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Cosmopolitan Cocktail Recipes

Article by Carolyn Donohue

Can we hold “Sex in the City” responsible for “le cocktail cosmopolitaine”? Does it matter? Whoever had the first idea for this fabulous party drink should be awarded a Nobel. They’re cool, fruity, light and hip to sip and have become one of the most popular cocktails at clubs, bars, restaurants and at home-held parties. Just ask for a “Cosmo” and you’re good to go!

There are hundreds of varieties of cocktail recipes cosmopolitan and you can craft even more if you have a creative imagination. But the first Cosmo cocktail out of the gate is this one and here’s how you build it.

First, make sure that the martini glass in which you’ll serve this work of art is good and chilled. Then, assemble the following delectable components,

-an ounce and a half of vodka – get the good stuff for this party ice-breaker;

-an ounce of Triple Sec or Cointreau – orange based and again, get the good stuff, not the pale imitations – you need one which is distilled from real fruit;

-half an ounce of freshly-squeezed lime

-a little dribble of cranberry juice – just enough to color the drink so that it looks pretty.

Pour (gently) all the ingredients into a chilled cocktail shaker, add ice and shake it well – sounds wonderful! Now, strain it into that pre-chilled martini glass and dress up it with a thin slice of orange peel or a wedge of lime. You are now beholding one of the best-loved cosmopolitan recipes – but you are not required to share it. Keep it all to yourself while taking a relaxing soak in a bubble bath, surrounded with scented candles.

As noted earlier, there are so many varieties of the Cosmo – some require a little more cranberry juice, while others need less. Initially, the many of the Cosmo recipes were made using vodka citron; its lemony flavor added a little bite to it. But like everything else worthwhile, it is your own personal preference which is important and what you add to your Cosmo is entirely up to your judgment.

Some purist-type bartenders insist that you should serve all cosmopolitans by squeezing the fresh lime juice into the chilled mart glass first – then add the contents of the shaker. Sounds good! And if you have courage (sip at your Cosmo), consider making a Blue Cosmo! You use blue Curacao instead of the Triple Sec or Cointreau and add white cranberry juice in place of the red. And of course, you can always make a batch of cosmopolitans in a glass measuring jug too – but it’s less fun.

“Cocktail” party is a serious misnomer unless you include Cosmos in your drinks menu. Everyone loves them and they look so attractive when poured into the appropriate glassware. But the big secret to all perfectly made and served cosmopolitans is the chilled glass. Absolutely critical.

There are of course, several ways to chill your glasses and keep them chilled while creating your Cosmos. If you’re hosting your cocktail party on your patio or deck, pour a couple of bags of ice into a cooler and place your glasses on top ahead of time. Just take out a glass when you’re ready to dispense your first Cosmo and you now have a party. You could also make some room in the freezer and place your glasses in there for a minute or two, which is long enough to chill them thoroughly.

Make sure you have thin slices of fruit to garnish your creations – orange, lime, pineapple, even peeled kiwi fruit – and lemon of course. Keep them chilled as well – and have a wonderful cocktail party!

Green Tea Cosmopolitan Cocktail – TipsyBartender

I’m in Amsterdam drinking a Green Tea Cosmopolitan! Here’s how it’s made… RECIPE ======================== 1/2 oz Oude Genever 1/2 oz Cointreau Green Tea Limes Honey Orange Cigarette Lighter

Cosmopolitan – Shaker BarSchool®

The Cosmopolitan has been around, in various guises, since the 1980s. Its one of the most popularly ordered cocktails but this relatively straightforward drink is now more famous for its garnish than its ingredients. Glass: 5 oz Martini or 10oz rocks glass Method: shake & strain Ice cubes 25ml citron vodka 25ml triple sec or Cointreau 25ml cranberry juice Juice of 1 lime wedge Put all the ingredients into a mixing glass. Cap with a Boston shaker and shake vigorously for a few seconds. Double strain into a chilled Martini glass or serve on the rocks in a rocks glass. Garnish This drink probably became world famous due to its unique garnish the orange flambé. Cut a thin strip of peel from an orange, taking as little of the pith as possible. Holding the skin towards the drink, snap the peel over a lighter flame. The flame should brush the surface of the drink and the warm oils should spray over the surface, creating an instant aroma and flavour. Wipe the peel around the rim and slip into the drink. Cosmopolitan variations Metropolitan: use Absolut Kurrant vodka instead of citron vodka Purple Cosmo: use blue curaçao instead of Cointreau Fruit Cosmos: add fresh fruit or Funkin puree; berries work very well
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MICHELLE’S FACEBOOK: – Twitter: – – Learn how-to make to make a sexy Cosmopolitan cocktail that’s so delicious it’ll even knock off Carrie Bradshaw’s panties! A Cosmo is perfect for those who Love The City Life (Lemon-flavored vodka,Triple Sec, Cranberry Juice and Lime Juice). Bottoms up, baby!You’re invited to subscribe to the party here for upcoming episodes of Naughty Tipples with Michelle Coudon. Music by Loveshadow “We R 1” , FuriousStereo “Rainha do Sol Remix” and kcentric “Desaprendere” (featuring Silvia O. Silky Jazz Mix) via http .
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The original Cosmopolitan story – by Cointreau staring Dita Von Teese

New York City 1991, a song star, a unique cocktail: the Cosmopolitan. Video staring Dita Von Teese as Madonna. Cointreau® Liqueur, 40% Alc. Imported by Rémy Cointreau USA, Inc.

How to make a cosmopolitan – Cosmopolitan drink recipe

How to make a cosmopolitan – Cosmopolitan drink recipe A perfect cosmopolitan is a must at any cocktail party. Mixologist Allen Katz shares his technique for mixing the perfect cosmo. Keywords: cosmopolitan drink cosmopolitan recipe how to make a cosmopolitan
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Skinny Cosmopolitan Recipe

Article by A Jae

Who doesn’t love cocktail drinks? Everybody loves it. But we don’t like are all the extra calories sugared ingredients add to mixed drinks. Some of the delightful choices for the party are Mojito, Margarita, Sour Apple Martini or Whiskey Sours, but can do damage to our regime. Good Spirits CocktailsMixers are sugar free, so we are guilt free. So if you use mixers in your drinks, choose ones that are sugar free.

What do you mean Skinny Cosmopolitan? Many mistakenly believe a Cosmo recipe is always a great choice when looking to enjoy a low calorie “skinny” cocktail. The truth of the matter is variations in the recipe and amounts of each ingredient used can dramatically alter the caloric value of this popular vodka cocktail. And look out…calories are not the only consideration. Hidden in most Cosmopolitan recipes are many unnecessary and unwanted grams of carbs and sugars. So when you are looking to add crisp cranberry and citrus flavors to your vodka cocktails the ingredients choices you make can add up. Here is the Skinny on Cosmopolitan Cocktail Recipes.

A Cosmopolitan recipe calls for pouring amounts of vodka, an orange based liqueur, cranberry juice and lime juice over ice in a cocktail shaker, shaking vigorously for at least 5-10 seconds, straining the contents into a chilled martini glass then garnishing with a lemon twist or lime wedge. Depending on the choices you make the calories in your cocktail can be as few as 72 or over 300. Please note all caloric values are approximate as actual numbers can vary by brand.To begin our quest for the perfect Skinny Cosmopolitan let’s review and measure the benchmark of Cosmopolitan recipes from the International Bartenders Association: Official Cosmopolitan RecipeCOSMOPOLITAN (Large cocktail glass)4.0 cl. Vodka Citron1.5 cl. Cointreau1.5 cl. Fresh Lime juice3.0 cl. Cranberry juiceAdd all ingredients into cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into large cocktail glass. Garnish with lime slice.[Wait stop! What is a cl? I am in need of a cocktail recipe not a math class.]Well just so you know a cl is the metric unit centiliter. One Centiliter is equivalent to.34 fluid ounces. The usual bar measurement is a “jigger” that is 1.5 fluid ounces or another common bar measurement is a “pony” that is equivalent to 1 fluid ounce.

Video Bartending Guide : Cosmopolitan Recipe – Vodka Drinks

How to Make a Cosmopolitan – Recipe and Ingredients Expert: Cool River Cafe. Located in Austin, Texas, the “Live Music Capital of the World” and home to world-famous Sixth Street, Cool River Cafe has been one of the city’s premiere dining destinations.
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“Art of the Drink” Cosmopolitan

As we enter National Admit You’re Happy Month, Anthony and Melissa prepare a Cosmopolitan to help you better enjoy the coming weeks of bliss!
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