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Tequila Los Azulejos – Creating a Masterpiece (Double Gold Medal Winner!)

Promotional Video on the crafting of one of the highest-regarded brands in Mexico, Tequila Los Azulejos(tequilalosazulejos)…now available in the United States! Los Azulejos is an ultra-premium tequila made from the finest 100% agave available in the region of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico. The blanco (silver) and reposado (aged), tequilas are contained in a beautiful hand-blown glass bottle, and our Anejo (aged longer) is available in an amazing hand-painted talavera bottle. This tequila has aroma and flavours of toasted almonds and vanilla. Double Gold Medal Winner – 2009 SF World Spirits Competition! Compare to tequila Patron Platinum, Don Julio 1942, Cuervo Reserva. For ordering information please contact chris@tequilalosazulejos

Creating Cocktails Recipes with Vodka

Article by Mitch Ross

Clear and having a similar smell as distilled water, vodka has small, unique taste of its own, making it the flawless additive for developing diverse cocktail recipes. When applying vodka into cocktails, it lifts the taste of other ingredients. Vodka is often impregnated with other tasty concoctions like berries, spices even chocolate.

The beginning of Vodka came from Eastern Europe. Being first documented in the 9th century, it was not until the 20th century that Vodka gained its popularity. Vodka can be poured, mixed, stirred or even shaken into cocktails, making them is just as easy as it is to drink them. It is no surprise that vodka is used in over 25% of all alcoholic drinks. With a vivid imagination, vodka can be used to make unique, offbeat cocktails that people will remember.

Just because, Vodka has little taste, does not mean that people can not tell the difference in quality. Mixing a cocktail with poor quality vodka can ruin the taste, leaving a dissatisfied guest. You do not have to spend the most for a bottle of vodka, but you should not spend the least either. Purchase something in the middle will not affect the taste of the cocktails.

An essential component of developing cocktails with vodka is learning about other ingredients. Developing cocktail recipes is not the same without other components. If, for some reason, your vodka lacks the right spark, you can improve its gusto by adding seasoning. Use fresh elements like chili peppers, strawberries, apples, lemons, limes, herbs or even chocolate. Just add the item into the vodka bottle and place it in a dark corner for at least a month. The longer it sits the stronger the taste of the ingredient will be.

Something else you should know about making cocktails with vodka is to make sure that the glassware temperature is close to what the cocktail is. In other words, a cold cocktail is served in a cold glass and vise versa. To get a cold glass, place the glass in a container with ice or a freezer for a short time. To make a glass warmer, run warm water over it before pouring the cocktail.

No matter if this is the first time you have made cocktails, or you have been doing this for years, using vodka to create new cocktails will help immensely. The only thing you need is to dream of something, then make it. Everyone will come back for more.

Creating Cocktail Recipes with Vodka

Article by Brandon Brown

Clear and almost as odorless as bottled water, vodka has little distinctive flavor of its own — making it the perfect ingredient for creating different cocktail recipes. When you mix vodka into cocktails, it elevates the flavors of other ingredients. Vodka can also come infused with other tasty ingredients like berries, spices, and even chocolate.

Originally from Eastern Europe, vodka was first documented in the 9th century, but the popularity of vodka was not seen in the west until the 20th century. Vodka can be stirred or shaken, and vodka cocktails are as easy to make as they are to drink. It’s no surprise that one in every four drinks sold contains vodka. With only a few ingredients, vodka can be used to make hundreds of distinctive cocktails.

However, the quality of your cocktails depends on the quality of the vodka you buy. A cocktail that was made with a bottle of vodka will be different from a cocktail made with a bottle of vodka. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but try to find a middle ground. Typically, vodka found on the bottom shelves of the liquor store is the cheapest and least likable when it comes to making cocktails. Rather then reaching for the bottom bottles, why not try investing in the bottles from the middle shelves?

A vital part of creating cocktails with vodka is learning about other ingredients. Creating cocktail recipes would not be the same without the other ingredients. If the vodka lacks the right taste or kick, you can improve its palatability by adding flavoring. You can use fresh ingredients like chili peppers, strawberries, apples, lemons, limes, or even herbs. Although the entire process takes about thirty days, it is well worth it. Simply add the desired ingredient to the vodka bottle and let it stand in a dark corner for about a month — or even longer, if you like. The longer the alcohol sits with the ingredient, the stronger the aroma and the flavor will be.

The last tip that is really useful in making cocktails that contain vodka, is to make sure that the cocktail glass is similar in temperature to the cocktail itself. When serving cold cocktails, your glasses should be cool. In the same regard, warm cocktails should be served in warm glasses. In order to cool down a glass, pour a bag or two of ice cubes in a portable chiller and place the glasses inside of it. Or, place the glass inside of a freezer for sixty to eighty seconds before pouring the finished cocktail. When you need a warm glass, simply pour warm water over the glass before pouring the warm cocktail inside.

Whether you’re new to mixing cocktails or an old pro, it is not hard to create tasty cocktails using vodka. All you need to do is use your imagination and you will be able to make a memorable drink that everyone will enjoy.

Creating A Martini Masterpiece

Article by Michael Hutchins

Without a doubt, a true barometer of a bartender’s skills and a person’s taste is making a great Martini! Martinis have really gained immense popularity over the last decade. Everyone remembers that James Bond loved his martinis, of course they had to be “shaken, not stirred.”Making a classic dry martini is almost like creating a very simple, yet very pure piece of art. So, here it is, a step by step recipe for creating the perfect dry martini.You’re going to need 11/2oz of dry gin. Don’t skimp on the quality, go for Beefeaters or Tanqueray. Also, 1/2 oz of extra dry vermouth, a toothpick, pimento stuffed olives, ice from purified water, a cocktail shaker, and a martini glass.Go ahead and fill the martini glass with ice and water, this will chill the glass to perfection while you mix the drink. Pour the gin over ice in your cocktail shaker. Allow it to set for a moment while you measure your vermouth.Go ahead and add the vermouth to your shaker along with a VERY tiny splash of olive juice. Cap off your shaker and shake very vigorously. The key is to shake it so long that your hands get super cold.Finally, empty all the water from your martini glass, and wipe away all moisture droplets.Add two olives skewered on a toothpick, and pour the mixed drink into a glass. Sip it delicately and enjoy!By the way,Shaking does have an advantage over stirring. Shaking actually “bruises” the gin and causes it to infuse with the vermouth. Stirring, while effective, allows the spirits to separate more easily in the glass.Use Jalapeno stuffed olives instead of pimento and call it a “Martinez” instead. It adds spice to the drink on so many different levels.By the way, be sure to use an authentic martini glass. A traditional glass with a stem will cause your martini to warm too quickly.So, there you have it, the perfect martini. Once you’ve enjoyed a martini that doesn’t short-cut the details, it’s hard to drink one that is hastily prepared. No excuses now that you’ve tasted the difference!Always remember to drink responsibly, and try to enjoy your martini by itself. Very few foods enhance the delicate balance of a great dry martini

Creating The Ideal Cocktail

Article by Lashawnda Godoy

Have you tried numerous times to get your cocktail at par with those of bartenders’? And has each try of yours failed to meet that standard? If yes then you needn’t fret about it! All you have got to do is learn a few basic stuff about cocktail making. When you are well versed with these basics, you will do as good as the bartender himself. Read on!

You can’t be stirring a great cocktail if you are using inexpensive and substandard ingredients. Since spirits is the first ingredient, it is important that you use quality liquor. This doesn’t imply that you have to spend all your money on buying liquor. You can easily find quality spirits at well cheap costs too. Quality is vital, whether or not you are making cocktails or attempting to heal acne. Like you cannot create great cocktails without quality liquor, you cannot get rid of acne without using quality products like the Zenmed Derma Cleanse System.

Choosing fresh ingredients is another key tip to make better cocktails. Go in for fresh ingredients instead of bottled or canned ingredients. For instance, if you want fruit juice, you can straightforward extract juice from fruits rather than choosing canned juices. Most of these canned products contain additions that take away the freshness of the product. Even when you would like to use soda, you may use soda siphon rather than buying club soda or soda water. Nonetheless make sure that you avoid way too much of soda as it can end up in weight gain. Naturally, you do have weight management supplements like Caralluma Burn Appetite Suppressant to help battle the problem.

Many a times people experience that an ice cold cocktail turns warm as you reach the bottom. This would make the drink taste upsetting. To get round this, you need to match the temperature of the glass and the drink. The easiest way is to relax the glass before you serve the drink in it. You could keep the glasses in the fridge for approximately a minute for most impressive results. Now your drink would stay cold for a longer time. In the event you plan on a hot drink, you need to fill the glass you need to serve it in with warm water for a minute or two.

Appropriate garnishing can serve as the ideal final touch to a very delicious cocktail. Nevertheless it’s not suggested for every drink. You should ideally only use it to counterbalance the tastes of a particular alcoholic mixture. For example, a martini needs an olive to even out its taste ; while a gin based drink would do well with an easy piece of lime as garnishing.

By following the already mentioned tips, you will sure be able to prepare best of cocktails, but you must never go mad with them as they give way to health issues like blood pressure.