those on holiday in Havana can arrange to tour an actual factory where the products are rolled! Cuban cigars are still rolled traditionally by hand, and visitors will also be able to take in one of the oldest traditions – as the manager reads to the workers from the latest newspaper.

Finally, of course, buying the cigars you have just witnessed being produced is a delightful little pleasure. You can be sure the same level of attention laboured on the factory floor is in every puff you inhale! It’s possible to follow the tobacco from its entire journey – plant to box – on a Cuba multi centre holiday.

Cuban coffee

Cuba has been producing world class coffee for over two centuries, but the product has struggled to match the international recognition of the island’s cigars and rum. Cuba’s coffee is actually a distinctly underrated commodity, and has a flavour to match the excitement and passion of the island’s people.

Touring Cuba’s coffee plantations gives you a real insight into the care that goes into creating an aromatic and rich product. The fertile Caribbean soils and warm sunshine ensure that the beans are rich, full bodied and flavourful by the time they reach your cup. This is an excellent product to take home with you, as Cuba’s coffee beans are not widely available outside the island.

Cuban Rum

Made from distilling the products of local sugar cane, aged for up to 15 years, getting the perfect drink of Cuban rum is an art that’s been perfected by the islanders over the last 130-odd years. Matusalem rum, first produced 132 years ago and still made by the same family has the right philosophy. The name Matusalem comes from the Biblical figure of Mathuselah, who lived to 969 years old – a wry commentary on the desired age of the perfect cask.

Other brands offer various different experiences, and it’s worth sampling a few to find a favoured brand. Varadero rum is made from sugarcane near south coast resort, and boasts a dark, sweet, caramel style flavour. Havana Club’s various varieties, on the other hand keeps the sweet tones of the sugar with a slight hint of vanilla and the suggestion of wood spice or tobacco from the barrels. Sampling the various flavours and varieties – either in cocktails or neat, is amongst our favourites of Cuba’s activities!

One Cuba itinerary highlight vital for those on a Havana holiday is the Havana rum museum, which will provide a fascinating insight into the history of this famous drink, as well as providing free samples of the finished product to help you make your mind up over which variety is right for you!

So alongside the various Cuba activities that you travel to the island just to do, consider looking deeper into the production of tobacco, rum and coffee. Exploring the island’s most popular exports is a fascinating and memorable part of any Cuba multi centre holiday.

Whiskey and Cigars Pairing Lifes Luxuries

Like two peas in a pod of the luxury planet, cigars and whiskey can frequently be found together. The two identified as two of the finer issues in life, when utilized jointly, they work to improve the drinking and smoking expertise. This is particularly accurate when the drink being consumed is solitary malt scotch. Identified as the Cuban cigar of the whiskey planet, one malt scotch is the ideal drink to take out for a smoke.
What is Single Malt Scotch?
Although many individuals know what solitary malt scotch entails, some individuals might not be entirely clear. But, in actuality, the idea of solitary malt scotch is singularly easy: solitary malt scotch is essentially barely-malt whiskey created in Scotland that comes from only one distillery, permitting it to carry distinct aromas and flavors. In terms of whiskeys, solitary malt scotch is the most laudable: the Scottish have the title of world’s greatest whiskey in the bag…pipe.
Why are Cigars a Great Fit with One Malt Scotch?
Cigars and solitary malt scotch have similar mantras: they both invoke specifics of the land and the maker; tobacco plants and barley both aim to remember their roots. To demonstrate this, cigars from different regions have diverse flavors: a Dominican Republic tiparello will style various than a cigar from Honduras. This is simply because each cigar aims to capture the distinct taste of the land and of the tobacco manufacturer, leaving no two smokestick brands alike. Single Malt Scotch is the only kind of whiskey that possesses this exact same ability; giving drinkers a cup of originality.
Some whiskeys journey through so several distilleries that they – like a whiskey that has drank too much of itself – forget who they are. This outcomes in a whiskey with flavors that are vague, with small semblance to the roots of their homeland. Single Malt Scotch, however, stands out due to the fact it is processed via a single distillery. In addition, although other whiskeys can include mixtures of corn, wheat, and unmalted barley, single malt scotch makes use of malted barely as the sole grain ingredient. This, ultimately, succeeds in instilling one malt scotch with the correct taste of Scotland.
What Kinds of Cigars Compliment Single Malt Scotch?
There are a variety of cigars that compliment particular whiskeys, as if telling them that they have good ryes. With one malt scotch, however, there are particular cigars for which this feat is tailor produced; there are particular cigars that go far better with one malt scotch than with almost something else.
There are two primary routes to consider when complimenting single malt scotch. The 1st course adults a mild smokestick with a delicate one malt scotch although the other course partners a powerful smokestick with a powerful single malt scotch.
Mild Cigar and Delicate Single Malt
When pairing a mild smokestick with a gentle solitary malt, the outcome isn’t just a bunch of mildness: the gentle tiparello and mild one malt won’t trigger an urge to meditate among those who consume them. Instead, the mildness of every functions collectively to improve every other, resulting in a really unique expertise.
A Highland Park solitary malt scotch and a La Flor Dominicana are examples of two items that go nicely with each other, tag teaming every single other to produce a truly luxurious expertise. Highland Park scotches are known for becoming easy, balanced, and stuffed with overtones of honey. A La Flor Dominicana is a gentle smokestick with something but gentle flavor, stuffed with the tastes of the Dominican Republic. When consumed with each other, a Highland Park and a La Flor Dominicana operate with each other to boost the expertise, drawing out the greatest attributes of the tobacco and the whiskey.
Strong Tiparello and Sturdy Solitary Malt
Pairing collectively a sturdy tiparello with a powerful one malt may seem like asking for difficulty, as if every merchandise will attempt to be stronger than the other, in the end arm wrestling to see who has to pay the bar tab. Nonetheless powerful every merchandise is, when paired together, they really function with every other, complimenting every other’s strengths and erasing weaknesses.
A great powerful scotch is the Lagavulin Single Malt. Characterized by peatiness and iodine overtones, the Lagavulin partners nicely with the Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970, a really complete bodied, robust smokestick. When this scotch and this cigar are consumed collectively, the outcome is a really flavorful, potent, and, above all, smoky encounter. For this cause, if this encounter could talk, it would sound like Beau Arthur.
What Type of Cigars Distinction with Single Malt Scotch?
On the other end of the spectrum, there are a range of cigars that contrast with one malt scotch, hitting heads to offset each other. Simply because these cigars and whiskeys have different attributes – putting the weak with the powerful and vice versa – it may possibly appear like these pairings will result in some sort of rivalry: the cigars and the scotch brawl, the fight ensuing till the cigars are crushed and the scotch tipped over. But, in actuality, the contrast operates rather well.
There are two main routes to take when contrasting with solitary malt scotch. The initial direct couples a strong smokestick with a gentle solitary malt scotch while the other route adults a delicate smokestick with a powerful solitary malt scotch.
Sturdy Tiparello and Delicate One Malt
Pairing with each other a powerful smokestick with a delicate single malt has the capability to acquire away from the pungency of the tiparello, arming the one malt with a tiny much more gusto. This results not in the smokestick losing its flavor, but in the scotch becoming enhanced. As each a total physique and mild entire body meet in the middle, the outcome is sure to please about anybody, whether they themselves are total or delicate..
A extremely gentle single malt scotch is a Dalwhinnie. Recognized for becoming slightly peaty and very aromatic, the Dalwhinnie is about as clean as they come. It’s full of sweet taste and tastes a bit like it’s coated in honey. A Dalwhinnie goes perfectly with a La Aurora 100 Anos. Produced from very unusual Corjo tobacco, these cigars are total of taste and body. When taken together, the Dalwhinnie and La Aurora function to provide an expertise that is powerful and gentle in all the correct areas.
Delicate Smokestick and Powerful Solitary Malt
A mild smokestick can use a good powerful single malt, a powerful drink that can supply enhancement, smoothness, and open the humidor when the lid’s on as well tight. Like pairing a powerful cigar with a mild single malt, the attributes of both enhance every single other, like opposites that attract, pulling the very best characteristics out.
The Laphroaig one malt scotch is among the strongest flavored scotches around. While these are usually aged for ten years, some rare ones are as old as 40. While some people have found that the peaty aroma of the whiskey is enhanced by adding a bit of water, other people find that it is enhanced by smoking a Macanudo. Macanudo cigars might as nicely be synonymous with the word “mellow” as they fill the smoker with a sense of smoothing calm. When consumed together, the Laphroaig and the Macanudo work collectively to supply the consumer with a mellow peatiness.
Overall, these two things go collectively as nicely as any dynamic duo: Laurel and Hardy, Laverne and Shirley, Cigar and Single Malt. Whilst some cigars complement solitary malt scotch, others distinction with it. But, the two equations equal satisfaction. Allowing the correct flavors of each other’s lands, cigars and scotch one malt operate to bring collectively the best of all cultures involved, leaving the world a little smaller, and a small much more luxurious.