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WineShare Episode #1 – 2007 Echeverria Cabernet Sauvignon

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Booze Revooze Episode #9 Glen Moray & Chivas Regal

We had a brief look into the Scotch world. We grabbed a blended whisky as well as an inexpensive Single Malt.

Episode 11 – Jim Breen, Tullamore Dew

Gargantua, non garganega – Un soave classico, Ca’Rugate – Épisode 90

decouverteduvin Pour une fois on a un blanc italien, c’est rare, pas le genre de vin que je bois habituellement mais mon palais commence à apprécier les blanc méditerranéens. Garganega, cépage typique de l’apellation soave classico nous ontre une de ses face ici, vin de bouffe, c’est clair mais bien agréable aussi par lui-même.

WineGeekTV Episode 042

German Wines. Fresh back from his trip to Mosel and Rhine regions of Germany, The Som shares some great whites and some knowledge on how to read German wine labels.

Azienda Agricola Ca’ Rugate – episode § 9

Tra Soave e Valpolicella I vigneti di proprietà, situati sul colle Rugate, sono coltivati in parte con il sistema della pergola veronese, in parte a guyot.

Vineyards and the territory Between Soave and Valpolicella The 50 hectares (about 111 acres) belonging to Ca Rugate are located in the municipality of Monteforte dAlpone; in the Soave Classico area 30 hectares (74 acres) are planted and in Montecchia di Crosara in the Valpolicella area 20 hectares (37 acres)are planted.
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Episode 114: 2006 Echeverria Carmenere

Did Carmen Err? Hmm, in this case it’s a matter of opinion. This is one of the most controversial wines we’ve had here. “Screamin loud, tastes exactly like roasted bell peppers,” said the Donk, clearly thrilled with this wine. Our panel, though, was less impressed. Ken didn’t like it at all, and the Unseen Voice was only moderately impressed. In the Donk’s opinion, this is a 4. In Ken’s, a 2. In the end, we went super-scientific and averaged the ratings, ending with a 3. A weird wine, not for the newbie. We paid .99.