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America’s Favorite Cocktail

Article by Adam Gleason

Are you wastin’ away? Looking for your lost shaker of salt? Just barely hanging on, thanks to that frozen concoction? Then you are a margarita lover. And you in all probability have a favorite frozen margarita recipe. If not, ask around, perform a little on-line research, and you will absolutely discover one – or several – soon!

In case you are like me, adventurous and prepared to taste nearly any recipe, then soon enough you will have made your home into your personal frozen margarita paradise. Why? Since you’ll discover a frozen margarita recipe for each taste – traditional, unique, down & dirty and extremely high end. You’ll additionally discover a few of the greatest frozen margarita supplies obtainable – a best-of-the-best margarita machine, the perfect blenders for frozen drinks, an outstanding margarita mix, even your very own tiki hut bar – because it takes more than a frozen margarita recipe to make an amazing margarita. It takes a particular state of mind.

The Fundamentals

Did you know that the margarita is the most well-liked cocktail in America? And that it was born, by most accounts, in the Nineteen Thirties? And that its number one ingredient, tequila, is harvested largely in a single concentrated part of Mexico? You can do some analysis on that item, too, since there are a few different sorts of tequila that you might find interesting.

The normal, tried and true frozen margarita recipe includes tequila, lime juice, triple sec, a glass with a salted rim and much ice! There are numerous variations, after all – additional ingredients like pomegranate, raspberry and pineapple; lazy man’s variations that rely on limeade; and the laziest solution of all, incorporating one of many many excellent margarita mixes available. The end result is consistently refreshing, addictive and delightfully mind-numbing.

The Frozen Part

Some favor their margaritas straight up or on the rocks. But for those of us who take pleasure in that superb brain freeze you only get from a fantastic frozen margarita recipe, there will probably be ice and blending involved.

When you’ve never been able to create the right frozen margarita, it’s most likely due to your blender. The effectiveness of the blender or margarita machine makes all of the difference, and the perfect frozen margarita recipe in all of Mexico will be an enormous disappointment without a good one!

Nobody likes large chunks of ice in their drink, or a margarita that’s not properly blended and frapped. You just get perfection from an amazing margarita machine. So in case you’re really into the frozen concoction, ensure you have a superb one on hand. It will surely make a giant difference in the quality of your beverage.

The Romance

Mexican beaches, marimbas and mariachis, sitting under the shade of an inviting palm tree or thatched tiki hut, sailing through turquoise blue waters towards a private island. Or possibly just some Jimmy Buffett playing in the background. That’s the margarita. No other cocktail conjures up such visions of carefree fun and relaxation!

So sit back, loosen up, explore the recipes and margarita makers – then fire up the blender and head for the seashore or to your very own tiki hut bar!

It’s margarita time!

Punch Drink – A Favorite Drink Around The World!

As with many foods, the history of a punch drink is varied. One source states that its derivation is Persian meaning five, because 5 ingredients were initially combined to form this concoction. Another source states that its origin is British dating back to the seventeenth century. Punch referred to a cask that held 72 gallons of which a punch bowl could made.

Punch is typically served at parties in large, wide bowls known as punch bowls especially around the holidays.

There are many types of punches both alcoholic and nonalcoholic originating from various parts of the world.

Hawaiian Punch was created in 1934 as an ice cream topping. The main ingredients were original shipped from Hawaii.
In the early 1950s, it was discovered that a sweet drink could be made by mixing the topping with water. This is the basis for the drink we know today.

Rum punches are very popular in the Caribbean islands. Bajan Rum Punch is one of the oldest punches presumably created in the rum distilleries in Barbados. Travelers on cruises to the islands experience the “Rum Punch of the Day.”

Agua Loca is a very sweet potent drink you can experience in Mexico. Beware, the name literally means crazy water.

Sujeonggwa is a Korean traditional fruit punch and is made with persimmons, ginger and cinnamon.

Feuerzangenbowle is a German drink made with heated dry wine, cloves, cinnamon sticks and orange peel.

Kool-Aid, the basis for many punches, started as a fruit flavored liquid concentrate. In 1927, the powder form was created. Kool-aid as we know it now was distributed by General Foods as early as 1953.

This Louisiana Rum Tea Punch Recipe is a great addition to any party. The rum is optional!

Louisiana Rum Tea Punch Recipe

1 – 12 ounce can Canada Dry Ginger Ale 1 – 6 ounce can pineapple juice 2 1/2 cups Lipton Ice Tea Mix with Lemon (sweetened), do not add water Coconut Rum to Taste


Mix all ingredients (except rum) in a gallon container. Fill 3/4 full with water.
Add rum. Add ice.

Makes a gallon of delicious rum punch. Omit the rum. This Punch Drink is still great no matter where you live!

Viva Margarita! How America’s Favorite Cocktail Came to Be

If you happen to be a margarita lover, you in all probability know where to purchase a great margarita! You might even know how to make margaritas. But do you know where and when your favorite frozen refreshment was first concocted?


The Mexican margarita is without a doubt one of Mexico’s most prized gifts to the world! Not one other beverage inspires such vivid images of sunny tropical beaches, lively island music, tiki hut bars and that inviting first taste of sweet, salty and sour! This amazing drink has even been turned into a permanent part of popular culture in Jimmy Buffett’s most famous music, “Margaritaville,” and will ceaselessly be related to the slogan “that frozen concoction” and the recurring chant, “salt, salt, salt!”


Whereas there are many types of standard and frozen margarita recipe, the tried and true remains the majority margarita fans’  favorite: your choice of tequila, the freshest possible lime juice (ideally from Key limes), Triple Sec (or the higher-priced Cointreau), and ice…. all served up in margarita glasses whose edges have been coated with salt.


So what is the precise beginning of the now much-loved frozen margarita recipe? Anything as popular and near perfect as that frozen concoction that helps us hang is certain to attract a number of people demanding credit for its birth.


One extremely popular story is that the original margarita was created way back in the Thirties in Tijuana, at the restaurant of Carlos “Danny” Herrera called Rancho La Gloria. As is commonly the circumstances with new cocktails, the original plan was to veil the harsh taste and burn of the alcohol, in this case, tequila. Since tequila has long been loved with lime and salt, all it took was a complimentary sweet ingredient, and the margarita was born. It would not be long before it was all thrown right into a blender and the first wonderful, slushy, frozen margarita recipe was adapted.


But Herrera would not get the credit so quickly. Others imagine that the margarita was created by a Dallas, Texas, socialite named Margarita Sames. Ms. Sames was said to have blended her namesake cocktail for some buddies, while vacationing in Acapulco, in the late 1940s. While her claim is significantly later than Herrera’s, it’s nonetheless accepted by many – possibly because one of her guests, hotelier Tommy Hilton, started offering the drink at his chain of hotels, which undoubtedly added to its popularity.


Hold your horses, Ms. Sames. Ever heard of (or drank) Jose Cuervo tequila? Certainly you have – if you have ever ordered a margarita at most establishments in America (and eastern Mexico). The spirit’s first U.S. importer, Anthony Dias Blue, is credited with writing the advertising tagline, “Margarita: it’s more than a girl’s name,” back in the mid-1940s…a number of years earlier than the Sames vacation party.


But the frozen margarita recipe wouldn’t come into its full glory till 1971 (six brief years prior to the release of “Margaritaville” – chance?), when the world’s original frozen margarita machine was invented by Mariano Martinez, a Dallas restaurateur.


In the end, does it actually matter? So long as you have got a blender or a margarita machine, a terrific frozen margarita recipe, and the correct mind set, the home of the margarita is wherever you are enjoying one!

Making Apple Cider: My Favorite Hot Apple Cider Recipe

I always have a close connection in my mind with the Thanksgiving chilly weather and football. After our big Thanksgiving meal, my dad, my brother, and I would let the tryptophan take over as we lounged on the couch watching the Detroit Lions get pummeled. Afterward, my older (and much bigger) brother and I would go outside to play football and pummel each other. We’d come inside bruised, dirty and cold, and if we were lucky, we would be (eventually) greeted by a sweet warm drinks.

OK, so maybe I let nostalgia seep in too much, but Thanksgiving was always one of my favorite holidays. At the end of a blustery day, nothing beats warming up with a mug filled with a tasty drink. When I was just a wee lad, I’d go crazy for those pre-packed super sweet hot chocolate mixes. These days, I much prefer drinking my favorite hot apple cider recipe.

I first discovered the glories of this hot apple cider recipe during my days living out on the East Coast. Very little beats the simple pleasure of sipping homemade apple cider on a brisk New England fall day. I’ve carried my tastes with me, and since then this hot apple cider recipe has become an oft-requested recipe any time my friends or family get together. This apple cider recipe is heavy on spices, which is what my friends and family like, but is easily adaptable to a wide variety of tastes.



– 12 gallon high quality apple cider ( I prefer local apple cider, but I know that’s not realistic for everyone)
– 4-5 whole cinnamon sticks
– 1 palmful whole cloves
– 1-2 star anise pods
– Nutmeg, to taste
– Ginger, to taste
– Grated zest from 1 orange

1. Pour your apple cider into a large pot and place over a high heat.

2. Once the cider starts bubbling, turn the heat to low and add all your flavoring agents.

3. Let the mixture sit over a low heat for about 5 to 10 minutes, enough time to give the whole spices to seep into the mixture.

4. Once it is ready to serve, strain out the whole spices and pour into mugs.

Notes: Yes, the recipe really is that simple. Like any other basic dish, you can always adjust the amount of spice you choose to add. I know some prefer a sweeter drink and will add brown sugar and whole orange slices to the mix. Sometimes, if I want to mix things up a bit, I’ll add some cranberries to the mixture. Of course, if you have an adult crowd and want to make hard apple cider, add spiced rum to your apple cider. So long as you’re thinking fall, it’s hard to go wrong with making apple cider.