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How to Make Homemade Wine from Fruit – High Alcohol & Flavor Too-Tutorial + Recipe

Since age 13 I have Made my Drinking Alcohol from Fruit Wine! I will Teach You for FREE Plus I include the Recipe to Download ! This Method id Used where Alcohol is Prohibited or Restricted. Military Bases, Teenager Homes, Prison/Detention Centers, Colleges, Schools etc This Recipe Takes only Minutes to Makes and Few Days Before it’s Ready to Drink ! 🙂 I give You room to Learn and Experiment . . Never Worry about Getting Caught for Being Under-Age. make Your Own ! – =================================================== Here is Instructions for My Old Website. The Domain shutdown but I saved the Text. I had 40.000 Hits and lots of postitive Guestbooks entires by this point. =================================================== 1)1 five gallon bucket with lid.(Food Grade ONLY) Used buckets that have stored food items in it previous. Any grocery or donut shops etc will be Glad to give you one or sell you one for a Dollar. 2)1 Five Pound Bag of sugar. 3)A 3 pack of yeast. (Used to make Bread rise) 4)4 gallons of youre Favorite FRUIT Juice.(Concentrate OK)[NO APPLE JUICES] Often Turns into Vinegar,or Comes out Sour!! Grape works Great (If you like Mad dog