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Different types of cocktail equipment

Bartenders use various pieces of cocktail equipment when making a whole range of different cocktails.  Whether using the classic shaking method or stirring in a large mixing glass with a bar spoon, there are different approaches to different cocktails.  The most common types of cocktail equipment include the cocktail shaker, bar spoon, hawthorn strainer, fine strainer, muddler, measure and citrus press.


Electric blenders are commonly used for iced cocktails like a Pina Colada.  A blender is a great way for crushing ice and that is what makes these types of cocktails taste so good, especially on a hot day.  This method is quick and pouring straight from the blender into what is typically a Hurricane glass is a great way to make cocktails.


The most common way to prepare cocktails is shaking which is the easiest method. A shaker is an important piece of cocktail equipment. These shakers come in various styles and size, depending on where you are using it.  Spirits, mixers and fruit/herbs are the most common ingredients to be shaken in a cocktail shaker. Always remember when shaking you cocktail to have in the back of you mind ‘I am shaking this cocktail to wake it up!’  Along with the shaker, muddlers and strainers are required along with ice of course.


Mixing straight in the cocktail glass is another way of preparing the best cocktails.  The Mojito is a great example of this.  You need to muddle the mint and limes, churn the cocktail on numerous occasions and of course its best served with crushed ice.


As mentioned before, muddling is essential if you are going to make some of the classic cocktails.  Muddlers come in all shapes and sizes and muddling spoons can even be used.  Strawberry Daiquiris are an great drink to muddle strawberries in the base of the shaker.


When the cocktail is ready, good garnishing acts as the icing on the cake and makes the cocktails tempting for guests. So it is important to garnish the cocktails and for which garnish accessories are imperative. Garnish accessories include knives, peelers, and graters. Stainless steel and high quality cocktail garnish accessories can help in garnishing the drinks in the best possible way.


Ice scoops, crushers, and tongs are part of the essential ice accessories. Without cooling the cocktail is not really worth relishing. Ice tongs and other ice accessories are commonly used by bartenders to make cocktails even more tempting for the guests.


Now that you are aware of all the cocktail equipment available, preparing your favorite cocktails will not be a daunting task.  One final tip: Fill your cocktail glass with ice and water whilst you prepare your cocktail and then when you are ready to strain your cocktail into your glass, discard of the water and ice and your cocktail glass will be perfectly chilled.

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Article by jekky

Beer And cocktails are usually to be separated from drinking, has nothing to do. However, there are many New York bar, the bartenders who are constantly trying to modulation distinctive beer cocktails, beer and spirits they will, some modulation of spirits Beverages Even Wine Mixed to create the current in popularity of beer cocktail mixed drinks. Beer mixed drinks popular PDT in New York and Maya Hoole bar, the bartender who will Sauce Juice, Mezcal and beer mix, prepared out of a traditional Mexican beer mixed drinks Michelada, so customers can enjoy a different kind of taste in spicy. In San Francisco “distiller Bar”, the bartender will be injected into the coffee-rich foam foam Xiang Tianjiu and Italy Red wine Mixed liquid, the modulation from a Shuanghua ViceGrip. Beergarita minister in the streets of Chicago Devco “small bar” in a very popular, which consists of Margaret wine, beer and Flemish sour raspberry brandy mixture. “Beer cocktail mixed drinks like beer for customers, is another special option”, “small bar” and founder of Fuji Village says. “If I want to feel the taste of beer, why not a glass of beer taste special cocktails mixed drinks? France and Belgium and other countries long ago beer and other beverages will be mixed, and so out of tune against the drinks are people generally welcomed the “one beer a month meeting organizer said Joe. Held in May this year, the beer session, nearly 40 blog writers for the production of beer, mixed drinks, offer advice, provide some cocktail recipe. Tone against the diversity of inspiration “Beer itself is a very popular drink is welcome, and now started to become popular beer cocktail mixture,” says Fuji Village, “always prepared for the Martini wine bartender is concerned, in the cocktail add drink beer is a very natural thing, because they understand that this is a cocktail booming manufacturing process results, they proposed ‘Let us beer to cocktails in the’ slogan. ” In fact, many bars cocktails against the will refer to some well-known sommelier’s suggestion. In Philadelphia, “the London Grill,” the bar, Terry? McNally to provide customers with mixed beer beverages modulation inspiration from Belgium Rodenbach beer creators Rudy? Gwinear, “he suggested that we will pomegranate juice and black Vinegar LI wine to beer among other, “McNally said,” This cocktail’s taste modulation by better, you will be able to Sell More wine, so make more money. ” How to make beer cocktails beer foam is prepared when a problem needs attention. “Golden Anchor Steam beer foam is very rich,” San Francisco hotel bar Tim B said, “will direct drained foam is a very wasteful thing, how can well use the foam up?” He practices is to cover the beer foam on top of the lemon juice and other beverages, this method not only solved the waste problem and also allow customers to drink at the same time get a different kind of fun. “Beer foam in a delicate wine to play a complex role in attracting people’s attention,” said Mr. Tim. Essential flavor Although the beer cocktails against a number of ways, but that does not mean you can indiscriminately to any kind of beer and Juice Mixed together, and then named cocktails. “The most important thing is to respect the original taste of beer,” Stephen? Beaumont said. He is both a restaurant owner, also beer and articles author, he and Brian? Maureen co-authored the “beer recipes”, which also includes a chapter on the content of drinks, “the kind of beer you want to taste as a beverage Highlights play, if you can adjust very well against the will to create unique new flavors.