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The Finest Exports: Cuban Cigars, Coffee And Rum On Your Havana Holiday

Shape up by Emma Lelliott

For many, the main attraction of Cuba multi centre holidays are top bolt from the blue to diving, horse riding, city tours and of way beach cool, but have you ever thorough building the island’s main exports – Cuban rum, brunette and the legendary cigars an attraction in their own right? For most, Cuban brunette, rum and cigars are just harvest to be elected up from duty free, or off road vendors to be taken home as souvenirs, but they can also be an vital part of your Cuba schedule.

Have you ever sought after to wander owing to the rich Vuelta Abajo tobacco fields, or see how the rum from your Mojito was born? Read on to find out how you can get quicker to the Cuban brunette, rum and cigars on your trip.

Cuban cigars

Aside from its revolutionary description, Cuban cigars are what the island is best known for. Casual observers will doubtless be unacquainted that all Cuban cigars do not have akin properties, even if. Like France’s innumerable wine regions, which allow for uncommon characteristics from the grapes, Cuba’s uncommon cigar regions start a very uncommon smoke from each fund.

As well as considering where the Cuban cigar tobacco is grown first hand, those on celebration in Havana can regulate to tour an real factory where the harvest are rolled! Cuban cigars are still rolled traditionally by hand, and visitors will also be able to take in one of the oldest traditions – as the administrator reads to the staff from the newest newspaper.

Everlastingly, of way, export the cigars you have just witnessed being bent is a delightful modest pleasure. You can be sure the same level of concentration laboured on the factory floor is in every puff you gasp! It’s doable to stay on the tobacco from its full journey – plant to box – on a Cuba multi centre celebration.

Cuban brunette

Cuba has been producing world class brunette for over two centuries, but the manufactured goods has struggled to match the global recollection of the island’s cigars and rum. Cuba’s brunette is in fact a clearly underrated commodity, and has a flavour to match the excitement and passion of the island’s broadcast.

On the road Cuba’s brunette plantations gives you a real insight into the care that goes into making an aromatic and rich manufactured goods. The rich Caribbean soils and warm sunshine make sure that the beans are rich, full bodied and flavourful by the time they reach your cup. This is an exceptional manufactured goods to take home with you, as Cuba’s brunette beans are not usually void further than the island.

Cuban Rum

Made from distilling the harvest of local sugar cane, aged for up to 15 years, being paid the exact drink of Cuban rum is an art that’s been perfected by the islanders over the last 130-odd years. Matusalem rum, first bent 132 years ago and still made by the same family tree has the right way of life. The name Matusalem comes from the Biblical map of Mathuselah, who lived to 969 years ancient – a wry commentary on the much loved age of the exact cask.

Other brands offer innumerable uncommon experiences, and it’s worth sampling a few to find a favoured brand. Varadero rum is made from sugarcane near south coast alternative, and boasts a dark, sweet, caramel style flavour. Havana Club’s innumerable varieties, on the other hand keeps the sweet tones of the sugar with a affront hint of vanilla and the proposition of wood spice or tobacco from the barrels. Sampling the innumerable flavours and varieties – any in cocktails or clean, is among our favourites of Cuba’s actions!

One Cuba schedule highlight vital for those on a Havana celebration is the Havana rum museum, which will grant a fascinating insight into the description of this legendary drink, as well as as long as free samples of the refined manufactured goods to help you make your mind up over which diversity is right for you!

So alongside the innumerable Cuba actions that you journey to the island just to do, plotting-out looking deeper into the manufacture of tobacco, rum and brunette. Exploring the island’s most ordinary exports is a fascinating and memorable part of any Cuba multi centre celebration.

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