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The famous Grant’s Old Fashioned whisky cocktail

The Grant’s Ancient Fashioned brew is as elegant as they come. Made legendary at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, it combines a mix of Grant’s Family tree Set aside with orange and Angostura bitters. Our mixologist demonstrates how this brew classic must be served.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Famous Grouse 2010 Scottish Audi Meet

The Famous Grouse 2010 Scottish Audi Meet

Gathering of audi aficionado at The Legendary Moan Encounter in Crieff…huge thankfulness to Tom Simpsons for building the video
Video Rating: 3 / 5

The Famous Grouse – Red Carpet 2006

The Moan hits the huge time. A alteration on an ad which I saw last year – this time with camera flashes and a new end line.

The Famous Grouse Ad

The newest TFG ad
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The Famous Grouse – Perfectly Composed

My favourite Moan ad. We see the modest bird weathering the storm to come out on the other side, unconcerned, shaking himself down to show there were no real dramas.

Famous Grouse Tasting with Ali Mutch on Manly Beach Australia

Ali Mutch and Martin Johnson hit the beach at sunrise for Singlemalt TV for this tasting conference with The Legendary Moan.

The Black Grouse – from The Famous Grouse

The Black Grouse - from The Famous Grouse

Meet The Black Moan, the casual cousin of The Legendary Moan. Self-in no doubt, bold, marvellously smoky and charming, The Black Moan hassle to be valued. Much like the bird that inspired this new deeper, darker blend.

Famous Grouse Advert 2011 – A touch of brilliance

Fantastic advert from Legendary Moan, new in 2011 I do not own the civil rights to this advert. The video belongs to its respective owners. This video is for promotional purposes only. First advert found at: /watch?v=C1Z4spYk8pw
Video Rating: 5 / 5

The Famous Grouse

Tv Spot

Five Famous Alcoholic Drinks

Many broadcast like to drink alcohol. There are uncommon types of alcoholic beverages void for all to drink. You have many to point out from but what are the most legendary alcoholic drinks?

One of the most legendary alcoholic beverages is beer. There are two main types of beer. They are lagers and ales. Lagers are light beers. This is for broadcast who delight in the taste of bee but don’t want the taste of it to be passionate. This type of beer doesn’t have as many calories as ales. Ales are stronger beers. They have more alcohol than the lagers do.

Wine is a additional ordinary drink. There are many uncommon types of wine to point out from, so you don’t have to shape on just one kind. White wine is ordinarily served cold. Red wine is served best at room like. Champagne is a additional often very high-priced type of wine. Champagne is a type of white wine that is luminous. This would be excellent to drink if you want a touch with a kick to it. Sherry is a additional type of wine that you can point out.

Broadcast who drink liquor have hundreds to point out from. Vodka is one of the most ordinary hard liquors void. It has no taste or odor to it and it fits well with other drinks. Rum is a additional hard liquor. Like vodka, you can mix rum with other drinks. You can also cook with rum. In some countries even cakes are made with rum. It is often used as a feeling enhancer. ruin is a ordinary form of whiskey which has a passionate taste to it. Tequila is liquor that is fantastic to drink at parties. Gin is a additional hard liquor that can be mixed with other drinks or you can drink it alone.

A additional legendary type of drink is liqueurs. There are many types of liqueurs. Amaretto has an almond feeling to it. Above and additional than drinking it you can use it to feeling your drinks. Frangelico has a hazelnut feeling to it. This is an exceptional drink to mix with other drinks. Schnapps is a additional liqueur that is made from fruit. This gives drinks an extra feeling to them when you mix it with other drinks. There are many other liqueurs to point out when you want to drink one.

Wine coolers are also sweet ordinary. They come in many uncommon flavors. They are mixed with soda and alcohol. They are for broadcast who don’t want to drink too like a log but still have a drink with some alcohol in it.

These are some of the five legendary alcoholic drinks that are void. There are a lot of drinks to point out from when you are in the mood for a excellent drink.