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A visit to the Havana Club Museum of Rum (Part 1/2)

A visit to the Havana Club Museum of Rum isn’t just a journey back to the origins of Cuba’s most legendary drink. From a following ago cut stalks of sugar cane to a reconstitution of a distillery and ageing cellars, the museum offers a real-time encounter of the rum-building administer, as well as a taste of right Cuban polish. Situated in the historic constituency of Habana Vieja (“ancient Havana”), the museum is housed in a renovated 18th-century “solar” (majestically townhouse). Downstairs is a shady patio, with its broad stone columns and ferns, yuccas and sealed palms. A bell signals the start of the museum tour, and you stay on the guide up a in succession away of stone steps. The first upstairs hallway presents a view of the cooper shop, demonstrating the craftsmanship vital to build and arrange the oak casks surrounded by which the fine rums will age. An upstairs arcade facial appearance an authentic mule-obsessed cane mill used in the first “ingenios” (sugar refineries). A historically right model of a steam engine reminds us that Cuba was the first broadcast in Latin America to use a railway for the convey of sugar cane. The next door leads to a much better model, the achievement of a master Cuban craftsman. This stunning accomplishment captures the essence of the fantastic sugar refineries and rum distilleries, whose immense chimneys rise as landmarks over the Cuban countryside. The wealth of point stuns the eye: wagons transporting the cane from the fields, smoke rising from chimneys, cane hedge clippers
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El Mojito Fidel and Pina Colada secret recipe, Live Cuban recipe with Havana Club rum

Mojito (El Mojito Fidel) and Pina Colada Cocktails, Cuban recipe. Live revelation. Best Cuban Havana Club rum and Cuban music.Cuba, Cayo Coco(c)CRP

Havana Club – The Cuban Mojito Recipe

The right Cuban mojito recipe as it is made today in Havana! Enter the Bodeguita del Medio, mythical bar in Havana and help of Mojito to learn how to make the real cuban mojito. Schooling a party ? Find out also the 4 tips of Cuban bartender to basically make 10 mojitos or more…