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Bonucci: competition within the team like Juve did not get bad sublimation

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Varese for the weekend is against Juventus, Lyon, today held a regular press conference, attended by the players is to join the Bianconeri this season, the Italian, at the meeting, this Italian international said he would very much like Juventus Chiellini partner and the composition of the defender line, but does not exist between the poor and Legrottaglie competition, Del Piero and Diego also that this relationship does not exist between.

Today is a training base for the Varese has a very special guest visits, the arrival of the President Agnelli, Bonucci said: “We held a brief welcoming ceremony, but I hope soon to start a new President to understand The season’s momentum, we must warm-up match on Saturday against Lyon began to act up. “

Bonucci said Juve poor competition does not exist, both Diego and Del Piero is still between him and Legrottaglie, “I think it does not exist between any confrontation, even if there is competition is good for the team . Piero and Diego? coach the team’s needs and based on the performance during the training period to decide between me and Legrottaglie is true. “

Within a year the performance of the entire Serie Tennessee Titans Jerseys A popular Bonucci, and get into the national team, this magical experience to the young Italian defender by surprise, “This is for all of us are surprised, I never thought would Within a year the national team. Inter Milan sold me the reasons for the interests of Genoa, but are now gone, now I just want to get a good performance in Juve. “

Prandelli for his national team in the future, Bonucci seemed confident, “I think I will be selected, but it also depends on my performance could have persuaded coach, this is very clear.”

Speaking Juve squad, and even the national team’s future partner Chiellini, Bonucci said, “I Chiellini partner will be very honored that our partners in the national team too, of course, I also hope that together we Azzurri grow together. “When asked Bonucci and Chiellini exchange between the situation, he said,” We only talk about coaches accountable, such as how to move, the league long enough to do between us some of the recommendations of each other. “

Come to a new environment, Bonucci that they are not alone, “there are some my age I have known players, such as Marchisio, De Qieli, Giovinco, Lanzhafamei and other countries team members. “Meanwhile, Juventus and Barry really there is not a small distinction,” here, and Barry is totally different. When I was training with Barry and the time training camp is basically empty, but we welcomed in 2500 Juventus passionate fans. and the team are not the same organization, neither Ewing impulse does not fear any thing, I would like to get good results, this is a big challenge, I had a wonderful Barry season, but this time I want sublimation. “

Faced with the new league, Bonucci want to perk up the Bianconeri, “and the international competition in Milan? We also have to face from AC Milan, Roma and other teams in the competition. The team now in Saturday’s game good performance, then consider Juventus back to its rightful place. “

Intense Competition In The Russian Vodka Industry

Article by Armand Gray

Vodka is a crucial component in Russian life. And in Russian death. Alcohol-related accidents and cardiac arrests have already decimated Russian life expectancy by well over a decade during the last decade alone.

Vodka is also big business. The brand “Stolichnaya” sells billion a year worldwide. Hence the interminable and inordinately bitter battle between the Russian ministry of agriculture and SPI Spirits. The latter, still partly owned by the state, is the on and off owner of the haloed brand “Stolichnaya”, James Bond’s favorite.

SPI’s PR firm, Burson-Marsteller, posits this commercial conflict as a classic case of the violation of the property rights of hapless foreign shareholders by the avaricious and ruthless functionaries of an unreformed evil empire. They question Russia’s readiness to accede to the WTO and its respect for the law.

SPI’s latest press release consists of the detailed history of this harrowing tale. The brand Stolichnaya, as well as 42 others, were privatized in 1992. The firm quotes a document, bearing the official seal of the maligned ministry, which states unambiguously: “VAO Sojuzplodoimport has the right to export Russian vodka to the USA under the following trademarks: Stolichnaya, Stolichnaya Cristall, Pertsovka, Limonnnaya, Privet, Privet Orange (Apelsinovaya), Russian and Okhotnichya.”

The privatization was completed in 1997 when the old SPI was sold to the new SPI Spirits. The new SPI claims to have assumed million in debt and invested another million to rebuild the company into “one of the world’s leading vodka producers”. Yet, the Russian government, as heavy handed as ever, clearly is unhappy with SPI.

It says the privatization deal was dubious and that SPI paid only 0,000 (or maybe as little as ,000 claim other sources) for the multi-billion dollar brands, including “Stolichnaya”, “Moskovskaya”, and “Russkaya”. The government values the brands at a far more reasonable 0 million. Other appraisers came up with a figure of .4 billion.

The government, in a bout of new-found legal rectitude, also insists that the seller of the brands, the defunct (state-owned) SPI, was not their legal owner. It also questions the mysterious shareholders of the new SPI – including a holding company in tax-lenient Delaware. SPI’s trademarks portfolio is represented by an Australian law firm, Mallesons Stephen Jaques.

Putin himself set up a committee for the repatriation of these and other consumer brands to the state. He craves the beneficial effects the alcohol sector’s tax revenues could have on the federal budget – and on its powers of patronage. A central state-owned brand-holding and distribution company was set up less than two years ago. Ever since then, the alcohol sector has been subjected to relentless state interference. SPI is not the most egregious case either.

“The Observer” mentions that SPI currently runs most of its business from inscrutable Cyprus, a favorite destination for Russian money launderers, tycoon tax evaders, and mobsters. SPI’s German distributor, Plodimex, is increasingly less active – as three new off shore distribution entities (in Cyprus, the Dutch Antilles, and Gibraltar) are increasingly more so.

The FSB ordered Kaliningrad customs to prohibit bulk exports of Stolichnaya. Cases of the drink are routinely confiscated. Criminal charges were brought against directors and managers in the firm. The Deputy Minister of Agriculture is discrediting SPI in meetings with its distributors and business partners abroad. He is also accused by the firm of obstructing the court-mandated registration of its trademarks.

The courts have lately been good to SPI, coming out with a spate of decisions against the government’s conduct in this convoluted affair. But on February 1, the firm suffered a setback, when a Moscow court ruled against it and ordered 43 of its brands, the prized Stolichnaya included, returned to the government (i.e., re-nationalized).

SPI is doing its best to placate the authorities. It is rumored to have offered last month to use its ample funds to supplement the federal budget. It has indicated last September that it is on the prowl for additional acquisitions in Russia – a bizarre statement for a firm claiming to have been victimized. “The Moscow Times” reported that it is planning to sign a 0,000 sponsorship agreement with the Russian Olympic Committee.

Summit Communications, a country image specialist, placed this on its Web site in November 2001:

“One example of a savvy Russian company that has managed to do well in the West by finding the right partner is the Soyuzplodimport company (see also p. 14). Soyuzplodimport, or SPI, has the exclusive rights to export Stolichnaya, which vodka lovers in the U.S. fondly refer to as ‘Stoli’. Some 50% of the company’s export turnover comes from the United States, thanks mostly to its strategic alliance with Allied-Domecq for U.S. distribution.

‘I’m not sure that all Americans know where Russia is on the map, but most of them know what Stolichnaya is,’ muses Andrey Skurikhin, general director of SPI. ‘I want the quality of Stolichnaya in America to create an image of Russia that is pure, strong and honest, just like the vodka. At SPI, we feel that we are like ambassadors and we will try to do everything to create a more objective and positive image of Russia in the U.S.'” SPI’s troubles may prove to be contagious. Allied Domecq, its British distributor in America and Mexico, now faces competition from Kryshtal International, a subsidiary of the troubled Kristal distillery, 51% owned by Rosspirtprom, a government agency. Kryshtal signed distribution contracts for “Stolichnaya” with distilleries backed by the Russian ministry of agriculture.

Allied and Miller Brewing have announced a million investment in product launch and marketing campaigns only five years ago. “Stolichnaya” (nicknamed “Stoli” in the States) sells 1 million 12-bottle cases a year in the USA (compared to Absolut’s 3 million cases).

The trouble started almost immediately with the first foreign investments in SPI. As early as 1991, Vneshposyltorg, a government foreign trade agency, tried to export Stolichnaya in Greece. This led to court action by the Greeks. Vodka wars also erupted between the newly-registered Russian firm “Smirnov” and Grand Metropolitan over the brand “Smirnoff”. The vodka wars are sad reminders of the long way ahead of Russia. Its legal system is rickety – different courts upheld government decisions and SPI’s position almost simultaneously. Russia’s bureaucrats – even when right – are abusive, venal, and obstructive. Russia’s “entrepreneurs” are a penumbral lot, more enamored with off-shore tax havens than with proper management. The rule of law and private property rights are still fantasies. The WTO – and the respectability it lends – are as far as ever.