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Delicious Stoli Vodka in 3D – Revolution Vodka Bars

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Delicious Cocktails To Please Your Guests

Article by Kadence Buchanan

When having a dinner party, a large aspect of its success is determined by the cocktails that you make available. You can really turn your party into a night to remember if you can expose your guests to some delicious drinks that they’ll never forget. In this article, we’ll relay some cocktail recipes that can surprise and impress your guests.

A commonly-used twist on a classic drink is known as the “Purple Haze”. Based off of the Long Island Iced Tea recipe, the drink gets its name from the famous Jimi Hendrix song since it is purple in color. While the drink shares many of the same ingredients as a Long Island, it features a distinct taste that provides a good dose of alcohol while still tasting delicious. To make a Purple Haze, you’re going to need the basic liquors that go into a Long Island – tequila, rum, vodka, and gin. In addition, you’re going to need the secret ingredient that gives the Purple Haze it’s color – Chambord, which is a raspberry-flavored cordial. You’ll also need a lemon-lime flavored soda and sweet and sour mix.

To make a single Purple Haze, mix ½ oz of the four Long Island liquors with ½ oz of Chambord. Add in an ounce of sour mix, and top it off with a splash of lemon-lime soda for a little carbonation. That’s all you have to do! The result is a drink that packs a punch while still being very delicious.

Are you looking for an adventurous cocktail that can really add some flair to the evening? The Flaming Dr. Pepper can be a great addition to an evening, especially for a Tiki-themed party. Be forewarned – the drink involves lighting a liquor on fire. The end result will shock you and your guests, however – it tastes almost exactly like Dr. Pepper!

To make a Flaming Dr. Pepper, you’re going to need a bottle of 151 proof rum as well as a bottle of amaretto and plenty of light beer. The preparation of the drink can be easily ruined, so take heed for the following directions:

Take a shot glass and fill it ¾ full with amaretto. Top the shot with 151 – it should end up layered on top. Fill a pint glass halfway full with light beer. Now comes the showmanship part – using a lighter, carefully light the top of the shot on fire. The 151 will burn off the top of the shot, and once it’s lit, you need to drop it into the pint glass. The concoction will fizz up, and you need to down it as soon as you can. By some act of God, the drink actually tastes amazingly like Dr. Pepper – shocking, considering there isn’t a single non-alcoholic ingredient in the mix!

These two drinks can add a delicious and exciting aspect to your next get together. Exercise caution when making the Flaming Dr. Peppers, and be sure to take the keys of anyone who has been drinking too much. Enjoy!

Give the Gift of Delicious Wine and Tasty Beer

Whenever an occasion for gift-giving rolls around, it can be challenging to decide what to get those special people in your life. Whether it is your father’s birthday, your best friend’s anniversary, or a job promotion, there is one gift that will always be received with gratitude, and that is the recipient’s favourite beer, wine or spirits.

When you give the gift of a tasty and elegant wine to your loved ones for various occasions, not only are you opening doors to a number of celebratory events, but you are offering them something which shows that you appreciate their tastes. There is a lot more to buying wine as a gift for someone than simply venturing out to your local supermarket or off-licence. You should take the person’s taste into consideration as well as the price and quality of the wine being bought. For a special occasion, you are most likely to want to offer something that is high quality, distinctive and delicious so that the celebration can be shared among a wide circle of people.

When you shop online for wine to give as a gift, you will realise that you getting access to a massive range of gift-giving possibilities which will equally delight the sender and the recipient. The internet often offers choices which are hard to find in any store. whether you want to shop directly from the winery, or want to browse the selection of a particular merchant, there is a much broader selection on the internet, and the prices will be highly competitive.

If you are shopping online for a beer-lover, there are so many options available that every taste and price bracket is catered for. Beers, like wines, often have a distinctive character which is shaped by the region in which they are produced, and the wide array of methods employed. Shopping online for such wonderful gifts is a great way to go about giving it to a friend or loved one, as it is easy to find an outlet which will happily deliver the product to any address, making it a pleasant surprise for your recipient.

The internet is home to many more wine, beer and lager varieties than even the most dedicated store owner can possibly stock. Whether you choose to give the gift of a well-loved beer, or you decide on buying wine as a gift for someone, shopping online is a way to buy that is sure to satisfy.

There is no need to be intimidated by choice when you buy wine online. Online sellers give exhaustive descriptions of their products, while they also stock big-brand spirits such as Jagermeister.

Delicious Sangria Recipes Are Great For Any Occasion

Defined as a tasty wine punch that sources its origins back to Spain and Portugal, Sangria is colourful and combines many of the freshest fruits and spirits for a thirst quenching beverage that is a popular choice at barbeques, summer parties and even winter dinner parties. Many people appreciate serving Sangria because it is sweet and fruity and doesn’t have to be particularly alcoholic. There are many different variations of Sangria and no one version is a must although if you are considering serving Sangria to an authentic group, it is well worth the effort to prepare the version that they are accustomed to drinking.

In general, Sangria contains a fruity red wine and you don’t have to use an expensive wine as it will be combined with many other ingredients including sliced or chopped fruit such as melons, grapes, peaches, oranges, lemons, pineapple, berries and apples, sugar and orange juice. Honey, fruit nectar or a simple syrup is also often added to make sure the wine based punch is sweet. Carbonated soda, ice and a minor amount of triple sec, brandy or a similar spirit completes the typically basic items included in a genuine pitcher of Sangria. However, again, it is important to note that there are some variations and these varieties of content can mean a great difference to the taste.

For those who do not wish to consume alcohol, there is a non-alcoholic version of Sangria which can be made with non-alcoholic wine or the juice of wine grapes combined with pure cane sugar, lemon essence and carbonated water along with the rest of the traditional ingredients. Some people prefer the taste of mulled wine which is a more rich bodied tasted, particularly when combined with sliced pears, lemonade and orange juice in this particular sangria recipe. It is also possible to use a different wine such as a white wine instead of a red.

Because there are many choices for alcoholic content as well as types of fruits to be used, the final product can vary greatly for Sangria but each has its own unique taste that delights people everywhere. What is more, although the ingredients may vary greatly, there is no question that the good taste of Sangria is perfect for any occasion, easy to make and a crowd pleaser. Some of those who have prepared many jugs of Sangria insist that the secret to the best Sangria is the length of time it is left to chill or refrigerate. Some say a few hours will do while others insist it must be left to rest for at least 24 hours.

Combine fast healthy recipes with some of the best Sangria recipes around for a perfect dinner party, whatever the weather.

Delicious Mudslide Recipe for a Special Gift

Article by Jill Hathaway

Here is the best Mudslide recipe for gifting. This delicious cocktail tastes better than ever with homemade versions of coffee and Irish Crème liqueurs. Bottle up your gourmet Mudslide Mix for birthday presents for special friends, or just enjoy it at home.

The three ingredients in the classic version of this drink are:

• Coffee Liqueur • Irish Crème • Vodka

And simple directions:

• Fill a cocktail glass with ice.• Pour an ounce or so of each over the ice and stir.

Some folks leave out the vodka, and some folks add cream or milk. Our mudslide recipe simply combines the two liqueurs in a bottle of Mudslide Mix, and your friends can add vodka or milk as they please. Or maybe some chocolate or…

Remarkably simple when you have the mix ready to go. And simply remarkable when you use homemade ingredients.

You can buy Kahlua and Bailey’s, but for a heartful gift, buy some decent vodka and whiskey, and create these delicious liqueurs for your homemade Mudslide Mix. It really adds that special touch for your special friends.

For the “Kahlua” coffee liqueur start with:

• 3 cups boiling water and 4 cups white sugar• 1 cup boiling water and 2 ounces instant coffee• 1 quart vodka• 1-2 tablespoons vanilla extract to taste


• Add sugar to the first 3 cups of water.• Boil for about 10 or 15 minutes until the sugar is dissolved completely.• Let it cool or you will evaporate your alcohol.• Dissolve the coffee separately in the fourth cup of boiling water. • Let it cool (or you know what).• Combine the mixtures with the vodka and vanilla.• Bottle it up and let it sit for a month to develop.

This recipe makes two quarts, good for mixing four quarts of Mudslide Mix.

When the flavors in your “Kahlua” have melded, it will be time to make the “Bailey’s” (the Irish Crème liqueur).

For your “Bailey’s” use:

• 1 3/4 cup Irish or Scotch whiskey (not bourbon)• 14 ounces Eagle sweetened condensed milk• 1 cup heavy cream • 1 tablespoon instant coffee • 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract• ½ teaspoons almond extract


• Mix everything in the blender for a minute until smooth.• You can add more whiskey or chocolate to taste.

You’ll have to make two batches to get four bottles of Mudslide Mix. But it’s quick and easy.

Now make up your Mudslide Mix for presents. (Keep one for yourself.)

Mix equal parts of the two liqueurs, and voila, you are ready to make a nice label and tie on a ribbon or two! You can customize your recipe for chocolate lovers by adding chocolate syrup.

Tell your friends to shake gently and pour over ice, or add vodka for an extra kick. Or add some cream or milk for a more dessert-like occasion. They can pour chocolate syrup in the glass in a nice swirl before pouring and top with a strawberry when in season.

Cheers! Enjoy this special-occasion Mudslide Recipe

Delicious Drinks From Unlikely Ingredients

WHEN food is in abundance, waste is common. But when prices are high or supplies are short, some housewives learn to be resourceful. In Guyana many women do not even throw away the peel of the potato. They use the skins of potato, pineapple, plantain and other items to make beverages. Seeds of fruits such as papaw are also used to produce delicious drinks.

These beverages are very easy to make, and are nonalcoholic. Their widespread use in Guyana springs from the fact that an almost endless variety can be produced. They are served as thirst quenchers and refreshers, particularly on a warm day. Their tastes are quite varied and each one has its own characteristics.

Are flavorings used at all? Yes. Cinnamon and clove, among others, may be added to improve taste. Experience has shown that only very small quantities of these flavorings are needed.

Developing the art of making these drinks is largely a matter of trial and error. How so? The housewife merely sets peels or skins in some water, and after a few days she adds some sugar. Should it taste good, she experiments with it further.

After a Guyanese housewife finds good recipes, according to taste, color and length of time involved in preparation, she may pass on the information to others. Repeated experiments with respect to different fruits lead to a long list of homemade drinks of various blends, colors and tastes. So fruits formerly picked only for eating are, in addition, processed for producing beverages.

For the potato beverage the ingredients used are skin or peel of 4 to 6 potatoes, 1/2 gallon of water, clove and sugar. These are mixed together and left for three days before straining.

A particularly delicious drink is the one made from the pineapple peel. It is simple to prepare. Ingredients: (1) peel of one pineapple; (2) 4 glasses of boiling water; (3) sugar to taste and two cloves; (4) a piece of dried orange peel, if desired. Method: The peelings, cloves and orange peel are put in a jug, and boiling water is added. It is covered and left for twenty-four hours, after which the mixture is strained and sweetened. It should be used at once or bottled and kept for one or two days. When pineapples are plentiful, some of the pulp may be chopped and used with the peel.

A similar method may be adopted in using the pods of green peas and the skins or peels of guava and plantain. The green-pea beverage has the following ingredients: (1) 4 handfuls of green-pea pods; (2) 4 pints of water; (3) sugar to taste and a few cloves; (4) 1 level teaspoon of cinnamon; (5) 1 piece of dried orange peel; (6) a few drops of almond or pineapple essence. Method: Wash green-pea pods, place in a jar and add the water, sugar, spice and cloves, and dried orange peel. Leave it for three days. Strain and add the essence and ice, then serve.

A delicious papaw drink is made out of these ingredients: (1) Seeds taken from a yellow papaw; (2) 3 pints of water or more; (3) sugar to taste and a few cloves. Method: Put ingredients into a covered bottle and leave it for three days. Strain and serve with ice. Use a similar method for mango beverage.

There are obviously advantages from converting these apparent waste products to active, useful ingredients for beverages. For one thing, waste is conserved and money is thus saved. Production is inexpensive and almost labor free. There is the additional satisfaction the industrious housewife enjoys in developing her skill. Slight variation in processing can lead to a blend of different tastes and colors. Peels and seeds may seem to be unlikely ingredients, but they can produce delicious drinks.